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The Nazi Final Solution

December 1, 2017
By Petedawg BRONZE, Howard Lake, Minnesota
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Petedawg BRONZE, Howard Lake, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
I would rather die on my feet than live kneeling.

Author's note:

I never thought I would write a Horror story but I ended up having to in Creative writing and I enjoyed it, this is only a sample piece and I was hoping I could get some reveiws on how it is going and if I could find a better title if needed so. Also this is first of a few novels/books I hope to publish in the near future

February 1945
The Russian Eastern front
Polish-German border
4th Shock Army
A whistle blows somewhere nearby me, out of the trenches and foxholes thousands of Soviet soldiers charge towards the fascist lines over our dead Comrades who fell from earlier attacks. Several katyushas rain hell upon the Nazis with rockets as they hide in their already dug graves. As we get closer to their trenches the rockets stop, a few moments later my comrades in front of me start falling from machine gun fire as Hitler's buzzsaws started up.
Someone fell next to me carrying the Soviet flag and as it fell I quickly picked it up and held it high in the air so my comrades behind me could see it. Screams of ¨OORAH¨ started behind me, in front of me, all around me, soldiers of the Motherland ran faster to the Fascist, some just making it to the top of it before being shot. When I reached the trench I tripped over a body and fell in. I looked up and there was at least a dozen Germans in front of me, none of them noticed me when I fell in but they did when I stood up, several turned to shoot me and kill me but I didn't let them. I fired my PPSH, a submachine gun which could fire almost 1,000 per minute if you could load it fast enough to shoot again, I fired until I heard a clicking sound which indicated that the drum was emptied but it didn't matter it had done its job. In front of me were dead Germans, slaughtered like the pigs that they were, all around me soldiers ran past the trench and kept pushing forward taking few prisoners, those that were wounded were shot again by passing Russians. I walked up to the group of men I killed to loot their bodies and as I did I realized something I missed before, these were boys my age, boys that should've just been graduating school or starting their last year, I looked away and started to regurgitate my breakfast and was almost done when a hand grabbed my shoulder I whipped around almost losing my balance and pointed my gun at the man behind me.
“Woah Woah comrade! You don't want to shoot your commanding officer would you?” Captain Zhukev asked mockingly while admiring the carnage behind me ¨ You did well Nikolai but I believe you missed one.¨ He pointed to a German crawling away behind me.
¨Im- im on it Comrade Captain¨ I told him still in shock of what happened a few minutes ago, I stood up and walked over to the crawling figure and stood over him for a few seconds. His breathing was as heavy as mine and I could see blood leaking through his clothes from where my bullets tore through his body. I must've been staring for a little too long as I heard Captain Zhukev scream at me to get it done. I looked at him his face showed that he was getting angry. I looked back to the German again and was taken aback to see him staring back at me, he was younger than me for sure, I am 18 now so he has to be 15, with a little scruffy beard which most would call peach fuzz his breathing grew faster and harder when I unholstered my pistol and pointed it at his forehead that's when he started to scream.
