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Hearts Made Out Of Ketchup

June 2, 2011
By GlitterizedUnicorns, Goshen, Indiana
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GlitterizedUnicorns, Goshen, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"There are three kinds of people who run toward disaster, not away: cops, firemen and reporters." -- Rod Dreher

Author's note: The summary isn't great... but i strongly encourage you to at least rate and give me tips on my writing. This is the first i posted online but not the first i have written.

“What did he tell you?” Said Trevor’s lawyer, Mr.Donnovan.
“’Come on, trust me. It’s fun and you’ll have a blast.’”
“In that exact tone Miss Claus?”
“More confident and upbeat.”
“Did you defend yourself? Saying that you did not want to jump?”
“Yes, I did.”
“That you said it didn’t look safe and wanted to leave?”
“Yes, I insisted we leave plenty of times.”
Out of nowhere Trevor blurted out loud, “That’s a lie! She said she just wanted to leave! Nothing about it not being safe!”
The judge stands up in his chair and looks directly in Trevor’s eyes. “Mr. Taylor this is your first warning, let Miss Claus speak.”
I get asked more and more questions about that night. My head starts to hurt reminding me that I forgot to take my medicine before I drove here. Having been hit in the head by rocks and your writing are in a cast along with bruises and scars everywhere starts to annoy you after awhile.
“Miss Claus, did you or did you not jump off the cliff after taking Mr. Taylors hand for so called reassurance?”
“Yes, I did.”
The whole jury was looking at me, along with everyone else in the room. This was the question that could decide my or Trevor’s future. My head is really starting to bother me now. I close my eyes but opening them before answering.
“I would recall peer pressure. He wouldn’t stop bothering me about it even a week before this was planned. That and the whole school would claim me as a chicken if I didn’t do it. I couldn’t risk my reputation on this one little incident. Sir, if I could ever get the chance to redo that day I would start by not even going.” I look down in dismay. I hated myself.
Mr. Donnovan looked at the jury, bowed, then looked back at me. “Thank you Miss Claus. I am finished.”
I step down and take my seat behind the plaintiff section. I am shaking now, all because I haven’t taken my medicine yet. My bag is next to me with my pills in it. Could I take them and not be questioned? What if they think im going to pull out a gun or something? They know im not crazy but would I be puton the spot again for medicine I need? Or do I have to wait to hear what Trevor says then what the jury says? Even then can I still get them? Man, tricky choices in life suck bad.
Trevor steps up to the podium where I was. He stares me down, then up smiling while biting his lip. Why the heck is he checking me out now? In the middle of a courtroom? Oh well, I will never understand boys. I look at my shaking hands as my lawyer, Mrs. Epet, stands and starts questioning him as Mr. Donnovan did to me.
“Mr. Taylor. Did you or did you not pressure my client into jumping off the cliff with you?” Mrs. Epet asks.
“I guess”
“Did Alissa, I mean Miss Claus, grab your hand as support?”
“Did you or did you not look over the cliff to see if anything would possibly hurt you or Miss Claus?”
“And risk falling over? Heck no! She did though and I was surprised when she did it too.”
“Miss Claus did?”
“And you didn’t?”
“Did you ever in your lifetime look over the cliff?”
“Why would I? My friends said they have jumped there since they were little and a little rocks don’t hurt them. So I went along and brought Alissa with.”
“I think I made my point you’re honor.” Mrs. Epet bows then walks back to her seat next to me and notices I’m shaking.
She whispers, “Are you okay? Nervous?”
“I forgot to take my medicine, it’s in my bag but I don’t think I can take it without them wondering If I’m pulling a gun.” The judge sees us talking.
“Is there a problem Miss Claus?”
Mrs. Epet stands up, “My client forgot to take her medicine, it is in her bag and was wondering if she could take it now her bag was searched earlier and didn’t recall seeing any harmful items in it.”
“Go ahead and take you’re medicine Miss Claus.” I reach down into my purse pulling out my pills and some water I was given. I see Trevor watching me. Since I’m bending over I guess he is looking down my shirt since he is smiling also. I sit up. My life with him sure will be fun after were done here.
An hour later the jury comes back. I am shaking my leg then stop, I don’t want to look nervous. As the jury takes their seats the first one on the bottom row stands. I breathe deep. $4,000 dollars is on the line and id like the money to pay off my medical bill. My insurance didn’t cover it all but covered most of it. Trevor might spend it all on hookers, cars, and alcohol. He has been that way ever since he made the quarterback position in football .
“The jury has reached a verdict. Alissa Claus will not pay Trevor Taylor $4,000. Trevor Taylor will pay $4,000 dollars along with go to a class teaching him how to treat and respect a lady.”
Mrs. Taylor is outraged, “I can’t believe this! Alissa is the one who jumped with my little boy anyways! She should owe us money cause if she didn’t jump my precious little boy wouldn’t have!” Trevor coughs disagreeing with his mother. She looks at him with a disgusting look. “What is that suppose to mean Trevor? You would’ve jumped anyways!?” She stands yelling and the sheriff comes up trying to calm her down.
“Mrs. Taylor please stay seated and calm down...”
“I will not! I demand the Claus’s to give my family $4,000 for my sons medical bill! Since I am unemployed we cannot pay all of it.”
“Alissa lives alone, since her parents died in a car crash years ago. Sheriff, please.” The judge waves to Trevors mom for the sheriff to cuff Mrs. Taylor for everyone’s protection and escorts her out of the room.
“Now that the court is in order, Mr. Taylor you owe Miss Claus $4,000.” He bangs his paddle or hammer thingy and I jump a little. I stand up grabbing my bag and follow Mrs. Epet out of the courtroom then soon the building.
Mrs. Epet stops me before we head our separate ways to our cars, “You know Alissa. We may have won now, but I saw how Trevor was looking at you. Be careful, boys are tricky and you don’t want to get stuck with the wrong one.”
“Don’t worry Mrs. Epet, I’m not planning on dating Trevor for a LONG time. He pushed me farther than he has ever done before. Besides, I promised my best friend I wouldn’t take him any more than a best friend, if that. ”
“I have fought against Trevor before Alissa. When he was younger he broke into someone’s house and stole items. Of course, this was for a different client and I’m not allowed to go into detail but just watch out. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer, who knows what Trevor will do next. ”
“I understand. I’ll keep an eye out Mrs.Epet, I promise.” I really just wanted to leave so I pulled my bag up to my shoulder and got out my keys.
“Okay, I don’t want to see you hurt. I know I am not your mother but if you need me, call me.” She hands me her personal card with her home and cell number on it, I shove it in my pocket. Like I’ll ever need the stupid thing. What can she do for me? Threaten to sue people if they seem interested in hurting me? Ha.

