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February 25, 2011
By Samantha Comparone, Narragansett, Rhode Island
Samantha Comparone, Narragansett, Rhode Island
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This short story is about a girl who is about to leave high school and start a knew life. A life of independence and happiness. When she was 14 she started popping pills in the bathroom and was very depressed and full of anxiety. She never though she was pretty or smart. All of that changed when her mom got her therapy and anti depressents to soothe the pain. She was happier after three months of counseling and help with the medication. She was about to sgtart a knew life, living in New York, going to NYU, living near her friend Naomi, a free spirit and fun loving girl. They are now headed to the last day of school until their graduation and they want to reminisce on good times. However, they dont know that on that day, there lives will change forever.

Samantha C.


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on Mar. 2 2011 at 5:20 pm
MysteryHeart GOLD, Thorold, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Usted es especial! AKWARD!!! (in an opera like voice), ohhh fasha', what the huh?,who in the name of what?, sanity now!

The one thing that ruined it for me was the swearing yess it was stared out but we could still tell what the characters are saying. I also know that cussing is very popular among teenagers, but its not a good influence.