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A Little Mermaid On Earth

August 23, 2019
By Jahanzaib-01, Karachi, Other
Jahanzaib-01, Karachi, Other
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A Little Mermaid On Earth

(King Jeff brought the Mermaid into the castle for the care but one day she got kidnapped)


It was a sunny day and the emperor of Ireland Jeff Disuza was marching on his most favorite horse that was creating the most beautiful melody and very sweet sound in the air along with his companions. Going door to door and resolving every possible issue of mankind.


Suddenly; the king stops and knocks the nearby door. An unknown woman asks who are you? King replies humbly; I am your servant here and I have come looking for if you might need any sort of help. The Sarah answers; we are so blessed to have you as our greatest king of all time and May you live forever!



One day the King was passing nearby the blue ocean and suddenly he sees the fainted little mermaid who unintentionally comes out of the ocean. First of all the king gets completely stocked to the see the little mermaid whose half of the body is made of precious diamond and half of the body is made of unseen comely beauty.


Little mermaid requests the King to help her. So she asks if the King Jeff could take her along with him. So the King replies; sure but the problem is how could you survive without water? And why don’t you want to go back into the blue ocean? Then the Mermaid Jessica tells which is a bit surprising to know that I am no longer a mammal mermaid and I have lost all of my powers to behave as mermaid so there wouldn’t be any issue for you King. Having heard this tragic story of mermaid; Then King takes the sigh of relief and nodes humbly; As I am the servant of everyone including yours so therefore I would obey your commandment and move earth and heaven to bring back all the powers that would ultimately assist you to become mammal once again Jessica.

So the king decides promptly to bring the mermaid (Jessica) at his castle and keeps her in the very private room where nobody goes very often.


The Very next morning, the Jessica wakes up and comes out of her room so as soon as Jessica comes in; the care takers of Emperor arrest Jessica and ask angrily; who are you? How dared you to go into the King’s room without Lord’s permission? Jessica has no answer so she starts running and keeps running until Jessica comes across with the King.


So the King commends his care takers to go and continue their responsibilities! And all of soldiers reply; Yes! My lord. Apologize by folding their both hands and leave that place in a jiffy.


All of sudden Jeff takes her into the room and makes her sit and starts telling that you are a mermaid and you have come unintentionally on the coast and I am trying harder to send you back the same ocean but whenever we pour the water on your body so you remain as the human being. So let me know if you still remember anything about you. As you are a mermaid but unfortunately Jessica remembers nothing except the King of Emperor.


The King was in a great stock to see this transformation of mammal into a crown creation and this holy change made him realize that he should now take care until Jessica gets recovered absolutely.


Days were passing, little mermaid was growing day by day and in fact living her life in the fullest manner. As Jessica was with the King of Ireland who was fully equipped with immense power, richness and glamorous personality. She was so happy to be with king as Jeff babysits her very generously. One day Jessica has got some very strange feelings that never happened before in which she feels good about everything and specially when she is with Jeff and these sentiments clearly indicates her that she falls in love with Jeff and dares to propose him immediately.


But Jeff doesn’t have any similar feeling that was moving in the air so the proposal gets rejected and Jeff once again makes an effort to make her understand that she is the mermaid and she has to go back where she belongs to. So having said that Jeff went to the bed. While he was deep sleeping Jeff heard a very horrified voice of screaming and found that Jessica is not in the room so the King looks for her everywhere in the castle but couldn’t find her at the end and when he comes back then he notices that there is a letter on his bed and he begins to read……?????????


As soon as he starts reading he gets astonished to know; the letter was sent from one of his arch enemy Douglas who has got some exceptional power of “Pink Man” that looks formidable, has big red teeth and only one eye on his head. So Jeff gets more stunned as he continues to read and get informed where it was written that we are taking Mermaid into our darkest and dangerous cave where nobody can dare to come and whosoever has dared to come for fight and battle, we have always killed everyone. It was further written that we have come to know that Jessica is a mammal mermaid and we will bring back her reality through our devil powers and then would get all the precious metals and diamonds from her body.