The next day I had school, Croonsville High School wasn’t a very populated place to go. There is roughly 15 kids in each class and 60-70 minute class periods. So all in all, not a very exciting or fancy school to be a part of. But good thing is you can easily get to know everyone in the building, so you always have someone close. Unless your one of those creepers who don’t talk to anyone. As I was walking through the door for the first time in a week my best friend runs up to me SCREAMING at the top of her lungs, “Oh my gosh Alissa! I missed you so much!” Before I could stop her she squeezed me tightly with all her might. My arm is still broken and I have bruises all over, my black eye is still a black eye just not very black. So it hurt, bad.
“Caroline, you are hurting me. Can you please at least loosen up a little?” I heard my voice strain.
“Yes, oh yes, of course. Sorry…it’s just I am so glad your back!” She stops hugging me and looks at me up and down. A shiver goes through me as I remember Trevor and his “googol eyes” from the previous day.
“It’s alright, I am just glad I’m back at school with you guys. Id rather be here then cooped up in that stupid hospital any longer.” I smile and side hug her with my good arm. The bell rings so Caroline and I start to head to our first class. She has Biology I have Algebra. I wish we had the same class together so that way she could be my extra eye to help me watch out for Trevor. I really didn’t want him to run into me, accident or no accident, I did not want to see that boy today or possibly ever. Period.
During class when Mr. Klence is speaking to us about how math can use in everyday life (boring) Alice who is sitting next to me passes a note to me. It said:

