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My Messed Up Life

December 11, 2010
By nerdherd21 BRONZE, Lewistown, Pennsylvania
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nerdherd21 BRONZE, Lewistown, Pennsylvania
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Author's note: I wrote it because it inspired me

I woke up in a room a room I have never been in nor seen before. I woke up on a ratty bed crusted with dirt. My leg has gone numb, I cant feel it I reach to feel it and it is crusted with old blood. I heard footsteps, heavy ones. I thought and wouldn’t be surprised if it was the gun man coming back to finish his job, but they grew faint and faint. I saw two people near with me. They looked at me and one of them said, “Hey my name is Rae what is your name?” I replied slowly, “Umm. My name is Brae, who is that girl over there?” . Rae replied, “Oh that is Stevie." I had to leave I had to. So I said, “How do we get out of here”? Rae didn’t speak but Stevie did she said, “The window why do you want to escape.” “Of course”, I said. I wanted to run and jump and leave but I couldn't my leg wouldn’t let me. Rae said, “What happened to your leg?” I looked down shocked and replied, “I don’t know actually”. I said curiously, “What is this place?” They both answered quickly, “We need to leave.” I didn’t hesitate. We ran as fast as our legs could carry us. The men in black were yelling, “They have escaped get them !!” We ran faster and faster. We landed in a town called Phillipsburg, Honestly I didn’t care were we were as long as I am away from them. We went to one of Rae’s friend, Devon and tried to keep us safe but they found us. They almost busted down the door, we got out of the back and down the fire escape. Devon gave us a couple hundred bucks to survive. We ran to I don’t know where. I said, “what do they want with us?” Rae replied, “They want our powers we have them and they want to use them for evil.” I was shocked but not surprised. We all left and went to the near by town of Newport We are scared and beyond mean afraid for our lives. Rae, Stevie, and I went to a little place inside Newport a little thing inside the woods there. Yea we made a little tree house, and we decided to hide out there for a while maybe just maybe they would forget about us. Rae and Stevie, and myself decided to take shifts to make sure they would not find them. We bought the most cheapest food to last. I went first my shift was from 9:30 pm to 4:30 am. The time went dreadfully slow and I couldn’t bear it. I sat there is complete darkness with nothing but a flashlight and watch the sinister night passed me by. 4:30 came very slowly so I sang a song I made up and it seem to pass time. I woke up Rae for her turn and she groaned and got ready and went for her shift. I slept but barely, I was so afraid that we were going to get caught. In my sleep I had a promotion about us surviving. I was so afraid that when I woke up I had cold sweat and I didn’t move. I didn’t want to awake anyone. I sat there and look at the tree next to the tent. Morning came as early as it could get. I saw the sunlight and groaned say, “OMG could it come any sooner”. I was so pissed that it came. I didn’t want to get up but Stevie and Rae were jumping up and down yelling, “Brae get your ass up”. I yelled, “I am up gosh”. I rolled out and was about to get dressed but didn’t have any clothes. I said, “we need to get new clothes, I’m tired of these clothes”. They agreed and we went to the hot topic near by and bought a couple pairs of shirts, skinnies, converses, and sweat shirts. We left to go to the next town and leave, we pack up and left. We called Devon and told him where we were and he said he said he would meet us in Lewistown.I said , “No way we’re going to my hometown”. I was smiling and giggling and happy as s**t. We got there and I saw everything it looked so familiar. When we met Devon in the Burger King we decided to go to Philadelphia and stay there with my family. We took the Greyhound down to South Main Street and I was so happy I went to my Aunt’s house. She didn’t let us live with her for now so we lived on the street. I didn’t care at this point as long as we were in a familiar place. I wasn’t afraid of these streets all they were where wanna-bes gangsters. So we stayed there all night until one night we got into a fight and Rae flipped and she moved her hands and one of the girls flew into the air and hit the wall and she died. The girls ran and told the cops. We left and hurried out of the state we went to New York City. But the people who tried to get us the first time came after us, they almost got us. We escaped but nearly. With nothing but the clothes on our back. We slept for the night. I left the next morning to a town called Collegeville and we slept in a locked up abandon building, we made for weeks on end there. We didn't care about living there as long as we were away from the cops, but we decided to go north because the cops might come up to find us. We left on the day of November 10th man was it cold and freezing but that didn’t mind it at all. We went up to New York City and stayed with my aunt but the end of the month she winding up begin kidnapped her. We had to leave very far away, we didn’t know where to go, but we didn’t know were. So we headed farther up north. We went up to Maine, the farthest that we thought was better for us. We went to Portland, Maine and we found people who were just like us there names were Makkenna, Sabrina, Zoey, Alice, Erin. They had escape from the same place we had. We had to leave and we and we had to take them with us. I spoke, “Hey we got to head back we have to try to defeat them it is our only shot.” Every one agreed we left in Zoey Mini Van and headed to were we escaped from. We defeated them, but that was five years ago. We all have moved on I guess, We stay close but we left. I moved to the Bronx.