After this incident Jeff was severely sick for many days and had a long bed rest where he calls up his spiritual guru to discuss this massive issue and determine all the possible solutions to bring her back from Douglas.



The spiritual guru comes to meet with the King right away, sends the message of his arrival through one of King’s care taker and asks the prior permission to come into the castle. So the Kings commends his care takers to let him come into the castle. Once the spiritual guru reaches; the spiritual guru asks the King Jeff about his severe condition. The Kings sadly answers; I am in the big trouble and I don’t know what to do to resolve my immense issue? The spiritual guru insists the King to mention that issue so the King says; one of my arch enemy Douglas has taken mermaid into the most darkest and dangerous cave and I am just wondering all the time; how can I save the mermaid Jessica from the Pink Man.


So the Guru beings to tell the King some unbearable hidden stories about the darkest cave that it has basically three strange doors where one has to face the most dangerous army of Douglas and then we would have to face the black magic which is used to create more hurdles and problems so that nobody could get across to Douglas who lives behind these dangerous and darkest doors.


The very next morning the King calls up the urgent meeting of his armed forces and his two very best friends Robert and Peter who are basically the right and left hands of King to face any difficulty and hardship during every battle and this war seems to be like the end war of this kingdom.


All of them ask the spiritual guru to mention about more hidden truths regarding the “Pink Man” and his most dangerous army so he tells openly that this battle is almost like killing and murderous and it is next to impossible to win over this battle. As the ground reality is you have nothing to defend but the will power which is not super enough. But it is further added firmly that what if anyone reaches at the third door and gets the “Black Stone” and destroys it then we would likely to win the battle and kill the “Pink Man”.

The Peter and Robert ask the King; how many soldiers do we have? What weapon and ammunition do we have to carry for this battlefield? The King commends; carry almost everything. As it’s going to be the final battle and hopefully we shall overcome. The King further announces before departure that if anyone wants to leave; you may depart; I won’t resent; All of the soldiers, spiritual guru and his very closes friends reply cheerfully, we were with you, we are with you and we will always be with you; My lord!


It was Tuesday 1986 and the King of Ireland starts to march towards the Bahamas Ireland along with his 500 soldiers and his very best friends for this final war and it took almost 30 days to get into Bahamas Ireland near the battlefield.


Spiritual guru was also there and indicates the darkest and dangerous cave where King Jeff has to go and wage the war with Douglas.

As soon as the King wages the war; it seems like the doom day has just appeared and there was a historic silence and horror everywhere; everyone was praying in the favor of the greatest King against of this final war which was being fought for the sake of humanity!


The King Jeff commends the Peter to go for the supervision and come back immediately so the Peter says; Oh my lord! Thanks a lot for this humble honor & I won’t let you down against of this secret mission and shall come back right away!


As Peter comes back after keenly observing the scene of battlefield and informs the King about the cave; The King asks what did you see? How big the cave is? Peter replies that the cave has an open mouth shape and it seems like this is created for the genocide of human beings. The King Jeff gets angry and encourages Peter to be bold and brave and let’s start the war and we shall overcome by the willingness of almighty God.

Now the King Jeff commends and allocates half of the force to Peter to commence the battle so they move ahead to face the army of Douglas. Peter orders his soldiers to enter into the cave for the fight and suddenly Peter shouts and warns his army to step back but they couldn’t hear such words and as soon as the soldiers arrive into cave, it gets blast that echoes everywhere which indirectly informs the King Jeff that everyone has almost been killed by the devastating attack of Pink Man!


Then Peter goes into the cave and same thing happens with him as well. And he dies on the spot!

While Jeff stands alone and observes the whole failure and asks the spiritual guru to guide him ahead so he says; divide the task force into two divisions and then attack simultaneously and this strategy works very well and King succeeds to enter into the first cave consequently but what happens next is more horrific and scary as they have to face five massive anacondas.

King orders Robert to attack and he fights and he continues to fight very well and kill almost everyone them but then die due to an exceptional sting of last anaconda that injured Peter badly at the very last moment.


