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The Witches Cat

May 4, 2021
By redheart15, Louisville, Ohio
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redheart15, Louisville, Ohio
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Author's note:

This was for my writing class.

The sun rose over the top of the mountains and filled the sky with a soft pink and orange. The wind gently blew against the homes and trees as the morning dew dried from the plants. Like any other day, the townsfolk slowly rose with the sun to go about their lives, selling goods and making ends meet. Cordelia Charm woke up in her candle-lit little home, dressed in a long black velvet dress,  and she snapped her fingers having her black hair turn into a nice braid. She was getting ready to practice her spells and make potions when people from outside started yelling her name. This was a normal day, the men in the village would come to her small cottage to try to court her. 

This had started back a few years ago when she moved into the village and it seemed that everyone had fallen for her. She was flattered at first with the flowers and items for her spells, but soon she became fed up with the men. She was so irritated with them that she got rid of her door and left only the windows in her home. It didn’t stop them though and they called out for her attention, offering her money, jewels, even titles of nobles. She wanted nothing to do with them, but this noise and courting were becoming unbearable so she decided to do something about it. 

With a flick of the wrist, she put the door back in its place and stepped outside watching all of them drool at the sight of her beauty. She pulled out something from her pocket and held up a silver key with the bow in the shape of a heart. She smiled sweetly with a mischievous glint in her green eyes as she looked out at the crowd of men.

“If one of you can get the key from my cat and unlock the door, I shall allow you to marry me.”

So the hunt for the pretty witch’s cat began and it was a thrilling one. The next day, the witch's black cat jumped from the window and went out to the market part of town. It sat near a pile of the red fruits and licked at its paws, paying no mind to anything. Three men noticed and chased after the cat, but it was quick and leaped out of the way causing the men to be stained with red juices and berry seeds. It was chased all morning, afternoon, and into the night, but nobody was able to catch the black cat. Everyone could see the little house key around its neck as it pranced around knowing nobody could catch it. When someone tried to trap the poor creature they were left with one eye and a scar on their throat.

It took three days before almost all the men had given up, but now someone new was up to the challenge. A tan, dusty-haired, and blue-eyed farm boy named Duke had stepped up to the challenge to try and simply befriend the cat. He had worked with animals all his life so he knew better than to chase after the cat for it would only frighten the poor creature. He waited till the afternoon when the witches cat would leave the house once again and left some cream out for it. 

Later, he went back and saw the bowl was empty so he placed another, but further away. This continued for a week until the cat was willing to just show up at Duke’s house for cream. When it stepped inside his home he stayed far away from the cat and left it be, but today he wanted to try something different.

“So, when did Miss Charm pick you up, little one?” He asked as he prepared some fresh bread.

The cat turned towards him and tilted its head, but stayed silent as it watched the young man. 

“Not much of a talker? That’s okay, take your time,” he smiled as he put some meat and bread on the table and started to eat.

The cat stayed still before getting up and walking closer to the table. It stayed silent as it climbed up on the chair across from Duke’s seat. The cat ventured closer sniffing the plate and stealing a bit of the meat as he took a bite of his bread. Duke smiled and carefully reached out to pet the cat’s head, but it looked up and hissed swiping at his hand. Duke pulled his hand away, wincing at the claws meeting his flesh. He held his hand to his chest and looked up to see the cat took off before anything else could happen. The cat stayed away the next morning and Duke couldn’t find the furry little creature. 

He stopped by Cordelia’s home to see if the cat was still asleep or if a window had shut, but the house was empty. He looked inside seeing the house was completely dark with no movement of any kind. With a heavy sigh, he walked away back towards his own home. He thought back to his first meeting with Cordelia and how cold she was to him. He had bumped into her by mistake knocking some potions out of her hand that exploded in her face. Her face turned red and she yelled at him. She had refused to speak to him for the rest of the day, but later he apologized by bringing her some fresh bread and fruit. They only spoke a few more times before Cordelia locked herself away from the outside world. Once he was back at his home he stepped inside and saw the cat asleep on his bed curled up with a dead bird.

