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Love Blossoms

February 1, 2011
By brookyboo, Houston, Texas
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brookyboo, Houston, Texas
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Hi, I’m Rikki. This is my love story and it’s like no story you have ever heard of. You would probably expect it to be love at first sight aw it’s so cute and precious and you and the man are gonna be together forever! Yeah, if you think that you’re dead wrong. My love story is nothing like that. I should probably tell you a review of my parents and his parents love story. His father, Logan, was supposed to be King here, but his mother lived in the real world…your world. Her name was Eliza and her best friend was Nikki…my mother. Eliza had this magical locket. One day she opened it and met Logan. At first Logan and Eliza didn’t date. Logan went out with my mom, Nikki. After about a year Logan kissed Nikki for the first time. If Nikki loved him then he would finally be released from the tower in which Eliza found him and he’d be able to be King. The problem was that Nikki didn’t love him. Logan took Eliza and they went to the tower and it didn’t open up. That’s when Logan learned he loved Eliza and kissed her…it worked. So now you might be wondering what happened with my mom, well she fell in love with my dad Jesse. Now she and Jesse had a really weird relationship. Because when my mom was younger she was in an abusive relationship. She had gotten raped and had twins. They moved to Logan’s world and they all lived happily in the palace. Nikki and Jesse ended up having quadruplets yes I have two brothers and a sister. And Logan and Eliza had two sets of twins. Anyway that’s pretty much they’re story. Now onto mine. From the time I could walk I tormented Luke he was the one I hated in they’re family. He also was the heir to the throne. I pranked him I did everything I could to make him miserable. But when I turned twelve I started learning that I liked him…like that. I wanted to shoot myself after that. But yet I told my best friend, Liz his twin sister. I looked at her as we walked through the garden and said nervously, “Ok, I’m going to tell you something, but you can’t tell Luke, promise?”

“Alright, I promise.”
“I think I’m starting to like him….like like him.”

“NO WAY!” She screamed.
I giggled and she saw Luke coming along. I on the other hand did not notice him, yet. When he got close enough Liz pushed me into him and I gasped and fell on top of him. I looked down at him and said, “Sorry.”

“It’s no biggie, Rikki.”
I smiled and was blushing and moved off him. As you can imagine I was ticked off at Liz. Anyway I still tortured him even though I liked him. Another one of our moments together was when I was seventeen. That’s five years later. I looked at Luke furious as we continued walking well more like stomping, “LUKE! I can’t believe you did that; you can’t keep treating me like a child!”

“Oh I’m so sorry Rikki that it looked like to me that you were going to get hurt!”
“I can take care of myself! My parents are completely fine with me learning how to swordfight why can’t you?!?”

“You can get hurt, Rikki!”
“Then let that be my problem! Why do you care about me so much?!? Why do you care about my protection?!? It’s my problem so get out of my life!”

Luke was stunned he didn’t know what to do. He ran and grabbed my arm and turned me around and kissed me. He let me go, but kept me close. I didn’t know how to react so I slapped him. He was obviously shocked I reacted like that and had actually taken a few steps back from the blow, but what can I say? He got me angry. He still looked at me equally as concerned as he was when he learned I was sword fighting. He didn’t look angry and I was not used to that from any guy not just him but all guys. I looked at him I didn’t apologize cause if I did I wouldn’t be doing it because I wanted to I’d be doing it because I felt like I had to. So, I acted like me and said, “See I can take care of myself.”

Luke stood there stunned as I walked away. But at least he let me leave. And he avoided me for about a week. Wow, I must’ve slapped him hard. Well in my perspective he deserved it. Now it’s a year later and I’m eighteen. Liz and I were getting ready for a masquerade ball tonight. I was getting into my dress and looked at her frustrated, “I don’t wanna even go to this thing.”

“Oh come on, it could be fun.”
I scoffed, “Doubt it.”

“I don’t get why you hate dancing so much.”
“And I don’t get why you love it.”

“You know our parents will soon force you to meet guys if you don’t on your own.”
I looked down. My past relationship lasted for three years. I was fourteen and it ended a little bit after Luke had kissed me at seventeen. I was the one to end it, but it was still hard to move on. I never told anybody what really happened in that relationship. It was my business nobody else’s. I looked back at her and straightened my dress and asked, “How do I look?”

