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Our Little Secret

April 21, 2011
By DillN GOLD, centerville, Iowa
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DillN GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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Author's note: sorry about spelling and grammer errors, this is a routh draft

The dog just wouldn’t be quiet. It was 3 am and everyone had gone in for the night. The cold night air was brushing the leaves across the concrete. And this Dog just wouldn’t be quiet. He was in the dark ally behind Jons pizza shack. It was decorated in trash and, to be honest, rat s***. It was a ugly, lonely, little ally that drug dealers wouldn’t even go to sell their “goods”. Yes, it was lonely, except for this dog, who continued barking madly at what appeared to be nothing; which is what the ally was, Nothing, Nothing but darkness. It was way to dark to make anything out except the outlines of the dog. And he to would suddenly disappeared in to the darkness as well leaving utter blankness to fill our eyes.

Then there was a brief moment of silence followed by muffled sounds, nearly human like sounds followed by the sounds of trash cans crash to the cement. There was clearly a struggle but to do what? Who would be in this ally? The sounds of trashcans colliding to the cement and debre scattering around filled the air. And then, more silence followed by an awful sound, the kind of sound that strikes fear into your heart, the sound that keeps you up at night because it plays over and over in your mind almost like a broken record. It was a shrill sound and it didn’t last long, it just hung in the air for a second before fading away into the cold night air and soon it was quiet again. The dog had finally stopped barking.

Soon after the noise subsided a man appeared through the shadows carrying a black trash bag. He was a very tall man, a very strong man. He was wearing a long gray trench coat that was stained in mud and what appeared to be, blood. Dark wet blood. His pants were tatted and had the same stain scheme as his coat. But that was the nicest part of his attire. His face, thankfully, was hidden in the shadows. Except for this horrid smile, this crooked dam smile that consuming. What the hell was he smiling about? Why was he so freaking happy? Then we notice the trash bag he was clutching in his blood soaked hands. It was dripping with blood. The contents were unclear, but we can surely take a guess. There were bulges stretching the bag out, in each end, like something was fighting to get out. But nothing was, nothing moved in the bag. what ever was in there was motionless, defeated. As The man thows down the bag and some of the contents spill out onto the ground. What’s In the bag? Let’s confirm our suspicion. As we float through the fog we can see a bloody mess laying, sprawled out on the ground in a mushy, bloody, heap. We can not make out what it once was except that it had once been a creature of some sort; at least that much is clear by the remains of some organs poking out. The cracks in the cement are streaming with blood. What maniac would do this and why? And, again, all is silent. But not for long, because out of the fog crawled out a dog. He whimpered over to the bloody mess sniffed it and gently nudged the flesh with his nose as if trying to wake it up. After realizing it was useless he gave a little cry and ran away.

A orange glow highlights the buildings as the sun begins to rise over the town of Splinter Plains, and every one was all ready awake, and heading to work, school or, and this is often the case, the local bar to get messed up before the wife gets home. Besides all the drinking the people of Splinter Plains were decent people. I mean, they were not by any means perfect, but they wouldn’t do any one any harm. The treated each other very kindly and helped one another out, they had to, this town was slowly becoming a ghost town and drifting farther into poverty. Other then that it was a nice little town. Or maybe I’m just trying to stay positive like all the other inhabitants in this town. But we have to, in these times anyway and, to be honest, it’s not like it can get any worse then this.

Yes the town of Splinter Plains had its downs but it had a few good things going for it. Like our square. It was said to be the largest square in the USA. It is cluttered with little shops on each end of it. It was our crown and glory in this town. The teens would go up there every night and meet their friends and drive around in countless circles. Sounds fun right? But there isn’t much else to do in this town. You could go to the old park if you wanted to, and play on the rusted playground equipment. Or you could head down to the bowling alley. But that is it. Except, and this is what most folk did, go to one of the bars, were people could drink all of their worries away and take there mind off of things. That’s why old Splinter Plains had so many bars; At least that’s my guess.