I woke up to a frantic phone call from Stevie, It said, "Brae we need to escape we didn't kill them we only wounded them, U need to pick up Zoey, Makkenna, Sabrina, and Dru, HURRY! I will meet you at the Toy R Us in New York City". I jumped up and realized I have saved Sara and Sarah, Kiera, and Kasie, I picked them up then headed to pick the rest of them up. When I saw Stevie and Rae I almost died, I ran and hugged them. We drove to my aprt, I said, "What is going on, How we have only wounded them we checked they were dead." We stood there in silence but then all of the sudden we heard the door come down and we ran down the fire escape. The men in black were back and we needed to leave immeaditley, We all packed what we could and we left.
We drove to Delaware and we stayed in a motel near Wilmington, and we stayed for 3 nights. Sara said, "Why do we keep running instead of facing them"? I responded," because we need to come up with a plan and defeat them or else it would end up like before." Then Rae's dad, Mr Stevens came and said, "I know you all are scared but we need to leave and go to California, they would never travel that far." We said, "Fine ."

I went to go pack, but all of the sudden the room went black. I woke up in a creepy black place, then a voice spoke it said, "Hello Brae I found you I cant believe I did, can you guess who I am?" I stood up and said, "Are you the guy who has been chasing me and my friends the whole time?" He replied shockingly,"How did you know that, wow you must be smart". I replied with a smart comment, "I wasn't born yesterday Im not that stupid". I asked, "Is it just me you want, or do you want everyone else too."
He replied, "Oh you foolish girl, your the important one we want, but they have the powers too that we need. He turned on the light, and what I saw next shocked me it was my own father. I blinked twice thinking maybe I was hallucinating, but I wasn't I was soo freaked out. I thought how could he betray me like this, He kidnapped me, and wanted to kill me. He was my parent he was supposed to protect me not hurt me. I knew I had to escape, but how I mean he would kill me and have no problem doing it, It had to be sneaky.

I had time to think about it because he locked me in a cell. The days went by dreadfully slow, the wall was peeling, and the floor creaks like crap, I cant sleep because every time he walked it creaks and it freaks me out. Then on Friday I heard a crash, It was the girls, they found me, I was jumping with Joy hoping they would get me before he came in. Dru said, "Brae are you okay, We miss you soo much?." I replied, "Yea hurry before he comes." But I was interuppted by him. "Who are these people, your little friends?", He said I said, "Oh i dont know how about you take a wild guess". Rae moved her hands and he flew into the wall, but all he did was laugh and say, "Is that all you got?" They all attacked him, and he was knocked unconsciouses, Dru unlocked me and we ran. We bearly got out before he woke up, he ran chasing us, we ran to the van. He was cursing with anger and yelling beyond belief.

We left and we hid near Camden, New Jersey. We lived in peace for a couple weeks, but they found us.
I had the TV when Zoey came in crying, she couldn't speak, I hugged her and asked what was wrong. Zoey said, "They c-came b-back and t-took D-Dru!" I cried and call the girls over and we knew we had to find her, but were would they take her, they couldn't have left the state because Zoey could still sense her.