Now Jeff is alone with few of his soldiers and moves towards the second door where he has to cross the river so they prepare the ship with the help of some tree stems and branches and start this journey.

Somehow they manage to cross the river but then another problem was already waiting for them.

And it was the black magic and unusually it was heavily raining of big stones and anyone tries to go almost get killed by that horrified magic!


Meanwhile Jeff has nothing to do but to ask his spiritual guru humbly to guide further so he advises to catch some stones and then throw them into the river which would ultimately stop the devastating rain.

So they do exactly as being told and cross the second door and all of them get killed in this hardship and only Jeff and his spiritual guru managed to enter the third door. Oh Jesus! What would happen now???????????????????????


Meanwhile the spiritual guru asks the King with a bit scare that why do you want to save this little mermaid? Why have you put all the efforts, powers, army even your very close friends just to protect the mermaid? Having heard the question; King Jeff thinks for a little while and answers; I don’t know the main reason but my inner calling is keep forcing me to take drastic or any level action to bring her back and rain or shine we would succeed and you would see us succeeding eventually. As we are fewer but very desperate to conquer the battle and hopefully we shall overcome for sure. So the King further says more confidently to the spiritual guru that are you seeing the victory into my eyes? The spiritual guru happily replies; Yes, my lord!

So the spiritual guru and King Jeff move ahead towards third door now!


The third door has a problem question to be solved and it was written on the white transparent paper but fully invisible so the Jeff has to find out the question first and then answer it tactfully.

So he asks the spiritual guru to guide him further more but what happens next; the spiritual guru gets vanished suddenly and leaves the King alone!

The King shouted??????????????? Guru Where are you??????????????

But nobody answered the King in the darkest cave.

And now the King Jeff is completely alone and he has the white transparent paper to determine the question first so he thinks if the paper is empty so can I make my own question? Then see what would happen then????????????

He asks this question again and again and finally he reaches to that point where he composes his own question and the question was!!!!!!!!!!


Who is Douglas and who would kill him?


As soon as Jeff writes this question the white transparent paper becomes the “Black Stone”. Jeff gets very happy after this city moment of success and he destroys it immediately and as a result he meets barbaric Douglas now!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff asks Douglas aggressively, where is Jessica? I will kill you if you don’t tell me where have you been keeping her???? Then the King sees right above of his head and Jessica was finally found! But it was more strange to see that Jessica had become mermaid now and hanging over the rope under the big White Mountain and “Pink Man” was there to kill her!!!


Jeff asks Douglas what do you want from me. Pink Man replied your all powers that nobody knows. Douglas further says that you are the man of Jesus and God has blessed you the ability to reincarnate any departed soul.

So I want all that power and ability right away before I kill mermaid in front of your eyes. Said Douglas ferociously.


Jeff denies and starts attacking Douglas promptly and keeps attacking and finally after many attempts Douglas gets killed after a diehard struggles.


After being released by the prison of Douglas; Mermaid Jessica comes  very closer to Jeff and thank the King wholeheartedly; The King is seeing down to the earth and weeping like a very born baby child into the affection of mermaid and says; I wish that we could live little so long; I wish I could be your servant for sometime more but it’s the city moment of disaster that you have to go back; then the Mermaid hugs the King very tightly and thanks the King once again for the all support and cooperation that the King has done for the little mermaid throughout the period!


The King of Ireland brings Jessica back to the blue ocean and lets her go where she belongs to and at the end Jeff says three magical words to Jessica.

I LOVE YOU unconditionally no matter whether you would be mine or not but I would always love you with the core of my heart in my beautiful memories that I HAD WITH YOU!

My loved Jessica.


“Humanity is above all the religion and there is already so much hatred in the world so let’s join hands together to create that peacefully atmosphere where we could love every creation of God unconditionally”



“Always remember that true love never dies and there is always a great joy when you love someone, experience that love deeply but never get that love and die in that feelings happily”.


“Oh you my loved Jessica, I wish to be with you but you have gone far away from me but your infinite love still strengthens me whenever I get victimized by sorrows and sufferings and keeps me always happy and cheerful”


A Little Mermaid On Earth

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