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January 10, 2011
By xo19brandee93xo SILVER, Griswold, Connecticut
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Intro (3rd person) 1507

Thunder cracking, lighting flashing, the howls of the gusty winds arose the rain to pelt down to the soggy marsh below. The thunder roars once again and then a flash of lighting. In the midst of the storm 2 different worlds collided on the one world we all live in today. The war between Vampire, Werewolf, and Human. A flash of lighting came out once and again and so didn’t the thunder.
There stood a vampire in the midst of the lighting. A werewolf stood far from him and roared to cause the thunder to erupt. Both of which had in their possession, and baby wrapped up in a buffalo skin to keep them warm on this cold and soggy night.

Chapter 1 Birthday (present day) Im so old! Today is my birthday. March 28th I am turning 503 today. I am a werewolf so I live forever I guess. I don’t have any one left in my family. They all died. No sisters or brothers. Im not so sure about he uncles and cousins. I am a hybrid apparently. I am part vampire and part werewolf. My heart is a vampire heart and my body is exactly like a werewolf, so I have best of both worlds. It would be really quick if I turn to a vampire because im almost there. I have lived in the same house since I found out everything. My mom created a company that is a secrete agency that controls the balance between the two worlds. Wolf and vampire, I ended up taking over the company so I call the shots now. My dad was the head of the vampires. He called all the shots and made the laws of the living dead. As in like the vampire laws. It’s as if my life couldn’t be more complicated? “Oh Bre Bre, come hither.” A man called from downstairs. I was upstairs in the bedroom. I ran down the stairs. It was Steven. My best friend since forever ago. Im like 300 years older then him though. Well any ways. Steven decided to come surprise me on my birthday. He just got back home from the marines. I ran into his arms. “Steven! I missed you so much!” I cried into his chest “I missed you too!” he said. “Want to know something else?” “No surprises!” “Happy Birthday Brandee!” He cheered and he pulled out a bouquet of flowers, my favorite flowers, Tulips and Roses. “Steven! I love them!” “Another thing” “What?” “No more marines for me for a while!” “Yay! That’s awesome!” “Oh and I want you to meet my someone, she’s adopted. We found her roaming around and she didn’t have a home so we took her in.” “Ok.” I cheered and we went to the door and there stood a girl little taller then me. Red hair and reddish eyes. “Brandee, Christina, Christina, Brandee.” Steven pointed out. I caught a whiff of the scent of a vampire. Christina caught my scent. She stepped back a few feet. “Christina? Im not going to hurt you.” I laughed “Yeah, you and every other wolf say the same thing! Lying homos. Oh im not going to hurt you, then stab in the heart. I cant trust any one any more. Just leave me the f*** alone mongrel!” Christina barked and then she zipped off. I shook my head. “I can tell we are going to get along just fine. No one calls me a mongrel!” I started after her, then Steven stopped me. “Easy, Just leave it alone. She’ll get used to it.” Steven clamed. “Ah! Can I please kill her!” “No your not going to! Happy Birthday Brandee. BYE!” Steven stammered and he zipped off to. “Steven… don’t leave me…” I cried My birthday is already turning out horrible. I walked back into my house and I laid on the couch. I started crying my eyes out until they burned. I then just fell asleep. I woke up about 3 and a half hour later and I left my house. I got in my ford mustang Shelby cobra and I left. I just drove. I looked at the clock in my car and remembered I have to get to the race track. It’s one o’clock. I slammed on my brakes and did a complete 180 and went back home. I came to my driveway and parked my car. I checked to make sure the car was in the trailer and tied down, it was. I jumped in the truck and drove off. I moved up this season. I used to be in the ministocks. I am now driving in the late model division. By the time I got to the track it was about quarter after 2. Just after the pits opened. I got in my spot and I looked over my shoulder and I saw Steven and his family unloading there car. I just ignored them and I got out and unloaded my car. Suddenly crash. My friend jumped down from the trailer and landed in front of me. “Kellie! Don’t do that!” I yelled. Then she jumped back on top of the trailer. “No one’s paying attention!” she laughed and then she pointed behind me “How’d you get up there?” a random man asked. “Um. We have a secrete door and it has stairs and yeah. That’s how I got up here. It makes it easier