“Is that your form of an apology, little one?” He asked with a small smile seeing the cat was safe in his warm bed.

The cat lifted its head and let out a soft meow then hopped over to the young man. It licked his hand before purring against his chest. Duke carefully stroked the cat's silky black coat as it nuzzled into his hand. The cat purred with delight then hopped up on his shoulder draping itself around him taking another nap. For the rest of the day, Duke and the cat stayed home reading in the living room and making more bread and meals. The cat would occasionally whine for more chicken or meat to which Duke gave but in small amounts. 

For the next month the two lived together going out to the market and nobody chased the cat anymore. A child would come by to pet the pretty kitty and it would let them for a while not hissing or growling. Duke would glare slightly and watch at how easily the children could win over the cat, but it paid no mind to and he swore the cat would laugh at him every time. One day Duke decided to visit Cordelia and check up on her to see if she was home. Strangely, her house was still cold and empty with no candles lit. Duke was surprised since he hadn’t heard any news of the witch leaving her cottage by the guards. The cat meowed for his attention and Duke leaned down seeing the cat show its neck. Around it was a little string and the key to the witch’s home but Duke didn’t reach for it very quickly.

“You really think I could make her happy? I don’t want her to be disappointed that it's me,” he was talking to himself more than the cat, but it responded with a meow anyway, “Hm well if nothing else, at least she’ll be happy you’re home.”

He reached for the key and carefully took it off the cat who dashed inside once the door was open. He walked in slowly looking at the potions and spell books scattered around the room. A few papers and scattered dresses lay on the floor, yet it was somehow cozy and felt lived in. He looked back to the cat seeing it had settled in a dark corner of the room.

“She’s not home little one, come on let’s go.” He sighed ready to turn and leave but something stopped him. 

A flash of purple light went off from behind him and the cat shifted from a cuddly feline into the beautiful witch Cordelia. She stood behind him in a long silk purple dress with a slit down her leg. With a grin as she crossed her arms as her eyes shimmered with the now lit candles. Duke stood near the door with a dropped jaw to the floor as he stared at the witch before him. Cordelia walked towards him with a smirk as she took the key from his hand and held it up to his face.

“Congratulations, Duke.” She held the key in her own hands as another flash of purple came from it and transformed the key into a ring, “You’ve won the witch’s heart and you're now able to court me.” She purred and placed the ring into his hand. 

Duke stayed silent with a cherry-colored face as he stared at her, “B-But I...How...Your-”

“I became the cat to originally get everyone to leave me alone,” She smirked as she grabbed her brush and fixed her hair, “Then you came along and happened to peak my interest,” she started as she tied her hair into a bun, “Then I realized you aren’t so bad to be around and you’re a pretty good cook.”

Duke stood there with eyes widened so big you’d think they’d fall out. He watched her go about her day as if nothing had been different. Was this really happening or was he just dreaming? How could he say no to being with a beautiful witch? Then it hit him and Duke realized if he said yes right away it would be a mistake. He set the ring down on her nightstand and crossed his arms as he stared at her from the other side of the room. She looked back at him tilting her head with furrowed brows as her eyes glittered with curiosity. 

       “Why me?” He questioned with his eyes narrowing. 

“What do you mean why you? You completed the task of course.” She responded as she turned to face him.

“So you’re okay with marrying a man you know nothing about?” He asked with a frown, “You’ve gotten to know me like a cat, but not as a person,” he went on as he rubbed the back of his neck, “I...I also don’t know a lot about you.”

Cordelia blushed at his words and looked to the ground biting her lip. She didn’t want to admit it, but Duke was right and it upset her to now see her mistake. It had only been a month and they really didn’t know a lot about each other. She looked at the ring and sighed before turning it back into a key and tossing it to Duke.

“W-would you like to join me for dinner tomorrow night?” She stuttered with her eyes lowered to the ground, “So we can get to know each other better?”

Duke stood silent for a moment before smiling brightly as he nodded.

“I’d love to.”

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