(Chap 3The Janitor Did It?)
t is 3am on a Monday in Splinter Plains and every one is ether home off of work or absolutely plastered, drunk to put it nicer, everyone except these three boys. One may ask what are there 11 year old boys doing out this late? One of the boys was a little bigger then the rest he was wearing the standard attire of the youth in this town. A camo jacket and hat for hunting and mud stained jeans and a cig in the mouth. The other two boys were uniformed in his choice of fashion, except for a different variation of camo and chew was their choice of drug. The littler boys were also caring a bag filled with something, The bigger boy was clearly the leader. He led the group as they paced down 25th street passing the local gas station and bar. The bar was located close to the school. This caused many disputes among the parents and elders, which is what the town is mostly made of, elders. There was a town meeting to close down or move the bar because the town console was getting sick of getting letter after letter from the retirement homes. Letters that you could barley read covered in misspelled words and a smell of age.
The boys had just reached the school. And the bigger boy had just finished is cig

“ Ale Roght” His southern accent was nutritious. “It time to do er, what we came her to do, Chuck” he motioned to the littlest boy “wellya grab duh stuff”
“Umm, yea sure” he responded. You cold tell he was a little quiet; He was most likely the newest member of their little gang. He put down his bag and pulled out toilet paper. “Yes, dats the good stuff right der” said the big boy.
“Yea, can we, hurry and get this over with?” asked chuck “, my moma don’t no I ant home”
“Yea, yea don’t be such a Beaber” said the other boy referencing to Justin Bearber who is said to be a, well... You Know.

Each boy grabbed a roll of toilet paper and started tossing them over trees and the roof of the school. The paper blowing in the wind and the sounds of the boys laughing and spitting out there chew filled the cold air.

Now it was getting late and the boys had accomplished their goal. The school almost appeared to be mummified.
“All ight lets Getty up outa here” commanded the bigger boy.
“OK yea, finally if moma finds out im..” He paused “who the duck is that” He asked using a more derogatory word in place of duck. All there languages were horrible.

A man wearing all black was walking by the school. He has a trash bag that was dripping wet. It had not rained in over a week so what was it soaked with?
“whatya doing wit dat sak, hey you dear answer me!” the fat boy just couldn’t mine is own business.
“Hey just let em be” responded chuck.
“Dude you really are a Beaber, aren’t you? Said the other boy

“We don’t no who he is, what if he is some bad guy?”
“Dis iz a small ol town der ant no bad guys here” said the chubby kid” hey you der ima talkin to uh”
They dark figure stopped. Back turned to the boys. He didn’t do anything, just stood there not making a move. He was just a dark statue in the night. The only sound echoing through the cold air was the creaking of the swing set blowing in the wind. And the rattle of the merry goes round.
“What is he doing?” Whispered Chuck to no one in particular.
The sounds of the playground grew louder and louder, growing. The swing set seemed to scream as the wind blew the chains. The merry go round screamed out to the boys. It seemed the sounds would wake up the whole town.

The boys just stood there motionless, almost zombielike, scared in place, looking at the dark figure. And then, as suddenly the sound came to an abrupt. All was quit again, except the sound of toilet paper gusting in the wind almost like feathers of a bird as he flies. Almost as if to interrupt the slightly peaceful sounds the man drops the trash bag that makes a crude thump as it collides to the ground. He remained standing still for just a second, then he slowly turned around and looked right at the three boys as if just noticing then, and start walking to them in a fast pace as if excited to meet them.

In a near by building, a janitor finished is duty’s and is locking up for the night. It has been a long day for Mr. Jim Barley. But it is always a long day for him. He is not the best worker in the world, always coming to work with a hang over but who is going to know? No one, that’s who, He is a late night janitor and comes in when every one is come to there cozy little beds.

“Woo hoo, I can finally close for the night. He tossed a beer can at a trashcan. But he missed it in his drunken daze. Even if he wasn’t under the influence he still would not have made the shot. You see Jim didn’t have the best eyesight in the world ether, Not after getting stabbed in his eye during a bar fight. That he, in his own defense did not start.

Jim finished locking the last door on the upper floor of the building. He wiped the dirt off of his hands on to his dirty jeans and his grays button up shirt. He stumbled to the fairest room and crashed down onto a couch and reached in to a box and pulled out a beer.

“Here is to me” In a overly drunken slur “the greatest king of this castle, you no one day il be the man in charge. No more Jim do dis Jim do dat, no more Jim stop pissing on the plants, de children are watching. NO! Il in charrge.”
The room was in disarray. With old moldy books scattered asunder. No one ever used this room. No it was off limits to the children. In the corner was a couch, which Jim was slouching on. It matched the scheme of the room perfectly. It was stained in beer and cluttered with holes.

“Hey you got bick to wook!” Jim was yelling at imaginary workers assorting his dominates.
“Il fire you all!” he said standing up in rage of the fake employee who just wouldn’t listen to his demands. “i mean it! Slobber shot out of his mouth as he yelled “I mean.” his sentence was cut, for the beer missed the out side world and escaped from his moth and onto his lap.
Shortly after vomiting, as usual, was he passed out on the couch and went into a drunken slumber.
“aaaaaahhh, oh god of misery!!”
“What the heck?” Jim woke up and looked at his watch. 3:30 Am. Who they hell is screaming this late on a Monday. “Quiet down you!” Jim fell of the couch. “Damn kids” he mumbled.

