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The Psychiatric Hospital

January 24, 2022
By Anonymous

Author's note:

The reason for writing this short story was to show that everyone deserves love even if others think you don't. I get my inspiration for my stories mostly from my imagination. 

I was convicted of a crime that I did not have any control over. You see, the people in this facility call me deranged, I’m capable of seeing things that others can’t such as Shadows. 

Shadows: Monsters that I see when I’m conscious,  black and white smokey figures that hover around me, no one else can see them, some Shadows are good, others are corrupted, they feed off of my emotions. 

Every single day I have to visit the psychic doctor and then the therapist and each damn time I get the same answer, “It’s just the medicine”, “Lack of sleep”, “Your body is adjusting to the new environment you’re in” but they never listen. To them, I am just a criminal who doesn’t deserve any sympathy or help from them whatsoever.  I mean I did blow up a building, but that was only because of the Shadows, they manipulate me into doing things I don’t want to do and if I don’t, I get major pain from my head, it’s almost like the ringing sound when a fire alarm goes off but even more powerful. 

I’m a killer, I will admit, I enjoy being a killer it gives me purpose. The doctors are afraid of me, cell guards are too. But the therapist isn’t which is surprising because I’m probably the craziest psychotic criminal in this whole building also I have horns on my head 24/7, I even scare myself at times. She doesn’t judge, she mostly asks me questions about myself or why I choose to hurt certain people, and I tell her, “Because they were annoying and they had to shut up.” She never asks about my horns, which makes me depressed because usually everyone likes to talk about my horns especially my victims. 

The author's comments:

Shadows: ()

I hear footsteps echoing down the hall, I find the strength to get out of the bed and look through the window, glancing to the left I see Dr.Glass, he isn’t my favourite person to see during the day. Why? Well because every single day he pokes and prods at me demanding more tests to see how my brain functions. Rotating the door nob to my cell he walks in with his white coat and mad scientist-like glasses. “Lilly, how are you today?” I stare at him with annoyance, “Quit the bullsh*t doctor, we both know what you’re here for!” He lets out a sigh, “It’s only a few tests today not much…” “Pfft, that’s what you always say, can you just leave me alone today.” All I want to do is be in peace, alone, without any disruptions. He shakes his head in disagreement, “I can’t do that, now sit down please.” I walk toward the bed and oblige to his directions, I don’t want to be here.

Dr.Glass sets his bag on the edge of the bed, pulling out a not-so-small needle, “You know the drill.” I place my arm out to him, grabbing a thick rubber band, he wraps it around my arm so he can quickly find a vein, which he does, I hate the next part that he is about to do, “Ready?” He asks. “No,” I reply, my answer never matters to him though, he would put the needle in whether I said yes or no. 

An hour later he finally finishes with his assessments. 

“Ugh, I hate that asshole so f*cking much!”  Looking up at the ceiling three black Shadows emerge,(If you want we could kill him) “No, we can’t!” (Ahh you’re no fun.) I close my eyes, “Sorry that I can’t satisfy you…” 

“Oh, Dr. Glass looking good today!” I yell from my cell, he flips me the middle finger, “Piss off Donny!!” he yells back. I walk toward my 30 lbs weights choosing to do a bit of lifting, “Hey Donny, how is it that you don’t have a girlfriend yet?” one of my cellmates asks me across the hallway. I laugh, “Don’t know pal, maybe I’m just too much for any girl.” Three of the other cellmates laugh at my comment to the question. 

Two cell guards rush down to one of the cells that is labelled “Approach with Caution” pulling out the shock guns they enter the cell, “You don’t have to make this difficult!” one of the guards says with anger in his voice. Most of my cellmates look down the hall curious about what all the commotion is. “Lock the doors!!!” Okay, now I’m curious about who could be making this much trouble for the guards. Walking toward the window, surprise hits me with what I see next… 

Her eyes remind me of the colour of honey, the way her blonde hair lays across her shoulders, how does a beautiful girl land herself in a dungeon like this, she must have done something pretty terrible to end up in this sh*t of a place. Both of our eyes are locked on each other, waiting for one of us to break the connection, one of the guards shocks her with the gun and the two of them carry her to the doors leading out to where the doctor’s testing area is. “Damn she was hot.”

I don’t think I have ever seen such a hot guy in my entire life, his black hair was perfect, his blue eyes, his white horns, and don’t get me started on his body he looks like a damn greek god. But how can a girl like me be with a guy like him, he has followers who respect him and I have no one because everyone is afraid of me, all I want is a person who understands me and for once doesn’t fear me. 

Two minutes pass and I feel a shock in my back, and suddenly I can’t hold myself up. My visions blurred and all I can see are the doors leading to Dr.Glass’s section of the building. SH*T!

Laying in my bed I keep on thinking about her, who she is, how she can be that beautiful, what’s her damage? Maybe I’ll never know, but hey I can at least try. 

An Hour passes, 

Two hours pass, 

Then three. 

“Okay that’s it I can’t take this!” I get up and lean against the right side of the wall. “Hey, Luke you up?” Luke’s one of the cellmates here who I have been extremely close to since the day I arrived here, he knows everything about what goes on in this sh*t hole. “Yeah, I’m up bud, what do you need?” “Who was that girl earlier? The one who was putting up a fight for those guards?” He goes silent for a couple of seconds, “Her name’s Lilly, I wouldn’t bother though, she’s more damaged than any of us combined.” Now I’m definitely invested in her. “We shall see.” 