to look around.” Kellie pulled out of no where. “Um. Ok? Any ways, Brandee can I get your autograph? I think you’re amazing… at driving that is.” The guy stuttered “Sure.” I laughed. He gave me a picture of me and my car together. I quickly signed it for him and he went off. “Brandee, your like the most popular driver here! Its awesome!” Kellie rubbed in. then crash another one of my friends jumped down from the same place. “Reay for this Brandee?” Melissa asked “Ugh, Melissa you too?” I sighed “What?” “Nothing.” I finished and I grabbed my fire suit and stuff and changed. “Late models your up, Late models.” The announcer yelled. That was my cue to get into my car and start it up. I love the way my car sound when it starts up. “Its doesn’t sound right.” Jeremy butted in. “Take it easy ok?” Jeremy said as he hit the side of the car. He’s a race head to. All the cars moved out and on to the track along with me. They dropped the green flag and I floored it. I only concentrated in front of me. My tired were slick and they squealed every time I went in a turn. ‘Take it easy girl’ I heard Jeremy think. ‘Almost there B.’ Steven thought. Im surprised I can still hear his thoughts. Suddenly I noticed someone stand on the track. I tried to make it seems as if my tires gave out but it didn’t work. My tires completely gave out and made me swerve right into the wall in a way to cause me to flip over a few times. Luckily I landed back on all four tires some how. My car started to smoke and eventually it caught fire. I climbed out in a hurry. My arm started hurt like mad. I had so many cuts and bruises its not even funny. The fire truck and ambulance quickly came over to me. Everyone in the stands cheered for me. Steven quickly ran to the fence to see if I was ok. ‘im fine’ I thought to Steven ‘Good’ Steven thought in relief. I walked to the ambulance and they checked me over to make sure I was ok. I assured them I was good to go. Steven was with me. After they were through with me we walked back to my trailer. “You sure you’re ok?’ Steven asked once again “Yeah. Im fine.” I assured. “A vampire showed up. They had that special power to show them selves to a certain person or a group or people. That’s what happened. She kind of looked like Christina.” I stopped for a minute and she was standing where Steven came from. ‘Yeah you did this to me’ I thought to myself. She giggled and went off. “Brandee! It was not Christina. I didn’t see her!” Steven pushed “Yeah because she only wanted me to see her. She wants to kill me Steven!” I yelled. Jeremy went off to get my other car. The other car was just a bit faster and I haven’t raced it in years. When he got back he just drove the car in. “Just the car huh?” I laughed. “Hey it beats trying to bring it in here.” Jeremy laughed “You just wanted to drive my car.” “Yeah that too.” “Well if you want to race go back and get another car for you to race.” “Really can I?” “Didn’t I just say that? All you have to do it bring this car back and get another one. Any car you want.” “Shaweet!” Jeremy cheered We went to go get the tow truck to bring the wreaked car to the other trailer. Jeremy race back to my house and got the car he wanted. Stevens’s phone rang and I knew it was Jeremy. “I’ll be back babe.” Steven said “Ok.” I agreed and he went off. Im guessing Jeremy is going to surprise me with his decision. They called for the drivers meeting and I made my way down there. I was excited to see what car Jeremy chooses. I finally found him in the side wearing his fire suit. I kind of laughed at him. I don’t know why I did. I drivers meeting was short fast and boring. Me and Jeremy walked back to my pit. I suddenly saw the car he picked. My eyes started to tear. My old ministock. It looked so foreign to me because I haven’t had it uncovered in so long and I haven’t run it in a while to. Im actually surprised it still runs. “I figured you would want to see it one more time and see it win.” Jeremy mused. I turned to Jeremy and gave him a huge hug. They called for the ministocks to line up. So I helped Jeremy in the car and wished him luck. I ran up to the fence and prepared to watch him race. Suddenly a cold white hand landed on my mouth and one around my waist preventing me from moving my arms. “Your right! I was trying to kill you.” The voice said. It was Christina, yet it was kind of different sounding. I wiggled around and I broke free. Then I slammed Christina to the ground. Enough force to knock her out, I heard a growl from Steven on side of me. Christina moved on the ground. “What happened?” Christina asked. “What do you want?” “Thought so!” I pushed. “What?” Christina asked confused. Steven came over to be nosey. “Hybrid. But yet she’s the vampire half.” I explained “What?” they both asked. “She’s part