He searched through the darkness of the library for the light switch. Darn kids always are waking Jim up, always. Why can’t they just go to bed like normal people, like Jim? Beer crashed to the floor as he searched for the light. Dang its dark in here he thought.
“No!! Stop it you killing him!!” in the distance
“Shut up!! im trying to sleep!, darn brats.” he mumbled to himself. Why can’t they just let me be? Why do they always have to crash me? Always with the Mr. Barley can you grab that book for me? Mr. Barly what does this word mean, like I know how to read. Always they complains saying Mr. Barley, Chuck threw up what a Beaber, or Mr. Barley Some one clogged the toilet, you need to clean it up.
“You no what il show those Brats once in for all, ya il show them!” Jim found the light switch but it was to late. It did not stop him from tripping on his own throw up, as he lunged for the bass ball bat he kept against the wall to protect him should anyone discover his lair. (As he called it)

“dam it to hell!” The homeless Janitor crashed to the floor, smell of voment and piss filled is noise making his eyes water, filling him with even more rage for the kids who just wouldn’t leave him alone. They never left anyone alone; they just couldn’t mind their own business.
Suddenly before Jim even released it he was out of the door in a blinding rage.

“NO, NO STOP IT!! ARE YOU MAD!!” Said one of the boys
“I’ll show those brats whose mad!!” Mr. Barley was in a little on the nuts side. He had no clue what was going on, all he new was that those boys would finally leave him a lone.

“No more will I deal with those kids. IT ENDS TONIGHT!!”
As he drew near the school he could see the toilet paper dangling from the trees and school strangling the branches.
“Is this what you bastards wonted me to see!” such blindness, such anger “Woo hoo!! Yea you did a good (censored) job” sarcasm filled his words “I wonder who will have to spend all cleaning this (censored) up!! Id love to spend all day cleaning up after you Angels!!!”

The mad Janitor started walking towards the kids who were lying down next to each other in the grass in a nice little line.
“Oh I see taking a little nap, yea you mosh be tie-word afta dat lil game arnch cha. It howard tossin all dim paper dat high” He spoke in barbie talk. He was sick of being nice to those kids always nice they were so fastidious, but now, now he was going to be mean.
He marched quickly to the boys. It was dark and he could only make out their shapes. But if he had looked closely he would have noticed something missing. He would have seen that there were not complete so to say. But in his blind rage he completely missed that fact.
“Time to get up!!” Before he knew what he was doing he threw a fist into the bodie. Never again will I have to clean up after you. Anther fist smashed the wet face pounding it to a pulp. It felt so good. Never again will I listen to you complain. The fist kept flying again and again. It was madness. With every punch he threw he gained more and more sanity. “Never will I” he stopped he had finally came to and regained some sanity “what have I done?” He looked at his hand covered, streaking in blood. His already dirty shirt was now stained in blood as well as mud and beer stains, A new colleague of color. Jim observed the boys. There is no way I did all this. I couldn’t have, No, no what have I done. Jim broke into tears clearly he had lost is recently regained sanity.

The boy’s faces were beaten and bloody, shirts tattered and torn. But that was the nicest of it. There little bodies were caved in, like they had a giant hole in their chest, which they all did. If you would look into their chest you would find that they were now completely hollow, what sick freak would do this to kids? Blood dripped down from their skinless corpse. And a mad delusional man sat next to them yelling about what he thought he had done. In the distance a man wheeling a wheel barrel filled with dripping trash bags was in the distance. It was clear that he new were he was going walking as if he had taken this back ally every day. Let us follow this strange man, lets find out what he is doing with all that “trash”

he man walked briskly and a maze of alleys, it was clear he didn’t want to be followed. He didn’t want to get caught. He was whistling a happy tune has he causally but diligently wheeled the wheel barrel through muddy alleys and abandoned buildings. Suddenly he stopped at a door in the end of an ally. The door was hard rusted metal, a perfect home to tetanus. This was a small ally. It was in the part of town that was all but forgotten. No only few people lived there and the few that did never would venture into this old abandon back ally. And you could tell for the cement was decorated in leaves and mud. An angry nature had taken this street back along time ago. With vines that climbed the buildings stretching for the searing sun only to fall short of it warm embrace.

The man moved over a moss-covered rock and pulled out a key. He unlocked the door and wedged it open causal like. Like I said before, he had clearly done this before.