I looked down at myself my mom and Eliza had bought this dress a long time ago. It was strapless and pink and very puffy on the bottom. I groaned as I walked out there. I looked like a flower. ICK! I groaned again and stood by the snack bar and a guy came up and said, “Hi, I’m Will.”

“Wanna dance?”

I looked away honestly no I didn’t, but I knew if I wanted to leave I had to. So I did what I do and forced a smile, “I’d be delighted to.”

His smile grew so big that it made me wonder if he knew who I was and if so why did he want to dance with me? We went out on the dance floor and danced for a little while. After I think it was around half an hour he asked if I wanted to go outside. I said sure I mean no reason I shouldn’t. I walked out there with him and said, “So, do you have any brothers or sisters?”

He glanced down at me and said, “Yes, do you?”
“Yeah, are you like in a set of multiples?”

Will seemed to panic possibly not wanting to know who he was and changed the subject, “Have you ever danced the salsa? Come on you’ll love it!”

I followed him still very curious to who he was, but it didn’t matter I was having fun with him. Then slow dancing started. I could do any dance. Any extremely sexy dance! But slow dancing UGH I hated it. It gave the couple a chance to talk and I didn’t like that I never did! So, that compelled me to say, “Thanks for the dance, Will, but I gotta go.”

I ran out before he could say anything else. My shoes had fallen off as I ran, but I ignored it especially when I saw Will coming. I ran into the garden and hide and took off my mask. I hid and watched him to see what he would do. He picked up my shoes and continued looking for me. Odd. This seemed kinda like well Cinderella. He looked around and yelled, “LACY!”

I continued hiding me and he found me. I looked him and took my shoes, “Now you know who I am.”
“Why’d you run?”

“I uh…I can’t dance and I get claustrophobic very easily.”
He smiled, “We danced many dances tonight and with all of them we were much closer than that. Especially during the salsa.”

I looked down, “I don’t like slow dancing and I’m not good at it.”
“Maybe I can help you get better at it and maybe you’ll like it more now.”

“I guess.”
He smiled and took my hands, “Step like this…yeah that’s it…put this hand on my shoulder and I put my hand on your waist.” Slowly does the moves.

I looked at him oddly not used to anybody doing this, “You’re different Will.”
Will smiled, “I’ll take that as a compliment. In what way?”

“No guy has ever done stuff like this with me...most guys I know are way too protective over me, but you don’t seem to be that way but I still feel like I know you.”
He looked down, “I want to be like this all the time…I try but people already know me as well not like this… I want to change, from that to this…different in a good way. I wish some people would give me a second chance, but I think some never will.” He looked back up at me.

“Like who?” I asked leaning up closer to him. I was close enough to kiss him.
He grabbed me and kissed me passionately and softly and gently. It was so amazing that I felt like I was in love with Will even though I didn’t even know who he really was. I wrapped my arms around him encouraging for him to go more passionate, but then I started wondering who is this man? I pulled away and looked down. Will tilted my head up and asked, “What is it?”

“I really liked that…who are you?”
Will held me closer and slowly took off his mask. I was shocked it was him and took a step back and he sighed, “Rikki.”

“I…I can’t believe it’s you! If you wanted to be like this with me before why didn’t you?”
“You couldn’t stand me! Listen Rikki, please don’t get mad, but look we got off to a bad start and once I figured out how to change…it was too late.”

I considered it Luke had a good point, “So…this is the real you? You aren’t gonna turn around tomorrow and be super protective again?”
“Yes, I won’t turn around on you.”

I crossed my arms, “Fine.”
“Fine what?”

“I’ll give this…us a shot, but please be patient it’s gonna take me awhile to be in this new mindset about you.”
“I will be patient you’re worth it.”

I blushed honestly feeling like I wasn’t worth it. He smiled this was the first time he had ever seen me blush. Luke held me closer and I said, “You know I could argue with that, but it’d be a never ending argument because we’re both stubborn.”
He laughed, “I bet, but it would’ve had to stop sometime.”

