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April 14, 2021
By Arthea, Turner, Maine
Arthea, Turner, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
"Stone Walls do not a prison make,
Nor Iron bars a Cage;"
~ Richard Lovelace


While Emilia is living the most of her numbered days- she still has to face the fear that has plagued her forever. After all the pain from treatments and sickness. Her dream is to only see the fireworks on the fourth of July. Her brother's dream is to see her live. He has a secret.
Her mother dreams that Emilia will smile again without pain. She has accepted that Emilia will not live for long.
Merica's dream for Emilia is to leap fate. A stranger who gave a little light in the dark.
Yet, with her illness growing worst and no cure on its way, it is unlikely she'll survive that long. As fire engulfs her and smoke suffocates her, Emilia finally lets go of the fear that has held her heart. Only was it too late? After all, the fourth of July is only four days away.



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