Inside the building, as you’d expect this mans living chambers to be, was in ruins. The kitchen was dirty with flies and maggots circling the never washed plates. And mud and dirt filled the cracks in the carpet and covered the walls. On the floors there was scattered bits of flesh oozing with puss and crawling with maggots. Why hadn’t this man bothered to throw this away?

The man walked past all the debree and into a back room. In this room was surprisingly clean. Clearly he spent much of his time in here. Neatly organized on the table were medical supplies. But I doubt he was a doctor of any kind, for the knives and needles were still rusted with blood and were dreadfully dull. Not something a doctor would practice with. In the middle of this room was a manikin. That would look as if out of place in any typical household. But this man was clearly not ordinary. He flung all of the trash bags on the ground. Blood spilled out of them and flooded the cracks in the cement. He reached in the back and pulled out the skin of, at least what appeared to be a man. He then took the skin and stretched it over the manikin, stabling it at places that were to loose. Mumbling to himself as he did so. After this task he paced back and observed his work nodding to himself in approval he pulled out handfuls of organs and stuffed them inside the lifeless body of the plastic man. The finishing touch was the eyes, which he stapled on as well. He could have at least glued them on that would have been less awful. But no not for this man he took the grossest way to do things.

Why this mans doing this? Why would anyone want to kill Innocent people for there skin? Why would you dress lifeless figures with flesh and stuff them with organs? It doesn’t make since. Do people every make since? We are about to get our answer. But it may me more perverse then we can handle it may be to twisted then we would like to know.
The manikin creates a rough tearing sound as the sick man drags it across the floor and reps it off a nail it got caught on. He hauls the Manikin across the floor and into another room. This room was a very delicate people were actually. Poor people who he had skinned and placed over manikins, there organs stuffed inside the lifeless plastic bodies. There was a punch bowl in the corner of the room and three manikins were placed there as if the were drinking the punch on the upset corner of the room was tables with manikins setting in chairs appearing to be absorbed in conversations. Scattered threw out the room was manikins, set up as if there were ether talking or dancing with each other. It was as if you walked into a dance and everyone just froze in time. Expect for the smell of rotten flesh and the record was broken, fixed on the same verse repeating the line over and over again.
This sick man started talking and dancing with the manikins. What is he thinking, if we could just get inside his head. If we could float into his earwax crusted ear and into his twisted mind we would know.

“Hello you fine lady. How are you doing?” He to a manikin dressed in a blue dress. The skin was peeling of on the hips and the dress was stained in blood and bulged were the skin was loosely held on. He grabbed the plastic and flesh covered girl and stared swinging her around. This people are the only good people there his friends. After dancing for while he began to grow tired so he looked around the room trying to find something of interests, something that sparked excitement. He spotted another doll he new. “Oh hey chuck, how’s your kid doing.” Chuck didn’t answered he never answered chuck was a quit fellow. Oh well. He was just a little shy. “Want to have a drink?” he asked the plastic doll. Then he started to do something strange, not that what he had been doing was not strange this was just an additional strange thing to go along with all the others, he stared talking to the manikins and pretending like the were talking back.

“Yea yea, I no how It is” stopped as if listening “yea but that would men, yea I know, hey, hey now, stop interrupting me, ha ha”
In his mind they were talking back. In his mind they were alive. In his mind the room was transformed in to a angelic ball with energetic lively people frolic around talking and dancing. He walked up to a manikin dressed in a brown blood stained rigid tux and leaned over to him so his skin was nearly touching the lifeless flesh he dressed it in. He said “hey do you think I should go talk to her”

In his mind the gentleman answered happily “Go for it Barney, I saw her she has been eyeing you all night”

“Really, you think so, Uh I don’t know” he was shy he had never talked to a girl of that caliber. She was unmistakable beautiful, decked out in high-class jewelry, soft skin, so flawless. Any guy would be lucky to have her she was nearly faultless. Barney actually put this whole shay bang to gather so he could talk to her. He loved her and had to win her over. And her would to. He just had to.
Barney danced his way over to her, letting the music fill him giving him the confidence he needed. He walked past a nice couple dancing peculiarly, they most have just met. But being a gentlemanly Barney tipped his hat to them and grinned. This was it he was really going to talk to her today. He had been planning this day for so long and it was finally her. He began to sweat and get nervous he tried to gain to self-insurance that it would be ok but he was to nervous. And before he knew it he was in front of her, gazing into her hazel eyes. What am I going to say I forgot what I was going to say!! No I had never thought of what to say. Calm down Barney think!! You have ran threw this for months.