I smiled, “Yeah, and I would’ve won or I’d be able to shut you up by saying something random or doing this.” I came up closer to him and was close to kissing him. He leaned in closer as if asking me if I would let him. I got closer and we were about an inch away and I moved my head and asked, “Should we be doing this?”

“I don’t see why not?”
I kissed his cheek, “I’ll see you in the morning?”

Luke looked up and saw a mistletoe. I blushed even more and looked up at him and accidently said what I was thinking, “Wow, you look handsome.”
Luke wasn’t used to me saying that so he smiled, “You’re just as beautiful.” He leaned in, “May I?”

I was puzzled not realizing I said it out loud then noticed it and nodded. He put his hand behind my neck and leaned down and kissed me just like before but a little bit more passionate. I smiled and said, “I’m gonna go to bed, I’ll see you in the morning.”

He smiled and kissed me, “Goodnight…Cinderella.”
I smiled an hour ago I would’ve killed him for being like this, “Night, Prince Charming.”

Luke smiled as I ran off.

I ran into my room freaking out about what happened that night. Liz was there and asked, “WHAT HAPPENED?!?”

“Oh well, it was Luke.”

“I’m sorry no details, I don’t kiss and tell.”
“So you two kissed! AH!”

I rolled my eyes, “If you wanna hear anything, ask Luke.”
She smiled as I hopped into bed.

The next morning Liz was with my brother Reed and they were eating when Luke walked in carrying a rose and asked, “Do you guys know where Rikki is?”

“Wow, it wasn’t a dream.”
“Nope, where is she?”

“I think she’s sword fighting.” Reed answered.
They heard a shriek and everyone looked puzzled and Luke asked slowly, “What was that?”

Another shriek happened, but this time I fell in and jumped up, “yah!”
A guy came in and continued fighting me. I laughed as I flipped the sword out of his hand, “HA! Knew I’d win!”

The guy looked up laughing and said, “So, what’s her number?”
I giggled and reached in my pocket, “Good luck.”

“Don’t need it. Hopefully our relationship will be like yours and Billy’s. Just without her breaking up with me.”
That shocked me, “Don’t say that you want it like ours trust me you don’t want it like ours.”

He nodded, “Alright then, see ya Rikki.”
He walked out and I felt like crying I never heard anybody say anything about me and Billy since we broke up. I was remembering everything that happened and I was wishing that I could’ve left quicker or even protected myself. I was remembering the last fight we had when Luke touched my shoulder, “Rikki?”

I was so focused thinking about the past and thought it was him and grabbed his arm and flipped him over. The breath got knocked out of him and he lied down helplessly on the floor. I kneeled next to him, “I’m so sorry are you ok?”

“Yeah, guess you do know how to defend yourself.”
I giggled, “Yeah, I do.” I noticed the rose, “What’s that?”

He pushed himself up and said holding it out, “For you.”
That reminded me of the first time, “N…no…no thanks.”

Luke looked puzzled and glanced at Liz and Reed, “Why not?”
“I uh…never mind thanks that’s very sweet of you.”

“You alright?”
“I’m fine.”

“Wanna go for a walk?”

He stood up and helped me up. We walked outside, “Wanna tell me something?”

“Alright then…hey you wanna sword fight see if you can handle me?”
I smiled, “I think I can.”

“Yeah, we’ll see about that.”
I grinned and put my arm behind him and he slung his arm around my neck, “You look great, Rikki?”

“Really?” I couldn’t hide the shock in my voice. I mean I just got done sword fighting and I flipped him over and now we’re taking a walk. I mean I was sweating. My hair was up in a pony tail. I had no makeup on. He smiled at me, “Yeah, you really do.”

“Ok.” He could definitely tell I thought he was lying so he said as he put his gear on, “I’m not gonna lie to you, Rikki.”

“Rikki.” He paused waiting for me to look at him so I did. He came closer to me and held me close to him, “I won’t lie to you. If I do I will come clean because I want you to trust me, ok? I think that we should be honest with each other. So I will be honest with you if you’re honest with me.”

