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January 16, 2022
By ASTERØID, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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ASTERØID, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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“You can’t keep running away from your problems!” My mom shouted in my face.

Ignoring the comment, I stood clenching my fists. “You’re so godamned self-obsessed you can’t even realize--”

“Get out.”

It went silent.

“What?” I looked her in the eyes. She was dead serious.

She pointed to the door. “Go find somewhere else to sleep for tonight. I’m done with your bullsh*t.”



“Mom, why don’t we just tal--” I tried to coarse her into not kicking me out, before I was interrupted again.

“Get out!” she screamed, shoving me onto the floor. I winced as I hit the hard tile.

Unfortunately, on the way down, I banged my head onto the edge of the kitchen table.  I felt my head, and sure enough, red streaked my scratched-up hands.

Standing up, I told her that I was leaving. Grabbing my phone and my coat, I slammed open the door.

“You stay out there until I forgive you for being a b*tch.” She leaned on the door frame.

“Where do I go for tonight?” I asked her, seconds away from tears.

“Go call one of your friends. You seem to like hanging out with them more than your own mother.”

Oh, she did not have just the absolute nerve to say that! I was about to start screaming at her when she slammed the door shut, right in my face. Now, I was stranded outside with only my phone, a coat, and a grudge towards my mom.


If you want to know what just happened, don’t ask me. My mom will forever be a mystery, a mystery I don’t care to solve. Anyways, like I was saying, I have no clue what just happened. I only brought up that my friend invited me to her family vacation, which happened to be for a whole week. Then my mom started going off at me. The topic somehow got to my choices about being friends with Lily.

See, my mom kind of hates Lily. Again, my mom is a mystery. Lily is a total angel, and everyone knows it. Well, other than my mother, obviously.

My mom does this very rarely (kick me out of the house), and its not usually for the night.

I keep on walking until I get to the grocery store. I sit down on the white bench outside, pulling out my phone. The bright screen glows faintly as I enter the message app.

Me: LILY I NEEEEED YOU RN!!!1!!!!1!!!1!1!

Lily: Im trying to binge watch my fav show >:(

Lily: Wut do u need

Me: got kicked out for the night. Stay @ ur place?

Lily: if I ever see ur mom again I will kick her *ss

Me: thanks lol

Lily: u can stay over

Me: kk coming ovr rn

Lily: sry u got kicked out ☹

I got up off the bench, shoving my phone in my pocket. That’s when I saw him. No, I’m not in “love”, I just didn’t know that he would change my life. Walking out of the grocery store was a boy around my age, with light brown hair and groceries in hand.

He smiled at me and walked over.


“Uh, hi.”

He looked at me like he was trying to figure something out.

“I remember you. Do you go to school with me?”

I stared at him. Did I ever see him in the halls? “I don’t know.” I replied.

“Oh. Well, I’m Conner Brown.” He sticks out his hand, grinning wildly.

“Hey Conner Brown.” I shook his hand, “Im Lianne.”

“Nice to meet you Lianne.” He stared me down again, and his eyes lit up. “Oh! Lianne! You’re in my 4th period!”

Hm. “Oh yeah! Conner Brown!” I remembered, “I forgot! Im usually asleep.” 

We shared an awkward laugh, followed by an even more awkward silence.

“Well, Conner Brown, I got to go now.”

“See you!” He replied, hopping on his bike and riding off.

And that’s how I met Conner Brown. He changed my life, even though none of us knew it yet.


 “Well, hello Conner Brown.” I leaned against the locker. We were back in school again.

Conner chuckled a little. “Hello, Lianne.”

“Are you going anywhere tonight?” I asked, adjusting my backpack.

Conner laughed to himself again, shutting his locker.

“Sadly, yes. But, may I just ask, why do you want to do something with me? I mean, I could be a stalker, or a creep, or a psychotic serial killer planning to murder you.”

I didn’t really know, to be honest, So I just shrugged.


“Well, see you aroun’ Conner Brown,” I tried to rhyme. Turning around, I head for the science room.

The end of school came by in a flash, which was lucky. I rushed home, as quick as I could. I finished up my homework, made my bed and took out the trash.

“I’m going out.” I stated to my mom, at exactly 4:25, practically throwing my coat on.



She finally looked away from her computer.

“Now don’t get all sassy with me.” She threatened.

“Okay. I’m very sorry, mom.” I recited, putting my hat on.

“Good. Have fun. I know I will, having you out of the house and not in my way. You know, you should get out more. Get some exercise! It will really benefit that body of yours.” She looked at me up and down, “You need more muscle in your arms. You are too skinny, Lianne. Really, I’m glad you’re--”

I closed the door. I didn’t need to hear my mom’s sh*t right now.

Just like mom, I was glad I was getting out of the house.