“Hey how are you doing?”
“Fine, Fine just enjoying some punch” She seemed to be bored as she taped the glass of punch.
Trying to encourage a conversation and empress her he said “you no I put all this together. “For you” he silently thought to himself. If she only knew all the work poor Barney put in this. He looked in her eyes her lovely eyes and awaiting her response. He new he would have her. He new he needed her.
“Oh, oh cool.” she yawned
“You no this was hard work it, took me hours. Long hours of labor, you don’t seem to appreciate it. But its ok.” he started to get mad. She didn’t seem to like him” she had to love him she had to return the feeling he held for her. He desired her.
“Um, sorry, I never asked you to do this, this was your choice.” she was annoyed “I’m going to go here and have a drink”
“No you’re not! You’re going to dance with me!!” he grabbed her by the solder and tried to force her to dance with him.
“Hey stop this you lunatic! Unhand me” She fought and fought and fought
“Stop hitting me!!” he said has he smacked her in the face. He wanted her, he needed her and he would have her. He looked up as he struggled to keep her close to him. He would never let go not now that he had what he loved so dear in his arms her cold skin next to his was intoxicating, it was devouring him.
“Why dont you love me!!” she had to love him why didn’t she he would kill for her. He really would.
“Because your a crazy delusional man!!” his attempts were futile. It mad him almost hate her.
“Delusional! I am not divisional!! What are you talking about?”
“Stop hiding from reality you beast!” She yelled
“i freaking hate you!!”. Anger took control of him as be he began to beat the poor defenseless girl. If he could not have her beauty he would make sure she was not beautiful anymore.
Back in reality we just observe a lonely man brutally thrashing around a flesh coated manikin that turned him down. Angrily yelling and screaming at it, ripping off its flesh that he had previously placed over it. This seemed to happen a lot, at least which would explain all the staples he had to put in the skin to keep it together. A sad sight really, a sad disgusting sight.

Barney threw down the manikin and stomped on its face, but no blood came out. They decaying flesh just split open, but not a single drop of blood came out. All the blood had dried up along time ago.

“Never again will you embarrass me!” then he stopped and patiently listened “What was that? You do love me?” he was talking to the lifeless doll again. And the voices in his head talked back.

“Yes I just now realized it. Its not you I don’t love it’s this ball. There needs to be more people. Its lonely here. I need more friends more company”. There was never enough people for her never.
“ok my darling ok my precious il get more guests. I will you’ll see”. Maybe this time there will finally be enough people maybe this time he will finally have her all to himself, just maybe. But why, why is it never enough. Why can’t she just settle for the dance as it is? Why!
Then in one swoop of emotion he collapsed to the floor in pain, Emotional pain. You might feel sort of sorry for the guy if you didn’t see all of his victims out for display around him. But at least one good thing came from this awful sight. Hey, at least we know he can feel emotions. At least part of him is human.

an sits alone. All is dark except for the antic lamp he is using to light up his desk. Music is gently playing in the background of the studio. Next to the man on a desk is a mixing board and other pro tools recording software. It is a basic studio with posters of bands and guitars stringing across the wall, not a spot is left unfilled. The mixing board and recorder stretched across the the front of the room long with a long window displaying the sound room. In front of the man is a paper that he was writing on, taking notes as he worked. He isn’t writing anything down now for he is asleep, tired from working late. Not that he isn’t adjusted to the late hours, He basically lives in his office, its just after preparing the commentary and play list for his radio show he doesn’t have the motivation to go home and he doesn’t really have to. He put a small fridge in the back of the room on a table and also a couch to sleep on, on each side is another couch and a table littered with magazines. An amp and guitar is also in one corner used for practicing and preparing lines, it’s actually a pretty cozy space and he liked to wake up in the morning and see the mixing board along with his PA and Crate. It was convenient, he was a very lazy man in any case and this way he didn’t have to go to work because he was already there. This man is Duncan Niwrath( N “I” Wrath) But his friends usually called him Chip, not a clue why, but everyone gets a nickname around here. He doesn’t have any family except for the bands he records and the other fellows he works with, and they were basically family.

Luke begins to wake up, he brushes his eyes and realizes he fell asleep while working again, he turns off his computer, along with the recording console and processing board, as he slogs to the couch and goes back to bed, he didn’t forget the lamp, he just like the dim light, its relaxing. Its 7am, he doesn’t have to be up for a few hours. He is a simple but nicely dressed fellow, he doesn’t want to appear to flashy, but also doesn’t want to look like a bum, so he managed to find a nice medium.