“I’ll be honest with you, but Luke there is one thing that I have to keep a secret and if I ever feel the need to tell you or the want to I’ll tell you.”
He nodded, “Alright.” He drew out his sword, “Ready?”

I pulled mine out, “Whenever you are.”
We fought for a little bit and then I knocked him down. I looked at him shocked, “Oh my gosh, are you ok?”

Luke must’ve decided to have a little bit of fun with me because he covered his chest and groaned, “UGH, my chest!”
I ran to him, “Luke are you alright? Here let me see it.”

He groaned and pushed away from me, “No, don’t touch it, it hurts.”
I felt really bad and kept trying to move his hand, “Come on Luke, let me see!”

He kept groaning and continued covering it up. I came over on top of him and pulled off the suit, but he kept his hand over it, “Come on Luke, stop being such a baby!”

He groaned then moved his hand away. He smiled and started laughing. I pushed his chest hard where he fell back down against the ground, “Ugh, Luke you scared me to death!”

Luke laughed and started tickling me. We started to roll down the hill and both of us were laughing and he was still tickling me. I had landed on top on him and I held his hands down, “Come on Luke, stop it I’m serious you scared me.”

He laughed, “I was having fun!”
Luke looked down at my hands that were against his chest. I moved them away and put them in my lap, “Sorry.”

I looked down at him then back down at his bare chest and I knew that he wanted me to put my hands back on him, “I don’t think so.”

“It’s alright.” He whispered, “I’m going too fast aren’t I?”
“It’s no big deal; I just don’t wanna go too fast and regret it later.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I understand completely.” He was trying to avoid eye contact with me which honestly that’s kind of hard to do when the girl is literally on top of you. I sighed and leaned down closer to him, “Thanks, and trust me this’ll be good later on besides this makes me very happy.” I leaned down to where we were about three inches away, “I’m really glad I gave you a second chance.”

He smiled, “So am I.” He gently grabbed my head and pulled me closer and kissed me. I smiled and moved away and sat down next to him. He grinned back but noticed I was concerned so he grew concerned, “Is something wrong, baby?”

“Yeah I’m fine…I don’t know it just feels like we’ve been together for years not days, crazy huh?”
“That’s a good thing, crazy good.”

“Hey, if I tell you something about me that nobody knows would you do the same?”
Luke smiled and lifted himself up and put one arm on the other side of me and he looked down at me, “Yeah, I will.”

I felt extremely awkward, “Well um, I know I always acted like I hated you and wanted nothing to do with you, but the truth is I always kind of hoped we’d end up together…like this.”

“Really? I never would’ve dared to dream you thought anything like that…me too. I always hoped we could be together…like now.” He smiled then lied back down, “I guess it’s my turn, huh?”

“Mhm and if you tell anybody my secret I’ll kill you in your sleep.”
“Well, that’s just lovely and if you tell anybody my secret you’re also dead.”

“Ha, I doubt it! You’re too nice to kill me.” I smiled teasingly, “Meanwhile I’m not nice at all.”
Luke chuckled, “Well I guess it’s my turn now…I guess I’ve always wondered what my love story would be like. You know how there’s Cinderella, sleeping beauty, Romeo and Juliet, and Rapunzel. And now I think I know what mine is, but you never really know until you get married.”

I looked down and whispered, “So what’s yours?”
Luke looked down at me and whispered, “Cinderella.”

I felt a chill go down my spine and asked, “Do you like that it’s that one?”
“As long as you’re in it.”

I stood up quickly, “I need to go.”
Luke grabbed my hand, “Rikki, come on what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just I…I don’t like this anymore I gotta go.”
He pulled me in and kissed me passionately and asked, “Do you still have to leave?”

I was taking deep breaths and was speechless. That kiss was so….amazing. A smile was starting to spread across my face and I shook my head, “Nope.”

Luke smiled and I grabbed his face and started kissing him. He kissed me back and we had started taking a couple steps back and he tripped and we fell and rolled down the hill…again. He laughed, but still continued to kiss me. It was quite funny, but we didn’t know people were watching us. This would not be the best sight for people to a see a prince the heir to the throne doing. His shirt was off, we were smack on top of each other, my dress that normally goes down a little bit above my knees was turning into a mini-mini skirt, and the front of my dress was going down super low, and his pants were about to fall off…all I can say is thank God the people that were watching us was his sister and my brother.

