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The Broken Trap

May 23, 2017
By khurls44 BRONZE, West Hartford, Connecticut
khurls44 BRONZE, West Hartford, Connecticut
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Ryan is from Darien, Connecticut and grows up in a wealthy household.  He grows up normal until his mother passes away and his dad becomes insane.  From a young age, Ryan has to wake up at 5 A.M. and workout everyday.  Then his father pushes Ryan to go above and beyond in school.  Ryan hates all of this.  He does enjoy taking pictures, though.  

Ryan commits to a D1 college for lacrosse, his grades are soaring, and his life looks great.  Ryan turns eighteen and the before going off to college Ryan decides to go to his first high school party.  He's never been to one and had to tell his dad he was going to workout.  The party is spectacular and the night doesn't finish there.  He ends up going to a city and having the best time of his life.  In this city, Ryan's entire life changes. 

Kevin H.

The Broken Trap

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