“Duncan, Yo Chip, Its time to get up, something terrible has happened”
“What, im still trying to sleep bro, just give me a few more seconds” yawning. Why did I have to stay so late he thought?
“No, this can’t wait, we ran out of coffee.” It was his friend Danny. He was just joking of course, although they all could use coffee.
“What you’re serous. I just bought the stuff. Hey just send Katie Bug down to get some” He thought coffee sounded great at the moment. It was his morning ritual, wake up have a cup of coffee maybe a muffin and get to work.
“Well, she is not here right now, she kind of got stuck in traffic.”
“I told her, if she would just stay here she would not have this problem but no. She has to shower and see her family, women these days ha-ha” Chip was just joking aswell.

“Ya I know man, I haven’t taken a bath all week” Chip wasn’t really sure if Dan was joking or not, its hard to tel with him sometimes.
“S o anyways, what the 411, iv been working on the play list for the night show, it looks fantastic.”

“Let me take a look” Chip uploaded the play list on to the computer for Dan to see. He nodded with approval as always. You didn’t know if he really liked it or just was too lazy to make a suggestion.
“Did you get tomorrow’s list done?” asked Chip while closing the software. Dan handed him a piece of paper with a few song scribbled on it “What, no Justin Bieber ha-ha”. He clearly wasn’t serous, they’d never demean there show with him it be to humiliating.
“Now sorry I forgot to add that” Dan reached for the paper
“Common Danny, you Know Iv got the fever” He half sung the last four words “I think its some kind of off-shot of ammonia” Chip added.” They both shared a laugh it was a start of a great day.
15 min later Katie finally mad e it to work, her excuse for being late this time, as Dan informed Chip, was because of traffic.

She was around the same age as Danny and Chip, middle twenty. And wasn’t that bad of looking girl, but she gave off a kinda of “one of the guys” vibe although she still held on to some of her girlishness. So she would never date any of the guys. They were in “the friends zone” the most dreaded of all zones for any guy. But with Katie bug it wasn’t a big deal. They all saw her as, like a stated previously, “one of the guys”.
“sorry I'm late” She said heading to the bath room to check her hair and makeup, As if anything changed on her trip to work from her house. But it was routine, as her next statement was. “i look like crap today”
“Women and there makeup” said Chip jokingly.
“shut up! You try, putting on make up” She didn’t mean it, she was us to Chips morning statements.
“i have” he paused “long story” it actually was a short story, but lets not get into that.
“ha ha I bet” She finished looking in the mirror and walked to her chair. “did you guys here about all those murders in that little town?”
“ Splinter Plains” Dan asked, already knowing the answer, he just wanted to hair his voice.
“ya so I guess the like found a guy beat to death and skinned in a ally.”
“ya I heard about that, man”
“ya they also found a huge puddles of blood at the school. But no bodies'
“did they say they were?” asked Chip
“They don’t know who the killer is” responded Katie
“No, the dead people”
“oh haha, sorry” Katie Bug was not the smartest girl in the world, shes a little ditsy” um, there running the DNA and stuff, so ya. They’ll proble know soon”
“ok awesome, That. is. Kewl.” Chip said yawning saying the last three words individually.
“hey” Danny decided to chime in “i actually have some Chick to meet down there, If you'd want to tag along” Danny was actually the shy type around girls, So he always wanted to bring Duncan with him to avoid a awkward silence.
“ya, sure. When are you going?”
“right after work, I just need to put some gas in first.” Danny grabbed a coke from the fridge and started drinking it.
“ok, kewl”
Dan finished his drink and placed the empty can on the table. He was always doing that. Drinking and eating stuff and putting the trash on the table instead of throwing it away. Katie And Luke had confronted him countless times about it, But he just couldn’t knock the bad habit. It got to the point were they didn’t let him eat anything in the studio, but he slowly started to again, so they learned to deal with it. You had to learn how to deal with I peoples bad habits if you worked with them this long In such a small space.

“Its alright guys. Lets get to work” said Duncan as he sat in his chair, the chair he fell asleep in.

“all right” Katie pushed the bottom putting them on the air. The light lite up, they were live.

Now its 5pm and Dillinger studio was done broadcasting for the day, They usually ran the night show but they have recently been broadcasting In the morning. They’ll be switching back to night soon, their usually up anyways.

“all right, so you wanted me to go to Splinter Plains with you?” Duncan motioned to Danny., While packing all his paper work.

“um ya, sure. It be kewl, I mean if you don’t want to go you don’t have to” He replied itching his short black hair back with his hand. Danny was really the most confident guy in the world. But He was still a nice fellow.