Reed held Liz’s hand as they watched Luke and Rikki he looked at her, “Looks like they’re moving pretty fast, huh?”

“Oh yeah! They’re smack on top of each other kissing with his shirt off.”
Reed smiled, “Wanna prank them?”

“Sure, how are we gonna do it?”
Reed looked at Liz smiling, “Follow me.”

With that they ran off to prank us.

Luke and I continued to kiss and he was over me right then and a very soft moan had finally escaped that I had been keeping inside for a while. After that I knew that it was probably best if we stopped so I put my hand on his chest and kinda pushed back a little bit and said, “Luke?”

He whispered, “Yeah.”
“Get off.”

He moved off of me and asked, “Is something wrong?”
I shook my head. Again this reminds me of the past. I stood up and muttered, “I gotta get to a lesson.”

Sprinklers turned on and we both screamed from the shock, but perfect it was to get away from him so I ran. Luke groaned as I ran off. He caught Liz and Reed near the spot where you could turn on the sprinklers and he yelled, “I see you! Come talk to me!”

They walked to him and asked, “We were going great, weren’t we?”
“Well, you were going kind of fast.” Liz said.

“So she freaks out and runs away?”
Reed shrugged, “That’s what my little sister does.”

“I need to talk with her, she’s hiding something.”
“Like what?” Liz asked.

“I don’t know…I tried to give her a rose and she didn’t accept it at first and then…”
I walked back out, “Luke we need to talk.”

“Alright, talk.”
I looked at Liz and Reed then back at him, “Alone?”

“Are you gonna run again?”
I sighed, “Possibly…it depends on how you take it.”

“Couldn’t they stay here?”
I looked up at them and said, “If anybody tells anyone this I will kill you. Ok?”

Everybody nodded and sat down. Reed moved and sat down next to me because he was the only person I ever told. He took my hand and squeezed it letting me know he was proud I was telling Luke this. I sighed, “Ok, Billy and I…well…he…he hit me…a lot.”
“What?!?” Luke yelled when he noticed I got scared he calmed down, “Sorry, what happened?”

“It was our third date. He came in and it was so perfect. He brought me a rose and said it was a token of his love for me.” I sighed, “It was so great. Anyway, he started fixing food together and something happened. I was getting ready still because he had come early. I still had about half an hour of stuff for me to do. Because he had come right after I finished taking my shower. Anyway while I was getting ready I heard the smoke alarm going off. I ran out as quickly as I could. Fire was coming off the stove and I looked around for Billy and he was sitting on the couch without a care in the world. I looked at him and screamed aren’t you gonna do something. He looked up at me and grabbed some water and threw it over the fire. It went out quickly. I looked at him confused and asked why he wasn’t watching the stove…He grabbed my hand and pressed it up against the stove. I screamed…” My voice trailed off and Reed put his arm around me and pulled me closer then looked at Luke and Liz who were both very concerned. Reed sighed, “I heard her scream. By the time I got in there he had grabbed a cold wet cloth and was acting like he was helping her. She lied to me and told me that she was going to clean the counter top, but didn’t realize it was still hot.”

“I should’ve told you.” I said shaking my head.
Reed sighed, “I know, sis, but we can’t help what happened. Go ahead and tell them the rest of the things.”

I nodded, “Well, this continued a lot, but in different ways. There were days that he’d just get mad at me and I had no clue what I did. Sometimes all that happened was just a slap that was definitely considered easy on me.”
“Why didn’t you tell anyone? To stop him?” Liz asked.

“He threatened me.”
Luke shook his head, “You should’ve told us. We could’ve protected you.”

“It wasn’t only me who needed protecting!” I yelled standing up.
“Who else needed it?” Luke asked standing up. He spoke harshly, but he only asked because he was genuinely concerned about me.

I looked at him shaking my head, “Nobody.”
“What? He threatened me threatened Liz? Who did he threaten?!?”

“It’s none of your concern!”
“It is to my concern, Rikki, you’re my girlfriend! And I need to know these things about you!”