wolf and part vampire. Her dominate feature is vampire. She has a heart of a wolf which makes it easier to be controlled.” I stoped then I thought and I looked over to the Moran’s. Taylor wasn’t there. “I am also like you Christina. But im the werewolf part. Its only happens when you have twins and the parent are a wolf and vam…pi… er… wait when were you born?” “I think 1507. I’m old” “No way! Me too. I-” I cut off, I heard someone running towards us. “ Steven Duck!” I yelled then I jumped over him and transformed in mid air and landed on all fours. There stood in front of me was Taylor Marie Moran laughing. I growled at her and again she laughed. “So you figured it out? Me, a vampire? Taking control of your hybrid sister? You’re not very bright if you actually thought it was her.” Taylor laughed. Christina was ready to pounce. I moved in front of her. Then I heard a roar onside of me and there stood another wolf. “Awe look at the two love birds. Think you can take me on? Lets see what you got hybrid.” Taylor mused. Then I snapped. No one calls me a hybrid and gets away with it. I pounced on her, she pulled out a knife, I dodged her strike, I went to attack from behind then she took out a needle. ‘Don’t! She has a-’ Steven thought and he didn’t finish by the time she stabbed me with it. I fell right to the ground. Suddenly the cops came. Steven quickly transformed back human, I couldn’t because I was poisoned so I ran right to the woods so fast the cops couldn’t keep up with me. I lay behind a tree and slowly transformed back to human. I sat there holding my side because it was still bleeding. Steven finally found me. “Don’t try to be a hero!” he yelled. “I wasn’t. She called me a hybrid!” I growled “Because you are one!” he pushed. I reached for his neck and I let out a yelp of pain. “I’ll kill you!” “Yeah it looks like you in the shape to kill me.” Steven laughed. I growled at him in frustration. I heard foot steps beyond the trees. “Whose there.” I growled. “Shh!” Steven shushed. I muffled and a guy tall tan and built came out. “Easy. Im not going to hurt you.” The man eased “Who are you” I asked “Calm down. Im like you. Im a werewolf. We grew up together. Remember me? Travis?” Travis mused “Oh wow! Travis! So long since I seen you.” “Yeah I know.” He sighed and he pulled out a vile with red liquid in it. Vampire blood. The thing that gives us more power and heals us from poison. “Drink!” “Will do sir!” I laughed. Then I looked at his hand. “Ravaine?” I asked. “Yeah how you know?” Travis asked. “I got one too.” I mused then looked at my hand. It wasn’t there. “That explains it. I don’t have my ring. Shi**er!” “It happens.” “That’s for sure” Steven but in. When I got my energy back I got up. I heard cheering coming from the stands. Jeremy must have won his race. I ran straight for the fence. He was heading to victory lane. I ran straight there. When he got out of the car I hugged him to death. “Great job Jeremy!” I whispered in his ear. “Thanks it was so much fun!” he whispered back. We got our pictures taken and it was time for me to go racing. The day had just gotten better because Jeremy won his race and I’m going to win next, Steve won also. I got back to my car and I got in. I was just about to put my helmet on when Steven stopped me and stuck his head in the car. “Be careful!” Steven mused and he kissed me “I love you!” I nodded at him them he took his head out and Travis put his in. “You mom is still alive just for you to know. So don’t kill your self!” Travis encouraged. “Gee thanks Travis.” I laughed and I put my helmet on and Jeremy signaled me to leave. I noticed Steven was getting in a late model to. Great more of a reason for me to be nervous. ‘Sorry I didn’t tell you.’ Steven thought ‘I figured you would get mad’ ‘Its ok. I wouldn’t of been mad. Im happy now’ ‘Ok well I love you baby. Concentration on winning for me’ ‘Will do. I love you too.’ I finished

Chapter 2 new love, is hard love

When I got home that night I took out my phone and called Steven.
“Hey.” I said
“Yo! What’s up?” Steven mused
“When you said you loved me what did you mean?”
“I meant that I love you and I want to be with you.
“Awe. I love you too. Hey, what are you doing right now?”
“Not much.”
“Do you want to come over?”
“Well can I go over there?”
“Not right now. Im actually kind of busy. Sorry. Tomorrow for sure.”
“Ok. I love you. Night.”
“I love you too. Night.” Steven finished and I went over to my bed and fell asleep.
In the morning, I was in the kitchen making food. Bacon to be precise. Then there came some knocks at the door. Scared me a bit but I went to answer the door any ways, but before I could Steven jumps through the door and runs around closing all my windows and such. He was all panicked. Then he brought me over to my couch.