My mind started to drift off to what I was going to do with Lily. I was going to go shopping with her, then I was treating her to dinner, as a thanks to her letting me sleep over when my mom--

I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going, and smashed into someone.

“Oopsohmygoshimsosorry” I cried.

“Oh! Hey, Lianne.” Conner bent down to grab his books.

“We keep meeting,” I laugh, “Do you live around here?”

“Yeah, actually, my house is right here. I was walking back from my club meeting.”

“Book club?” I pondered, observing the stack of books he was picking up and bending down to help.

Conner giggled, telling me he was quote on quote a “big nerd”. Then an idea popped into my head.

“Hey, are you free now?” I asked. He nodded.

“Want to go shopping with me and my friend? Were going to dinner too. Of course, I’d have to ask her first...” I questioned, standing up to meet him. I handed him the books.

“Sure. If its okay with your friend, of course!” He seemed excited.

So, I texted Lily.

Me: Hey remember that guy I wanted to bring along?

Lily: ya

Me: he said he can come

Lily: K

Me: is it still ok

Lily: ofc as long as im not paying for him lmao

Me: funny

Lily: im almost there, ur so lucky u live close to it!!!!!!!

“She said it’s okay.” I told Conner.

“I just got to put these books away and tell my parents. I’ll be right out.”


Five minutes later, we were off to meet up with Lily. Chatting and walking, we progressed closer and closer to the mall. At one time, we heard somebody talking, so we looked towards the noise.

In front of us were some kids talking. they looked a little older than me. The tallest one was about a few inches taller than Conner. He had dark brown hair and was talking with a girl with long blonde hair. They were blocking the sidewalk, chatting away, not noticing we wanted to get past.

“Let’s just cross the street,” Conner pointed to the grass on the other side of the road, “I don’t think they are moving.”

We turned to the street, about to cross.

“Hey, Conner!” The girl called over to him.

Conner sighed, saying, “Just go ahead. I’ll be right back.” and walked over the people.

I crossed the street, waiting for him to cross too. As I watched him talk with the girl and boy, their friendly chat turned not-so-friendly, and I could almost make out what the girl was yelling about.

“You never hang out with us anymore! You’d rather hang out with your other damn friends!”

Wow. Her and my mom would be best friends, for sure.

A little later, Conner walks back to me, hands in his pockets.

“Are those your friends?” I ask him, and he nods slightly. “they don’t seem very nice.”

“do you ever feel like you want to just… run away?” he asks me, staring into my eyes.

I nod, telling him, “All the time.” We walk on in silence.

That’s the day we became best friends. We did more things together, and were really close.

Then one day, 2 months later, at 12:52, everything seemed to change. I was walking outside, when Conner ran up to me, practically tackling me.

“What the hell, Conner?” I cried out, surprised.

“Come run away with me!” He yelled at the top of his lungs, grabbing my hand, pulling me along. I followed, struggling to keep up as his feet pounded against the ground.

“What are you doing?” I yelled, over and over, but he didn’t stop. He ran at least a block, crossing roads and running on sidewalks.

He’s finally gone insane, I thought.

Conner kept running and running, until--


What? I woke up in a white room. My head was burning.

My thoughts first went to death. Then, looking around, I connected the dots; I was in a hospital.

A nurse came in. “Oh. You’re awake.” She recognized.

“Where’s Conner?” I sat up.

“Your mom is waiting outside, should I let her in?”

“Yeah sure. But where’s Conner?”

The nurse, ignoring the question, left and brought my mother in.

Then I realized. She was crying. Not crying, sobbing. We looked at each other, which seemed to make her even more sad, because she grabbed me.

“Lianne!” She cried at the top of her lungs. I teared up a little, to be honest. Letting go of me, mom backed away, rubbing her red eyes.

“What happened?” I asked. That probably should have my first question.

“Well, you left to go out with your friends, and someone saw you running towards an ongoing truck. Then, well you got hit, and you--” she sobbed and embraced me once again.

“But-- where’s Conner?!” I asked once again, kind of annoyed.

Mom looked at me with genuine concern. “Oh no, don’t tell me you have a concussion!”

“She doesn’t. Only scratched up.” The nurse told my mom.

“Where’s the boy who was with me when I got hit?” I yelled, “Conner!”

Mom tried to settle me down, but I couldn’t. “There was no boy with you.” The nurse told me.

“No. There was, I swear.” I demanded, “Mom took a picture of us one time! Remember, mom?” I turned to my mom. Moms eyes widened.

“I remember.” She and the nurse exchanged glances. Mom got her phone, and showed the nurse. The nurse looked surprised. “What?!” I asked. Hesitantly, my Mom showed me the picture. I looked at it, and then back at my mom. The picture showed me, holding hands and smiling at nothing.

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