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January 10, 2011
By Anonymous


Panic attacks, fainting spells and flammable sneezes have become a unnecessary evil for 18-year old, Cassidy Sinclair. It’s better she blackout then be forced to face the truth behind these mysterious ailments anyway. Though deep down and despite her denial she knows that these sordid episodes are anything but random and instead are symptoms of a mysterious family virus that threatens to mutate her by next birthday.

Having been sheltered for most of her life, Cassidy dreams of a normal life as far away from her overbearing father as possible. Growing up in an eccentric family of arrogant psychics, senile witch doctors and nosy telepathists, has her used to the outlandish. It’s because of these freakish genes, that she craves even a little taste of normalcy away from her chaotic home life. Naturally at eighteen, the only thing she’s got on the brain is college, beach parties, ACTs and sororities.

Sadly, this lone dose of normalcy she’s craved for so long is quickly slipping away as
Cassidy copes with an unusual secret. Thus, she goes on the run, equipped with an alias and two goals: to abort an arranged marriage and to evade a family curse will ultimately mutate her. As if the flammable sneezes weren’t bad enough, she then finds herself growing patches of snake skin all over her body, sparking fire with her thoughts then discovers that she has the camouflaging traits of a chameleon and wonders just when she’ll start sprouting wings for fear that she’ll ultimately be subjected to an inevitable metamorphosis that will change her from human to dragon before she can even finish her freshman year of college.

With several of her father’s hired goons on her trail, she flees cross-country to escape and seeks refuge in plain sight as a student at Cambridge University, a school with a few of its own unearthed secrets. As a series of campus murders shine light on the school’s strange history, Cassidy finds herself locked in a Nancy Drew chronicle with a supernatural twist as she’s forced to investigate her classmates while simultaneously striving to fight the reptilian virus in her blood.

In a school where everybody’s a suspect, tensions arise quickly when Cassidy falls victim to an unorthodox romance with starry-eyed Bryce Keller, a bad boy womanizer with an affinity to trouble whom she can’t fight an unyielding attraction to. Even if it means breaking all of her own rules, Cassidy defies fate and logic to be with Bryce. But what’s next after realizing that maybe not even he can be trusted as the murders lead clues back to him?



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tanaya BRONZE said...
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This is really good!