“What’s wrong Steven?” I asked.
“”I’m in big as trouble.”
“What you do? Steven, please tell me its not vampires.”
“Steven! You didn’t! how many?”
“What did you do?”
“Something very bad!”
“How bad?”
“I’m going to die! Just help me!”
“Fine. How many?”
“About… 15 or more…”
“Not the head of vampires!”
“Yeah… I’m sorry………..”
“Thanks Brandee.” Steven sighed and I grabbed his arm and dragged him to the secrete room I’ve always had.
“Stay here! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT! Leave this room under any circumstances. You hear me! I will handle this.”
“Got ya. Brandee, be careful. I love you.
“Love you too.” I finished and I zipped off I ran down the stairs before anyone of those vampires got in. I was too late they were already downstairs looking for Steven
“Get out of my house!” I yelled.
“We’re looking for Steven. Have you seen him?” the leader asked. His name is Godric.
“No I haven’t Godric. Last time I seen him was last night at the race track.” I pushed then Godric ran to me and held me by the throught.
“Don’t lie to me Brandee, you worthless wolf! Where is he!” Godric stammered and he pushed me into the wall
“I don’t know!” I choked out. Then he dropped me on the floor. He picked me but by my hand and he held me close. He tried to do his mind control on me. It wouldn’t work because im wearing ravaine.
“Please tell me Brandee…” She said sweetly
“No!” I said firmly.
“You and your damn Ravaine!” He yelled them he took the ring off my finger and threw it across the room. He tried to kiss me and I looked away. He rolled his eyes then he let my hands go and he started to take his shirt off.
“That wont work on me.” I mused
“Why not. It does with a lot of girls.” Godric mused he took his shirt off. His pale skin gleamed in the light. I tried to hold myself together. “Tell me?”
“I don’t know where he his.” I choked out
“Have it your way then.” He stammered and he tilted my head to the side and he bit my neck. I let out a big yell. Great way to die. Godric was going to kill me. Then I heard running from some wolves. Suddenly someone pulled me into my dark hallway.
“Shh!” The person shushed as he held his hand to my mouth. “Its ok. Im with you. Here drink up.” Then he held out some vampire blood for me.
“Thanks.” I couldn’t see his face because he had his hoodie on over his head. “Who are you?”
“Just drink the blood and go! We need you. I’ll be here protecting Steven.” He ignored my question. I quickly took the shot of the blood and I ran off and transformed to my wolf. There was a mirror next to me. I looked at my reflection. My fur was grey with a white muzzle that leads up to my head and parts the grey and the whit. My paws were white as well. I quickly realized that I had vampires in my house trying to kill Steven. I started to fight all the vampires I could find. When the majority of them were killed I called my pack to surround Godric.
“Look now. The tables have been turned!” I mused as I walked closer to him. His eyes went back to his normal color of green. His hair was blackish color. He’s so hot. I once again tried to hold myself together
“You cant kill me! Im the master now!”
“Yeah but you could kill my father for that. Kill your own best friend?”
“He was in my way! He was the worst! I was better for the world! He had to marry a dog instead of a vampire and turn against everyone!”
“You had the nerve to turn him in! You killed him yourself!”
“Of course! I wanted the power. If I had the chance back then I would have been! You wouldn’t still be alive if it wasn’t for her!”
“Your mother! She’s still alive you dunce!”
“I know that! You have no clue where she is and I don’t either! It’s a good thing too because it’s protecting her!”
“Not really I can easily kill her and along with you.” He finished and he attacked me and bit my neck. I pushed him off me and I pinned him to the floor.
“Good bye Godric!” I whispered in his ear and then I stabbed him in the heart.
When that was all said and done I turned around and got up. I looked at my pack and I nodded at them. They all transformed back to human. The first one was my friend Georgie, next was Seth, then Bret, and Melissa, and finally Jeremy. The guy that grabbed me and pulled me into the hallway came out he took his hood off and revealed himself it was my friend Adam. I gave him a big hug because I haven’t seen him in so long either. He was out doing missions for HQ. His green eyes gleamed in the sun. His golden blond hair flowed down to his ears. I heard foot steps coming out of the hallway and I noticed it was another wolf. This wolf was pulling Steven by there mouth. All the other wolves left except for Adam, Kellie, and Melissa. Steven ran into my arms. And he spun me around.