“I heard that you and Trevor are going back out again.. even after the little cliff incident. Everyone is talking about you two. Is that true? And by the way; you look really pretty today despite the injuries. (: --Alice”
I rolled my eyes slightly. I knew something would happen after this. Guess now I kind of have to talk to Trevor. But I am going to let him come to me instead of me go to him. It’d make me seem desperate, and trust me, that is the LAST thing I need to have hanging over my shoulder. After all, we have two class periods together, maybe I can get them switched. I think they school will let me they know what happened.
“Thanks, and no. Trevor and I are defiantly NOT going out. I don’t want to date him again after the cliff incident. The boy just won’t give it a break. >:( Alissa”
My last class period is Science and Trevor is in this class. I get there after the minute bell to be sure Trevor is already there and I did not get there before him. I see the only seat that is open is the one two seats in front of him. I sit there as class begins and try not to think about him. One hour seems to last 5 in that class. I was waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder and say that someone wrote me a note, but no one did.
Walking out of the classroom I wasn’t stopped either. I was surprised so I just walked to my locker. That didn’t last long, since I saw someone’s shadow come my way and arms wrap around me. I knew right then and there who it was.
“Hey baby.” Trevor hugs me and kisses my cheek. I push him off me and get my stuff out of my locker ignoring him. I close it then start walking to my next class. Thankfully Trevor isn’t in that class, but he is on one later on.
“Where you going Alissa? I missed you babe and-“ I cut him off.
“There is nothing we need to talk about. I am not your baby anymore. I will never be your baby again. What you did not only hurt me but my family. Stop calling me nicknames you know what just stop talking to me period.” I started to my next class and I could feel his presence near me after a few steps. This boy just will not leave me alone. I turned around ready to slap him but thankful I looked at the person before I did anything. I turned to see Erik Hanley standing behind me. I smiled to my newest best guy friend. He has always been there for me. I like him for that, he is the one I can count on and the only one who helps me keep my mind off everyone else. He is like the perfect birthday present for any girl.
“Hey Alissa, is Trevor bothering you again?” He smiles. “Cause I can catch up and punch him in the nose if he is bothering you. You know, give him the old one two.” Erik fakes as if he is going to punch someone a couple times. Man that boy can be weird and cute at the same time with his short choppy black hair, light tan, and deep green eyes.
I laugh slightly, Erik always know how to get me going. He is just the best. “Its fine, he will get over me soon enough.”
“Alissa, I know that type of guy. He won’t stop until he gets what he wants. And I think you know what he wants.” He gives me “The Eye.”
Totally missing “The Eye “ I say, “Umm… I don’t know what he wants.” He gives me the eye even more, only THEN do I get it. “Oh heck no!”
In a bad girl way with the hand on the hip, snap of fingers and girly voice, “Oh yes girl.” We crack up laughing as I say how he doesn’t want that. I mean yeah we’ve made out in the car before but that is nothing compared to sex. He goes back to normal, “I know those kind of guys, he won’t stop until he gets what he wants. And what he wants just happens to be exactly that. I hate to say it but be safe okay? I’ll always be just a call away.” We hug each other encouragingly for a little then I head home, glad this day is over. Now, I have time to think as I walk home listening to my ipod. Could he possibly want sex from me? I mean there is other girls out there, why am I that important? He can’t handle a kid, he can’t handle a girlfriend. Maybe it is just to be more popular since he loves attention. That’s got to be it. It just has to be.

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soccerrox said...
on Nov. 2 2012 at 3:45 pm
I like where you're going with this but you should just do a quick spelling and grammar check.

on Feb. 29 2012 at 6:31 am
I really like where this is going :)

Sunshine said...
on Aug. 19 2011 at 10:29 pm
amazing. Cool. Sweet. Freaking AWESOME

on Jul. 4 2011 at 5:11 pm
GlitterizedUnicorns, Goshen, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"There are three kinds of people who run toward disaster, not away: cops, firemen and reporters." -- Rod Dreher

There is more to the story.. Im working on it. 

on Jun. 11 2011 at 11:12 pm
TeamRadkeBabe BRONZE, Canton, Georgia
1 article 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
'Thats a gross miss use of van'- Kelso

Whar does this have to do with being kidnapped??

on Jun. 2 2011 at 6:28 pm
SarcasticPersonInTraining BRONZE, Woodbury, Minnesota
3 articles 0 photos 48 comments
interesting story! i like the way your main character thinks and talks! keep writin id love to see where this goes! please check out my novel Last Note and comment and rate please!! id love some feedback! thanks :)