(Wake up Lilly!) My eyes slowly start to open, I try my best to move but I’m clasped to the bed that is securing me. Sweat drips down my neck, feeling the rhythm of my heart picking up momentum as I start to feel claustrophobic. (Breathe) “What do you think I’m trying to do!” My eyes scan over the room while I continue to panic. Oxygen masks, needles of all sizes, everything in this room that can break the skin is presented all around me. The door swings open to where the doctor is making his way toward me, “ I looked through your files from the past couple of days, still seeing those things you call Shadows?” he lifts his head up, I stare at him with annoyance, “It’s not like you care, I tell you guys I’m not crazy but you just ignore me, so tell me, doctor, why are you so interested in me now?” he stares intensely “Because the feds want me to look into your case and if I find out what’s wrong with you they’ll pay me 1 million dollars.” He starts to set up his testing and tools, to him I’m just this experiment and the more he experiments on me the more he gets paid, but why should I care I mean nothing to anyone and I have nothing to lose. 

F*CK!! I need to get out of here!” I can’t describe the feeling I have but it’s telling me to go find Lilly, it is both a good and bad feeling all at the same time. 

“Yo I feel so bad for Patient 25, I mean I get she’s a criminal and all but still, YIKES! The doctor is gonna screw her up!” Laughter echoes the hallway, “Hey boys, I dropped something could you get it for me?” I do my innocent act, and of course, they fall for it. One of the guards reaches down for the object I dropped outside of my cell, as he begins rising up I reach for his throat and pull him toward the cell bars, “Give me the keys NOW. You’re gonna tell your buddy over there that you have to go somewhere okay.” He nods and reaches into his pocket extending the keys to me. Releasing him I say, “Thank you, sir.” both of the guards exit the hallway leaving me with the keys. “Finally!”

Walking through the halls of this dungeon gives me a sense of power, that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. I’m just missing one thing… Lilly. 

I can’t take this anymore, why does it have to be so painful, all these tests just to find out that nothing has changed with me. “Okay one more test Lilly…” I lift my eyes to where he’s currently standing, “No!” My teeth grinding, I clench my fists in anger, “We have to do this.” I yell at him, “I said NO!” He walks toward the bed where I’m strapped into except it’s one of those fancy types of beds where they can be positioned in any way, horizontal, vertical even, any position. “ Whatever I say you have to do!” He grabs a 5-inch needle and makes his way over to me, “ Hey jackass, watch out!” I open my eyes to see that the doctor is down on the floor and the hot mysterious guy I saw earlier is surprisingly in the same room with me, Holy sh*t!

“What just happened?!” I head over to Lilly and unstrap her from this torture method, “Well Lilly I just saved your life, also the name’s Donny nice to meet you.” I smile at her, to be honest, I haven’t really smiled at anyone in a long time so it’s kind of hard to tell if my smile is good or bad, guess it was good though since she smiles back. “So you wanna get out of here or what?” she looks at me with a smile, “Don’t have to ask me twice.” 

Donny reaches for my hand and leads me through the hallway, his hands are rough but they make me feel safe, especially the way he is leading me through the darkness of the hallway. All I want is for him to hold me in his arms and tell me it’s okay. “ I know where the exit is, so don’t worry about us getting lost.” He squeezes my hand reassuring me that everything will be fine. I’ve never felt like this before, that someone may actually genuinely care about me. 

Were on the fifth floor and according to Donny, the exit is on floor six, not that far away. “So how did you get your horns, if that’s okay to ask?” He gives me a slight smile, his smile was so bright I thought it was reflecting off the walls, “ I was born with them, I never really had a problem with them, they’re just there.” Black shadows emerge over Donny’s head, (We should keep him, he’s quite the charmer, oh and he’s HOT!) Oh, I wish I could punch them in the face, but it’s kind of hard when they aren’t human. 

Donny looks around with excitement, “ You have Shadows, Not Fair! I’ve always wanted Shadows!” (See at least some people appreciate us) Wait what! “Hold up a sec! You’re saying you can see those black things?” I point my finger above his head, he nods in agreement, “Yes.” I’m not crazy, all these years I wanted someone who could actually believe me and now someone does. 

“Come on we’re almost at the entrance!” I grip hold of Lilly’s hand rushing through the hallway, “Surprised they’re not a lot of guards down here.” Lilly looks up at me, I don’t respond to her question, not because I’m ignoring her but more because I am trying to get the two of us out of this Hell. I freeze. The doors, no locks, no security, just normal doors. We both open the doors leading out to the colourful world that we now call freedom. “Lilly we’re free…” As I look over, Lilly starts to cry, my smile turns into a frown, I fear that I did something wrong, I get close to her and wrap my arms around her warm body, “Hey it’s okay, we’re safe now, I promise.” she tightens her hold on me, “ Thank you.” I place my chin on her head. 

My hands trace along her face, feeling every detail, tracing along her lips. “Are you going to kiss me or not idiot?” I smirk at her bold comment, lifting her chin up without warning our lips are sealed together, I can not find the power in me to pull myself away, the way she kisses, I can’t explain it, it’s almost somewhat magical. I finally find a way to pull away, “ Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” she smiles, “Getting all Shakesphere on me now huh?” I smile back, “Yes, only for you my love.” 

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