“Thank you so much!” he cheered then he put me down. “Thank you all of you!” Steven cheered at then he turned to me and kissed me to death. Adam didn’t like that too much.
“Your welcome Steven. Next time you do something! Think before you act! We wont be there next time! See ya later or never again!” Adam stammered.
“Adam! Stop! It was a mistake! Any one could do something like this. It wont happen again.” I explained
“Its not about that. We risked our lives to save his! He should have been killed. Maybe everything would be better.” Adam snapped.
“Knock it off! Adam your being rude! What’s your problem?” Kellie Yelled
“Him!” Adam pointed at Steven then he left. We all looked at each other.
“I figured it out. Adam liked me more then a friend. When me and Steven kissed… it made him snap.” I explained.
“I could have told you that! You’re all he talks about! Why could you see that sooner?” Melissa explained.
“Oh no.” I sighed
“Yeah! And now he’s going to get into trouble and possible get killed.” Melissa cried. Then I ran to search for Adam. I didn’t look back.
I found Adams raviane on the ground and then I noticed messing with a few vampires. I transformed into my wolf and charged at the vampires. One had Adam by his throught and then he bit Adams neck. I charged at that vampire and ignored the other two. I quickly transformed back in mid air. Suddenly one of them grabbed my foot and swung me away. She came after me.
“You friend is pretty cute! I might just take him for myself.” She mused. I pushed her off me. Then I got on top her.
“Leave him alone you nasty blood sucker!” I growled and I stabbed her in the heart then once again I went after Adam. I picked him up and ran off. I ran back to my house. I kicked my door down.
“Steven get blankets! Towels, something! Kellie come here!” I yelled. They listened.
“What happened?” Kellie asked.
“Vampires.” I sighed. “Adam can you hear me?” I cried. “Adam!”
“Brandee. Im afraid he’s gone.” Melissa cried.
“No he cant be.” I cried even more. “Adam! Wake up!” I checked his pulse. Nothing. My eyes bursted to tears. Steven walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me so tight. He snuggled his head on my shoulders. He kissed my neck also. Then I saw Adam appear in front of me.
‘I was just too late Brandee. Im sorry. I love you. I want you to burn me please. Say nothing to any one. Bye Brandee.’ Adam whispered in my head then he kissed my forehead.
“He wants us to burn him. He told me so.” I cried.
“Well what do we say?” Kellie asked
“Every thing…” I choked.

Chapter 3 (Christians view) new boy toy I was walking down the street in our town in Waterford. Well my town. I live in Waterford and Brandee lives in a small town called Ledyard. Any ways me and Brandee were walking down the streets talking about everything. I suddenly caught the scent of sweet blood. I looked around and I saw a tall guy, built, brown hair and brown eyes. “Chrissy no. He’s human.” Brandee mused “So! I cant have a toy?” I mused as I walked over to the guy. Brandee just listened in. “Hey.” I giggled. “Um hi?” The man said. “What’s your name?” “Adam. You?” “Christina. Chrissy for short.” “Cool.” “Yeah. Hey, would you want to get diner sometime?” “Tonight?” “Yeah. Ruby Tuesdays?” “Deffinately. What’s you number?” “860-555-6312” “Sweet. I’ll see you later then Chrissy.” “Yes you will.” “Bye.” He finished and I walked away. Brandee started laughing at me. “You just flat out asked him out!” Brandee laughed. “Yeah. I did.” I laughed. “Ok then.” Brandee mused “Well hey I got to go. So I’ll tell you how it turns out.” “Alright. Be nice to him. Nothing stupid Chrissy.” “Hey, you know I wont be a good girl.” “Well, at least be careful.” “Fine. I’ll try.” I finished and went off. I ran home and I got dressed. I continued to text Adam and all as I got dressed. Im just that talented. I got one last text from him then I left to go to diner. It’s been a few days since me and Adam started dating. I did something I shouldn’t of. I kind of kissed him. And boy didn’t he taste good! I invited Adam to my house for diner this time. I do eat some foods. All that vampire bull s*** that vampires don’t eat well that’s all made up. I in fact love food. There was a sudden knock at my door. “Come in!” I yelled. “Smells good in here.” Adam said as he came through the door. “That’s good. I hope it taste as good as it smells.” I laughed Adam came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed my neck a few times. I twirled