“Na, bro. I have nothing better to do.” And he really didn’t. Duncan sometimes he had to go to meeting with potential costumers, bands, live sound for concerts, ordinary recording engineer work, but not today. Plus it was nice to have Danny invite him to do something for a change, instead of Danny inviting himself to do something with him, another bad habit Danny possessed.

“well m heading out. Bye guys” Katie intruded as she walked out the door. All ways the first to leave.
“Do you want to head straight to splinter planes now?” Duncan had his bag packed and was heading to the door.
“ya sure, but I have to get gas when we get there, if that’s cool”
“ok now problem I usually stop at a quick shop after the show anyways/ He never called it work. To him it wasn’t work.

Just out side Splinter Plains Duncan waited out side a Chucks Quick Shop, waiting for Dan to finish paying for gas. This Chucks was the only quick shop close to splinter. And that would explain the only reason It was still in businessmen. IT was a old run down building setting on the side of a dirt road. Behind it was a big corn field and it was unkept. It appeared to be almost abandoned; most of the corn was died and rotten.

“Toto, were not in the city anymore.” remarked Duncan to himself, mocking the famous line from, The Wizard Of Oz. He adjusted his sun glasses to block the sun. As a man walked out of the building he took a quick glance to see if it was Dan, it wasn’t. It was a man that, To Duncan, resembled a rabid hillbilly. He had on mud stained overalls, well Duncan hoped it was mud because the smell of feces was disputing from him, it was questionable. His gray hair was tied in a tight greasy tie. This giant man was not a looker, more of a “look-a-wayer” as Duncan would describe him. He had greasy hair spouting out of every inch of his bodie. He didn’t have a full beard just a heavy heavy morning shadow

As he walked past Duncan he gave him a mincing glare followed by a snort and huge up chuck of chew. Duncan took a glance at himself, as he tried to avoid eye contact with this hairy mammoth of a man. “Danm I stand out here. With his designer jeans and Alvin Cline shirt he really did, His jeans had holes in them, but you could tell he bought them with them. “Just keep walking and don’t look at me. This man isn’t going to kill you; you will not catch RHS (Rabid Hillbilly Syndrome).” The Man inched to his truck and got in, after a few moments. He drove off. Still glaring at Duncan, Who just realized he had been holding his breath.
Dan came out of the building.
“Danny! What took you so long; I thought Chabocka was going to eat me!”
“sorry man, I didn’t mean to take so long” He had a bunch of chips and cookies in his hand, For how much candy he eats, its truly amazing that he is so thin. You wouldn’t know that he was so skinny, because he always had on that same black hoodie.
“No, dude its ok now the Ewok left” He mumbled to himself “dang, rabid hillbilly’s...”
Danny put his bag of in the car. “ok, want to head to Splinter Planes now?”
“Ya, lets” Duncan adjusted his sun glasses to help him recover from the fear of that man. He could still picture his rotten yellow teeth. His sinister smile And that horrible smell. He was the most awful man he dad seen. As Duncan got into the car he took a look at were he first laid eyes on that ugly man. He could still see were he had spat out his chew and a small puddle were he had slobbered/
“Hey Dan” said Duncan still looking at the run down quick shop.
“Let’s never get gas here again”
“Why?” he asked. It took him longer to get things sometimes.
“Um, they don’t sell the drinks I like” He replied not wanting to draw attention to his fear of that man
“i know right. All they sell his beer, whiskey and chew, plus it smelt like s*** in there”
“Ya it did” Duncan agreed “Ya... It... did...”

As they drove down the dirt road to town, taking in the nice clean air. They watched as they past field after field of corn and other crops, they sat down and relaxed and listened to music, making occasional remarks the songs that played.

It was dark now. The only light that cut thew the night was Danny’s cars dim headlights and the light from the moon that highlighted the crops. The had turned off the radio and were just listening to the sound of the wind grazing the corn. Duncan was nearly asleep; he was laying back in his set with his legs nearly on top of the dashboard, listening to the cars wheels knocking the rocks around. He woke himself up after the hit a little bump in the road and started looking at the dirt road. He could barley see 5 feet in front of him. Danny’s dim headlights just didn’t do the trick.
“You know, you should really get those fixed.”
“Huh what?” Dan was caught off guard by the sudden break in the silence.
“Your headlights? You can barley see the road”
Oh, ya I was going to do that, but you know we don’t really need them you know?”
“Ya, ya” Danny said tiredly and started to take another nap. “Dang its dark”
Almost on que a bright light emerged from the darkness behind them.
“Wow that guy is in a hurry” said Danny.
Duncan woke up from his comment and looked be hind them. “I bet it’s that Ewoke man haha” he immediately regretted his comment. What if it was that man?