Zoey was hysterical, Dru was like her sister, all we could do was hope we find her, and keep Zoey calm. Zoey slept over because she didn't wanna leave and honestly I wasn't gonna make her, She slept in my bed, and I laid on the couch. The Next morning the girls came over and jumped on me yelling, "Get Up Brae!!!!!!!" Im like, "Im up gosh." We laughed and decided to look for Dru, We found her, she was dead, all dead and mangled. I broke down and started to cry, Zoey fell to the ground tears busting out of her eyes, They looked soo red and puffy. I left the scene I couldn't take it, I headed home, Sarah, Sara, and Rae, Stevie, Makkenna, and Zoey ran after me. I went to the house, crying soo hard no-one could stop me. Sarah, Sara, and Zoey hugged me and almost squished me.

I couldn't take the pain so I ran to my punching bag, and started to hit it. The silence stopped when Rae said, "We all need to stay together,so we dont become like Dru." I said, "She right we have to keep moving until we get somewhere safe, I cannot handle losing one of you guys." We packed and left not knowing were we were going along as we were safe. We drove to Tampa Bay, and we stayed with my mom, she knew what was going on and she said she would help us. We unpacked, and we slept, when we woke up My mom had a note on the table saying,
"Hey girls I left some money on the table for Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner. I had to leave early for work, I will not be back till late tonight. You guys are then welcome to go to the beach.

Love Mom

We all decided to go the beach, we got ready, hopped in my car and went to Dunkin Donuts, got some breakfast and left for the beach.
They were all in the water, and I was on my towel when the most amazing guy came over to me.
He says, "Hey". I go, "Umm. Hey". He goes,"what are you doing here alone". I go, "Tanning" he says,"What is your name?" I go, "Umm ...... You tell me yours I tell you mine." He answer, "My name is Heath" I reply shockingly,"Oh nice, My name is Brae"
I was thinking, Don't get attached Brae dont, You will have to leave and something will get in between.... He interrupted me, "Um I go to go, Can I have your number?" Im like, "Sure"!
We switched numbers and he left, and I resumed to my tanning, when Zoey, and Rae came up and said, "Heelooo, Spill who was that!!!"
I said, " some boy,why"?
Their jaws dropped, Im like,"Pick up yours jaws before you get flies inn 'em."

They laughed and go, "sorry he is just really cute". I go, "I know, but I dont wanna get attached, because the moment I do we will have to leave". They sighed, "Yea I know, but Brae a guy like him will never come around again, you need to live your life."

I said," Alright I will text him later aha". I sat there in the living room, watching TV, when my mom came in and said,"Hey Hun, how was your day?" I said, " It was alright we went to the beach, and tanned, How was your day?" She smiled, but it went away, "It was alright but I have to know when you guys are leaving?" I said, "Umm mom why do we need to leave"? She said, "I cant have you guys here, you guys are dangerous". I started to get mad," Mom you dont understand, I need you". She interrupted me, "I understand...." I fumed, and got up now yelling, "No Mom, you wanna know, what happened, when you sent me away, I was kidnapped, I had to escape, then I was almost killed by dad." She looked shocked, "Brae I love you, but this isn't my problem, and it isn't my fault, I NEED YOU TO LEAVE NOW, I DONT CARE WHERE YOU GO JUST LEAVE GOT IT, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was about to cry, I went upstairs, Sarah and Zoey said, "Brae what is the matter?" I told them and man were they pissed, we packed up and left, but before I left I took my college fund my mom saved up for me. We went to a motel, I bought we rooms, and I texted Heath while we were packing
I texted, 'Heeey"! He answered quickly, " Hey wassup?" I smiled, "Not Much just un-packing." He said, " Kayy, Bye shawty". I blushed,"Byye :)!" I was done un-packing, and I went to Starbucks and got a latte. I came back, and went back to bed. I woke up about 8 am, and I had a note saying,
Zoey, and all of us, had went to go look for jobs, we will be back later okay, see ya later

All of Us
I relaxed, then got a text from Heath "Heey shawty!" "Heey wassup?" "Nm just tlking 2 u" Then the door flew open

The door flew open, I jumped up ready to attack the god awful person. It was just Zoe, I yelled "Zoey what is your problem ugh sneaking up on me Gosh aha". She laughed, "Im sworry Brae". I laughed, "It is alright, aha".I got another text saying "R U alright Brae"? I texted back, "Yea Heath I am fine lol." He is like, "Good because if u werent I wass gonna kill someone lol"
I blushed, and Zoey saw it, ran and grabbed my phone and said ,"Ooooh someone is making Brae blush Ooh la La," I laughed and hid my face.

