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Dh'èirich an Festering

July 1, 2017
By anonymous06 PLATINUM, Northbridge, Massachusetts
anonymous06 PLATINUM, Northbridge, Massachusetts
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The lone daughter of a widowed, Irish whaler, Lady Arlin, or Golden Hair as they called her then, set off for a life from the invention of her own imagination. Although creativity does not, reality has its limits. Lady Arlin becomes trapped in dead end marriages repeatedly leaving her trapped behind iron bars. But, when given the opportunity to flee, she does- she always rather run than solve any of her issues. Lady Arlin sells her freedom to a pirate, an unworthy, drunken pirate, and is set to work aboard Dh'èirich an Festering alongside an escaped slave named Marge. Although practically in the same situation with each of her husbands at one point or another, this "prison sentence" seems different. Is it the open air? The sea? Or something more?


Dh'èirich an Festering

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