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I Cannot Be Loved

December 15, 2010
By Anonymous


Mr. Caldwell's Interactive Magickal Vaudeville Show. The perfect show to shine the mirror back into Victorian England's faces and show them what they were capable off. From cupcakes to absinthe, Cain Caldwell's spooky performance was packed with controversy and a strange stage banter. But it was Cain's past and dark secret which lead to the creation of the show, and his dark obsession with a mad girl named Prudence, forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. It had only been three years since his father Amaranth had made him immortal by shooting him with the Aveira, a process forced upon him after a carriage accident crippled him and killed his fiancee. Now terribly unhappy and lonely, Cain continues to lure himself deep into the heart of Prudence, obsessively manipulating her into his puppet: a puppet of his dead fiancee, just for the vaudeville show--and for his own desires as well.


I Cannot Be Loved

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