“You know what? Stop caring about me, because I’m not your girlfriend anymore!”
I ran off and Luke yelled, “Rikki! No, Rikki!”

He groaned and looked at Liz and Reed. Reed said, “Be easy with her, but you need to talk to her.”
Luke nodded and stood up, “I hope I can say the right thing.”

Luke found me in the garden trying not to cry. He smiled at the memory of last night. Even though I had always been a tomboy the garden always brought me comfort. He sat down next to me, “Can you talk to me?”

I remained quiet for about fifteen minutes then sighed, “You saved me from him once.”
He looked puzzled, “When was that?”

“I think this was during our second year…we were walking through the garden. By now it was weird if he didn’t hit me at least once a day. We were kissing…a lot like how we were earlier, but he wanted to go farther and I didn’t want to. I was pulling away and he told me we’re gonna do this so stop resisting.” My voice cracked and Luke pulled me in closer as I gulped and continued, “I fell and you happened to be coming by at that time. I lied to you and told you that I tripped.”
“I remember that you were crying and told me it hurt.”

“Yeah, it didn’t I was just so terrified.”
Luke held onto me and I stayed stiff in his arms he looked down at me and tilted my chin up and said in a questioning tone, “Stay with me.”

I looked up at him and whispered, “I’m scared to.”
“Why?” Luke was completely confused.

“Luke…we’ve gone into this relationship way too fast and I just…I think it’d be better if we stayed friends.”
Luke looked confused and upset, “Rikki, listen to me. We already fell in love we already got intense…can’t you just stick with it? Relationships are never easy, ever, but I think we’re worth it.”

I looked down and pushed away from him, “I don’t think we are, sorry.”
With that I went back to the house and Luke looked down how was he supposed to win me back?

Luke had told Liz and Reed what happened and Liz ran to come check on me. She knocked on my door and opened it slowly, “Rikki? Are you in here?”

“Yeah, but if Luke’s with you, he’s not allowed in.”
“He isn’t.”

“If you want to talk about him or me or us you aren’t allowed in.”
“Come on, you know I wanna talk about you two, please just for half an hour?”

“Come on in, but I’m not getting back with him I’m telling you that now.”
“Why not? You and Luke are perfect for each other!”

“You make me so irritated Rikki!”

“Eh, I have that effect on people.”
Liz rolled her eyes, “Wanna tell me your side of the story?”

“There’s not much to tell, Liz, I mean…it’s complicated.”
“Love always is.”

“Shut up, I don’t love him.”
“And now you’re lying. Come on, Rikki I mean…you wouldn’t pull away so much if you didn’t love him.”

“I pull away because I hate him.”
“Why do you hate him?”

“You saw us out there on the grass. We were going so fast….”
“Ok he didn’t tell me anything before that. What was going on? How did his shirt get off? Did you undress him?” Liz asked giggling.

“Shut it…he acted like I cut his chest and I was so freaked out that I like struggled to get him to take his shirt off because I was so worried that he might die and that he needed stitches and what it I couldn’t get him there in time anyway…once I learned it was fake I got mad and he laughed and tickled me and I held his hands down telling him how scared he made me and he just laughed and continued tickling me until I made him stop.”
“Wow, so you did undress him…hmmm…interesting.” Liz giggled with a mischievous smile.

“Shut it! I didn’t know he was acting I thought he was seriously injured! You don’t think he wanted to…you know!”
“No! Of course not! He wouldn’t do that to you…but he did want to get closer to you and make you laugh by tickling you. I think he knew you’d have to take his shirt off.”

“The more I think about all of this the more happy I am that I broke it off. I hate that we even got that far. Ugh, I hate it I hate him!”
Shocked that I was talking like this Liz gawked, “You hate Luke for loving you?!?”

“Yes! Well…no I hate that it was like that I just I was so tired of being with him! It was way too emotionally consuming!”
“You hated him for loving you like crazy?!? Did you see yourself when you were on top of him? There’s no hiding you love him! No matter how much you protest you know you love him! How can you be tired of it?!”