¨Ich gebe auf, bitte tötet mich nicht¨ He must have been pleading for mercy repeating himself over and over again tears streaking from his face, I closed my eyes tightly and slowly squeezing the trigger while the screams grew louder and louder until I heard a quick “Pop” and my hand jolted from the slight recoil. Slowly opening my eyes I saw where I had shot him, right in the right eye the bullet could be seen inside his head until blood started to pour out of it. I felt something streaming down my face too and lifted my hand to feel around it. It felt slick and slimy then and my hand was red, I realized that I was crying but also blood had splattered on my face. I searched my pockets for a napkin when I heard cheering behind me. A crowd at least 20 had formed behind me, most of them I knew but there was a handful that carried cameras and flags ¨That's a propaganda squad¨ I thought to myself, everyone was clapping and cheering for me and I could hear the whines as cameras took pictures of me.
¨Well done Private Nikolai  you have done well today¨ Zhukev said while other nodded and shouted in agreement ¨Now comrades listen up this is Sergeant Taras with the 5th propaganda company, his squad has been assigned to us for our next mission and this one has utmost priority even is signed by Commander Yeryomenko himself.¨ he stopped talking to let the talking die down before starting up again ¨It says Captain Ivan Zhukev of the 4th Shock army, I have received from reports that your unit is the most experienced and ruthless unit in the whole army and I am proud of you and your men.¨ Again he stopped to let the men around him cheer ¨ Your next mission lies 10 miles into the Third Reich near the town of Rothenburg you should be approximately 1 mile from the border by now, it is a Nazi laboratory, our intelligence shows the Americans also know of this laboratory and since we cannot get a professional unit there fast enough you are out next best option along the way you will be escorting Sergeant Taras and his men as they take pictures of our first entrance into Germany, a tank unit has been despatched to Rothenburg but is expected not to be there for 4 days, you should take no longer than 2 to make it there and secure it good luck and for the Motherland, Commander Yeryomenko.¨ Zhukev looked up to everyone off in their thoughts thinking what had just been read to us, for me I was afraid of going into the Heart of the Reich before the rest of the army going into Nazi-held lands was scary enough with the rest of the army but a unit of 30 some men were a nightmare.
¨Comrade Captain? Taras broke the silence amongst us
¨Yes Comrade Taras?
¨We received this morning and it's about 2 o'clock right now, I suggest we get going now since we have to find a way to get through the Nazi lines.
¨Agreed, everyone grab ammunition, food, and water as we walk nothing else matters at this moment except getting to that lab, understand?¨ a lot of people nodded yes while others gave thumbs up ¨Ok let's start walking¨. We all lined up and walked in a staggered column towards the border, we walked for hours into the night before we stopped to make camp. We stopped around the time of 2 am, our Navigator Vlas said we must have crossed the border around 11 last night so we have at least 3 miles from Rothenburg. Zhukev heard this and stood on top of a nearby rock so everyone could stand around him and hear him, most of us just sat down and rubbed our aching feet.
¨Congratulation Comrades we are the first of what will be millions of Russians to breach the Heart of the Third Reich, Vlas has told me we have about 4 miles to go.  The time is 2 in the morning, Taras and I have discussed this and we'll all sleep until 10 and we will also take first watch, keep your weapons near you and absolutely no fires¨ We all cheered and started to walk to our sleeping bags,  I thought about taking off my boots to let my feet air out until a gust of wind reminded me that it was still February instead I curled up and shut my eyes, distant explosions couldn't keep me awake.