I said, "Zoey Give me back my friggin phone"! I had a vision of us, and heath from my dad, annd my m-moom was helping him.

I couldn't believe them I had to tell everyone "Heeey Guys we need to leave now"! They yelled back, "Why"! I said, "My parents are after us"! Heath texted me, "hey shawty" .I texted, "Heeey :(" He replies, "What is wrong, shawty" I say, "My parents are after me, I might need to leave." He replies rather quickly," If you leaving Im coming." I said, "You cant, you might get hurt". He said, "I dont care, U are my shawty I will help you, give me your room I will come over." I said, "alright hurry, and pack it is room 402". He replied,"alright I will be there in 30 mins, Love Ya". I said,"Love ya 2" I started to pack and I told everyone to pack too.

I was waiting for Heath when he showed up I put his stuff in the car and we got everyone else and left. I drove for two days straight while everyone but heath stayed up. He said,"Brae you need to sleep, Ill take over come one Ill drive." I pulled over and let him drive, and fell asleep or tried to.

Me and Him took turns the whole way there, We drove for 3 weeks straight.
I was driving on the highway when I saw a sign that said, "Welcome to California"
I was excited to be there that, I Texted Heath, "Heeeeeey, we're in Cali!!!!!!!"
He texted back, "Im right here you can talk Shawty, and amazing".
I laughed and I looked at him and smiled, and just laughed to myself.
I drove until I got to Calabasas, and went to some little hotel, and I bought 3 rooms.

I laughed at the girls they were huddled like they weren't gonna see each other again, I grabbed my camera and was about to take a picture when i felt two hands around my waist, I flinched and he said,
"Heey Brae its me".
I laughed and kind of blushed.
I went in to get my keys with Zoey, and Heath.
They wanted to see who gets rooms with who, there were 2 beds in each room and 6 of us who 2 people in a room.

I go pick your rooms,
Zoey says, "I call rooming with Rae".
Stevie yells, "I call rooming with Sarah".
Heath Screams, "I guess I with you Brae"!
Im like,"You should be happy then!"
I tried to grab my bags but Heath took them and goes, "Nah Brae Imma take them up, and dont try to argue with me".
I laughed, and thinks, "Who he knows me soo well".
I went to my room, and lay on my bed, and watched TV when Heath came in and layed down next to me.

I slept soo nice, it felt good to sleep for once.
I woke up at 8:30 am, and went down stairs for breakfast when Heath ran and said," You run fast".
Im like, " Damn right I do, ah ha"
I grabbed my food and wolfed it down, and went to get changed when I got a text saying, "Brae we will find ya, no matter what".

I almost dropped my phone, I bursted out crying, I went up to our room and had to sit down and think.

I couldn't believe that they knew were we where, I mean they couldn't , unless someone told them.
I couldn't Imagen someone telling them, knowing how much danger we are in, I needed to call everybody in and have a meeting.

I texted everyone telling them to come back to my hotel room.
The came faster than jack rabbits looking for food, they ran and said, "Brae whats wrong".