around and faced him. I also put my arms around him and then we kissed, again, again, and again. I pulled away because it was too much. “Time to eat.” I said quickly. As I put plates on the table. “Great im starved.” Adam mused and then we sat down and ate our food. “Amazing babe! It was great.” Adam cheered when we were done. “Where do you want the plates?” “In the sink. I’ll get them after.” “Alright.” He finished then he helped clean up a bit. He such a gentlemen. When we got all the mess cleaned up we went into the living room and watched some tv for a bit. Then I got a urge for blood. “Hey would you like a drink?” I asked eagerly “What kind?” Adam asked in return “Smirnoff or vodka?” “Smirnoff please.” “Got it.” I finished and I walked into the back where I store all my alcohol. I got us both a case of Smirnoff. One watermelon and one strawberry. “Thanks babe.” Adam cheered. “I of plenty of them.” I laughed “Partier?” “I party by myself.” “Well I should come over more often then.” “That’ll be nice.” I laughed. We drank so many Smirnoff’s we had go get another case. Adam we so drunk right now it was funny. We put some music on and started to dance. We went crazy. We got so close. I started to kiss him. Then it all went up from there. 3 days later “Adam? How do you feel?” I whispered. “Fine…” he signed. “What happened?” “I turned you into a vampire like me.” “What! You turned me!” “Its not as bad as it seems. I want to be with your forever Adam. I can now because we’re both vampires now.” “I love you Christina. I will always and forever love you. Thank you for turning me babe.” “You welcome… well I got to go call Brandee. Go pack your things. We have some training to do.” I finished and kissed him. I ran and got my phone to call Brandee. She already guessed that I would turn Adam. She then yelled at me for it. Everything is going to be different now that Adam is a vampire with me. Lots of things will change.

Chapter 4 (Brandee’s view) Saturday raceday
3 months later
“Jeremy!” I called. “It’s your race!”
“I’m coming!” He yelled back
“Hurry up. You can go faster then that.”
“Shut it!” Jeremy paused
“Get into your car and drive!” I mused.
The ministocks were up first. Jeremy is starting 5th. I wished him luck and I helped him get buckled and all. “Where the hell is Steven?” I asked my self. I waited till all the cars went by to walk up to the fence to watch Jeremy.
“Not racing any more?” A man behind me asked. I turned around to see who it was
“BRET!” I cheered. “What are you doing here?”
“Came to see what its like here. Is that ok?”
“That’s fine.” I laughed as I gave him a hug. “No im not racing because im too good.”
“Nice. My birthday is coming soon.”
“Next week”
“What you want”
“A car.”
“Ok. Tomorrow we can go.”
“Go where?”
“To get you a car.”
“You’re the best Brandee!” Bret cheered
“Isn’t she?” Steven mused. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed my neck also.
“Yeah we can go tomorrow ok?” I asked
“Yeah... well im going in the stands. See you later.” Bret finished and he walked away.
I turned around and faced Steven. I put my arms around his neck. Then I kissed him. “Do you always have to sneak up on me?” I asked
“Umm… Yeah I do” He mused. We stood there kissing when I heard footsteps coming up behind me. Suddenly two hands appeared over my eyes.
“Guess who!” a man said
“I give up. Who?” I laughed
“Guess.” The man mused
“Kyle?” I asked
“Your good!” he laughed

“Kyle!! Its really you!” I cheered
“yup. In the flesh! How have you been?”
“Great How about you?”
“Perfect.” He smiled
“So Kyle, who you here with?” Steven butt in.
“My father, he’s in the 86 legend.”
“Watch out!!! Behind you.” I yelled at the cars.
“What?” Steven jumped.
“Kyle your dad! He’s hurt! They don’t know it!” I finished. Then I ran to the gate to make it not obvious I’m a wolf. Kyle didn’t keep up with me. The gate official wouldn’t let me in. I pushed him out of the way. Kyle followed. Thankfully the car was right in turn 4. Easy to get too.
“Dad! Dad! Dad!” Kyle yelled “DAD!” Kyle’s eyes teared. The car was a mangled mess. There’s was oil and gas everywhere. There was another car in the mess. That car was on top Kyle’s dads’ car. Steam was coming up from the motor. Kyle was over trying to get to his father.
“Kyle move! Everyone move!” I yelled then pushed the people out of the way. As I quickly got in and grabbed Dan in the neck of time. The engine exploded into flames

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