The author's comments:

Please for both chapters give me Ideas for a name or I will keep them this way, and please be honest how you think I did and what I should do if you think I should make it better

-Thank you all

¨Ahhh¨ Someone screamed which jostled me awake my PPSH in my hands scanning the area, everyone else was getting up while the propaganda squad was still asleep. Lyov, a bigger man in our unit who liked to carry around an MG42 German machine gun instead of Russian made guns who cried with joy every time he found ammunition for it. He came running over a little hill pulling his pants up as he ran screaming something but he was to far for me to clearly hear him, he finally got his pants on all the way and started to run faster to the Captain. Still not hearing what was going on I ran over to where they stood managing to catch a few words from Lyov mouth but none of them made sense. I always thought Lyov was never afraid of anything but he was as white as a ghost and shaking out of control, Zhukev sat him down and our medic Sergej gave him a dose of Pervitin a drug that causes the brain to calm down, almost instantly he calmed down and drifted to off to dreamland.
¨Nikolai, Karp, Ivan, Pavel, Roman, and Sedov! On me everyone else fan out 50 feet, I want a circle around camp let's move!¨ Zhukev yelled and everyone started to move in every direction. The a few men from the Propaganda squad were up and moving now but 4 remained asleep including Sergeant Taras, I tap Zhukev shoulder and nodded to the sleeping bags. ¨Rada!¨ someone turned and looked towards us with a confused look he was about my age maybe a little older
¨Yes Comrade Captain?¨ Rada asked
¨Get those men up and going before I put a bullet in their heads!¨
¨Understood Comrade Captain¨
Zhukev nodded then grabbed the rest of us who surrounded him and split us up into groups putting Pavel and Roman with me went with the other 3 telling us to move slowly into the woods, warning that Germans might be nearby. Pavel grabbed Roman and I was in front  while Roman was telling me to take point since I was the new guy. Holding up my gun we walked where Lyov came out, we made it about 100 feet into the wood which felt like it took forever for how slow we were walking. I kept wondering what could've scare Lyov so much until I literally fell into it. The ground next to me gave away taking me with it and I fell into the soft landing,  I wondered why until I looked to my left and saw a dead face staring into mine, I had fallen a mass grave full of women and children. I screamed and scrambled back up hole with Pavel help it was no problem, looking back in there were at least 20 bodies on top.
¨Jews?¨ Roman asked crouching next to a body that was not in the hole.
¨Looks like it to me but look over there,¨ Pavel pointed towards a fallen oak tree where 3 German soldiers wearing all black were sprawled on the ground. One of their heads was bashed in, another had a big gash on his chest
¨The Nazi elite,¨ Roman gasped his eyes grew wide in amazement
¨Not so elite now huh,¨ Pavel gestured towards the bodies
I bent down over the last body to examine it which was lying face down, it was moving up and down still breathing. ¨Hey guys this one still breathing,¨ I called out to Roman and Pavel who were inspecting the other 2 bodies. Pavel told me to stand back and keep my gun trained on him then flipped over the body, what happened next was a blur. The figures arm shot up which made Roman and I jump back leaving Pavel standing there, at first we thought it was grabbed him, but he never reacted to it he just stood there un-wavered.
¨Pa- Pavel?¨ Roman called out for him and received no response, we both looked at each other then Roman started to shuffle towards Pavel. He put his hand on Pavels left shoulder and pulled slightly making the stagnate man crumble to the ground leaving the  Nazi elite standing in his place instead. Roman and I both looked where the man's arm should've been, what replaced it looked like a claw on a crab connected at the elbow, its eyes were pure black, the face shredded, and bullet wound that still seeped blood could be seen all of them should of been fatal shots. Roman lifted his rifle to shoot it but before he could it swung at him knocking the rifle out of his hands then swung low slicing into his lower thigh causing him to fall to the ground. It moved standing over him to get ready for the kill lifting hits claw high when I unleashed a volley into it making fall over,  I ran over to it and put a extra few bullets into it before I went to pick up Roman.
¨What was that thing?¨ Roman asked me through his teeth when I helped him up and slung his arm over me, his wound where the sword had hit him cut deep.
¨I don't know but we need to get going there might be more around and I only brought one drum of ammo and I think it's almost empty.¨ I told him as we walked the way we had come. We made it past the mass grave when I decided to look behind me to see the thing trying to get up again.
¨Oh god, it's getting back up¨ I said in horror and picked up the pace almost carrying Roman now.
¨I really hope the others heard us shooting¨ Roman said keeping pace now even though he was turning white from the pain. We almost made it back to the camp when I heard a gut-wrenching scream behind me, now the creature was up and sprinting as fast as it could towards us closing the distance between us and it quickly.
¨Nikolai! Drop!¨ Someone screamed in front of me and I did as I was told, I landed with my face skidding along the dirt Roman landed next to me let out a howl of pain as he landed. A few moments after we landed gunshots started up, I looked to see the creature being torn apart from all the bullets that were hitting it. It fell to its knees and looked right at me letting out a high pitched scream before succumbing to all the firepower being thrown at it. The gunshots lasted for a few more seconds before stopping and everyone started to come out of cover still aiming their weapons at the body, Sergej ran over to look at Romans wounds when several high pitched screams could be heard off in the distance.
¨Comrades I think it would be best if we go now¨ Captain Zhukev exclaimed.

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