“You know what? I just realized we only have a physical attraction! Ugh, I’m going to bed!”
“Rikki! But you fell in love with him the night of the ball!!”

Luke and Reed were across the room and Luke blocked my door. I looked up at him and groaned. He chuckled, “Isn’t it a bit early to go to bed.”
“Shut up.”

Luke laughed, “Come on let’s go for a picnic.”
I groaned, “No I don’t wanna!”

“Too bad. Are you gonna come or do I have to carry you?”
I started to walk in front of him and he laughed. We walked out to the garden and he had a picnic basket with him and I crossed my arms and looked at him, “What do you want?”

“Come on, let’s have a picnic.”
I grumbled, “Fine.”

We sat down and started eating. He asked, “What did you do besides obsessive over me?”
“I wasn’t obsessing.”

“Whatever, what did you do?”
“I had my practice and had to do it an hour longer cause I was late and had to clean everything afterwards.”

“That sounds like it was fun.” He teased.
“Shut up before I make you shut up.”

“And how do you plan to make me shut up?”
“I don’t know, but I could find a way.”

“Like what?” He continued teasing.
“Luke, we aren’t together I’m not gonna kiss you.”

“Rikki, please don’t break up with me…I love you like crazy, can’t you see that?”
“Luke, I just…I don’t think we could even take a step back and it’s all going so fast and I just…I’m scared. It’s just I know it’s gonna be difficult to take a step back and the other option is breaking up which I think is best, or even…never mind it’s stupid.”

“Getting married isn’t stupid. What do you want to do?”
“I don’t know, and I think it’s kinda stupid to get married after dating a day.”

Luke looked off into the sky and smiled, “You know, the typical fairytale is where the girl is somewhere, the prince finds her, and takes her away to his castle and they live happily ever after in one day.”
“This isn’t a fairytale it’s real life. Real life doesn’t do that.”

“This place is more magical than we know where my mom lived is the real world! What do you want?”
“Luke, this is our life it doesn’t matter whether we’re here or there. I…I don’t know what I want! I think we never should’ve started doing this and that’s why I broke up with you! What do you wanna do?”

He shook his head and looked so pitiful that I felt horrible. He sighed and said weakly, “I want to not lose you. Look Rikki, I don’t have to marry you now, ok? I think we should take a step back…I…I’ll do anything not to lose you.”
“It’s gonna be hard to take a step back I don’t even think I could.”

“Do you want to break up? Cause I definitely don’t. I don’t care what we do as long as we’re together.”
“I really don’t know what to do, ugh! Our relationship was so much easier when I acted like I hated you.”

“Ha, easier for you! I hated that you hated me! How about we just try to control ourselves and keep it normal?”
I laughed, “I guess, but I still really like it when we do this.”

I leaned in and he smiled before he kissed me, “Me too.”
He ran his hands through my hair and kissed me. When he pulled away he said, “Love is worth fighting for.”

“Your right, it is.”
“So, are we gonna go slow?”

“Yeah, but Luke do you think it’ll work? I mean we were trying to control ourselves and I still ended up on top of you with your shirt off. My dress turned into a miniskirt, the top was way lower than it should’ve been, and your pants were about to fall off.”
He laughed, “That was a mess wasn’t it, but I’m gonna try. I think if we put our heads together we can do it.”

They packed up and I looked at him, “Alright, well I’ll see you in the morning.” I kissed his cheek, “Goodnight.”
He grabbed my elbow and pulled me back in and kissed me, “Goodnight, baby.”

I wrapped my arms around him as we kissed again. I pushed away but stayed an inch away and in a tone where it was obvious I didn’t want to I said, “Maybe we should stop.”
His tone was the same, “I think so too.”

I smiled and kissed him again he pulled away a little bit, “I thought you said we need to stop.”
I pulled away and took a step back, “I think we do, sorry.”

He whispered, “It’s ok, it’s fine.” He moved away, “Goodnight Rikki.”
“Night Luke.”

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on Apr. 6 2012 at 4:31 pm
nemish23 BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything;
They just make the most of everything they have."

"Today is life. The only life we're sure of. Make the most of today." -CSI:NY

it's great! please keep writing!!!

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A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.
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Great book