Well I was scared to tell them, but I had to for their sake. I told everyone to sit, and I said, "they know where we are." Heath said,"How do they possibly know where we are". I didn't know the answer, I just shrugged, and then broke down crying, knowing my parents didn't want me, didn't care, and wanted to kill me.
I couldn't take this, I went to take a walk, I thought no one was following me, but I guess I was was wrong, Heath was. He says, "Brae wait up, I wanna talk to you." I stopped and waited while he ran on the sidewalk to come to me. I say, "Maybe I should leave , and stop causing harm, I hate hurting you people." He stopped, and turned me around, and grabbed my shoulders, and said, "Brae dont you think that for just a minute, I love you, they love you, you need to stay, We all knew the dangers and we all are in danger, I knew the danger when I decided to help you, and honestly I dont care." Then all of the sudden he kissed me.
It was awarkard of course, but then to my suprise I kissed back, I broke it saying, "Umm we should get back?" He didn't say anything, but wrapped his hands around his waist, and said," Yea I guess we should." I laughed and walked and went I was trample and the girls, they said, " Hey were did you go? Please tell me you didn't have too much fun?" I laughed and said, "No we didn't we just talked okayy".
I couldn't tell them hell if I did, they would make fun of me. I was sitting in bed, and I was singing to MTV, when the door opened, it was my mother, I was shocked but not suprise. I say, "Aww look what the cat dragged in, nice to see ya mom." I didn't think twice I thought it, and she flew out the door, and hit the car she came in. I laughed and sat down, and thought it was so funny. The girls and Heath came in and laughed because my face was so red, it was a tomato. Zoey is like, "Brae what the hell is wrong with your face". I laughed ans said, "Nothing watching something on Cartoon Network." Erin, Stevie, and heath say, "Really Brae, Cartoon Network". I said, "Yes Cartoon Network".

The night went peacefully I went to get dinner for us, I got Chinese, and came back. The only people were Heath and Zoey, so we ate and watched movies. Zoey fell asleep during the second movie, and Heath and Me were watching SAW and I almost screamed and hid in my face, he held my back.

I went to sleep in his arms, and woke up he was looking at me and smiling and he kissed me. I told him,
"I need to take a shower, I will be back." I took a long hot shower, got dressed. I went out to a note saying,

Hey Love,
I went to get breakfast for us, I'll be back in a couple of minuets.

Love Ya much


A couple minutes had passed, and I thought I heard him, but I saw someone else, I didnt think it was him, But I couldnt be sure, so I called him I was worried, that he was hurt, and couldn't answer. But he did, he says "Hey Babe, whats wrong, are you okay". I said, " I was calling to make sure your okay, where are you? I saw someone come up, I thought it was you?" He said, "I will be right up, Im in the elevator, I love you." So I laid in bed and waited for him, while I was there I fixed my hair, I turned on MTV and laughed at the Real World, He came in and smiled, I jumped up and hugged him and kissed his luscious lips, I laughed and sat down with him and ate watching him smile at me, I laughed and kissed him. Zoey came in as loud as she could possibly be.

She came in with a new girl, who looked like her, I looked with the most confused look on my face, Heath looked as confused as me, she said, " Bree she needs to stay with me,she is my long lost sister, Kiera, remember the one I told you about". I looked at Heath, and he nodded, he had a good sense of judgment when it came to people so I spoke, "Yees Zoey I remember, and yess she can stay, she will stay with You, and Rae." Kiera ran and hugged me and whispers, "Thanks soo much Brae for letting me stay, I hope we can be friends". I responded happily, " Your welcome, I think you will fit in perfectly, and yess we will become friends". I felt happy to help out someone who needs it.

I got dressed for work, and kissed Heath and left. I worked at a small little creepy shop, that was shop that owned spell books, charms, and witch craft stuff, yea I know creepy stuff right. Work went slow, and crappy, I couldn't bear it. I went home at 5:30 p.m and saw Heath and Zoey running near me with tears streaming down their face. I almost cried, "What is wrong, why are ya crying". They replied, "They have took Rae". I broke down and cried, my best friend was taking from me, but real quick that sadness turned into anger. I went off to find her, I had to, when I went missing they found me, It didn't take me long, she was in a long dark alley, she was alive thank god, but she was messed up, her face was black and blue, and swollen.

I was happy that she alive, but I was angry that someone had treated her this way. Then I saw him, yea he was the one that hurt Rae, she told me. I walked to him my fists clenched up, I said, "How dare you do that to her, you no good piece of crap". He replied, "Why do you care"? That was it I went and just hit him as hard as I could and man did I knock him out. I looked around to see her up and looking happy. I hugged her, and brought her back to the hotel.

When I got there.....

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