“Why is he driving so fast” Danny was getting scared. The sound of his voice made it obvious, that, and he was swerving back and forth on the road.

The headlights behind them were getting closer and closer. They could now make out a rusty red truck. The cracked headlights were abnormally bright. It was a beast of a truck kicking up dirt on both sides of it as it raced towards Duncan and Danny’s little jeep.

“Ok dude. This guys most be nuts” he had his brights on blinding Duncan and Danny. “hey! Dude turn off your brights!” he yelled out of the window, Duncan was scared but he hated to be bright lighted more.

“Dude just let it be”
“No!” said Duncan “it’s never ok to bright light”
The car was getting closer and closer. And they could nearly make out every detail of the truck.

“what the hell.” Duncan whispered to himself after noticing who the driver was. He was a very big and ugly man.

“I told you dude you pissed him off” Danny replied
“no, no its ok” he leaned out the door “hey man, sorry.” He turned to Danny “see its ok now. I apologized”
“like that’s going to work” Danny usually was more optimistic but not in this case.

“Oh, look! Ha-ha” the truck began to slow down. “see that ugly guy just wanted us to say sorry, like its my fault he is that hairy” he said the last sentence to himself. But they didnt have any time to ceach their breaths, because out of nowhere came a loud crash as they found themselves getting knocked against the car door. The car spun out making them dizzy, but they quickly regained control “what was that” Danny yelled trying to keep control of the car. His question was answered. As he looked behind him he saw a evil smile and wicked eyes glaring at him. It was that man.

“ok now would be a good time to step on the gas.” Duncan yelled. The crazed man was caching them again preparing to ram then once again.
“Dude, I am!” But there were not going fast enough the driver was getting closer and closer they could almost see his sweat. They could almost smell his horrible stench.
“Damn it!”
“What!” Danny feared for his life as he should, for the man was almost close enough to hit them again.
“Dude, you’re almost out of gas.”
“But I just filled the tank! Right before” he was interrupted as the driver slammed the jeep again, nearly knocking them into a ditch. “Stop it you crazed lunatic!!!” this was the first time Duncan had ever seen Dan lose it.
“Hey! Man!” Duncan leaned out of the window again “ I already apologized!”

But the insane driver didn’t listen he began to speed up and try for another attack. Danny battled the driver and tried to keep control. He Tried to make it to town he could almost see the lights of splinter plain. If he could just tough it out for a few more minutes he would be safe, he would survive.
Another slam and the car completely lost control, Danny couldn’t hold out any longer. The world was spinning, almost like they were on the merry go round. But nothing was merry about this, this was the end. Dirt field the air and there lungs as they spun out. This and the screaming sound of bending and breaking metal filled there ears. Duncan and Danny were pulsing with pain. That’s all they could feel or even think about, the horrible, horrible pain. But it didn’t last long; soon all they saw and heard was blackness, nothingness as there car slammed into the ditch.

Smoke covered the crash sight. Painting the sky in gray, but nothing moved, and all was silent, except for the sound of the smoking being released from the totaled car. An almost sizzle sound.
At least they did make it to Splinter Planes. But some one inform The girls that they will be late for their dates.

he News is playing in the background but no one ever really listens to it, Not at this bar at least. On the far corner of the bar, alone, is a drunken man, feeling sorry for himself. You see he just killed three kids without even realizing it, so he thinks anyways, Poor Mr. Barley. Something on the new caches his attention as he took another swig of his whiskey.

“More killing, have been discovered in Splinter Plains This morning.” The news lady on the TV seemed to be scared. She most lives close to the town or new some one who did at least.
Jim was too tipsy to hear her next words but he did make out part of the sentence.

“over 50… slaughtered….Brutally…. No suspects, No evidence…….God Help US”
“I’m a monster!!!” Mr. Barley yelled thinking he was the one behind all of the murders. It was over a month since he discovered the dead bodies of the kids, since then countless murders have been discovered. Some were even outside The Plains, It was a surprise it was just now making the news.

“Can I, uh. Haave Eh not her.” Jim had proble already had enough but the bar tender could not refuse his best costumer.
“same as usually Mr Barley” He was already making the drink, He new the answer before he had asked.
“yea, put it on my tab.” He listened to the news for a little bit, thankfully they stopped talking about the killings.
“In unrelated news, some new disease is spreading across the country....”
“Who Cares!” in a drunken outburst Jim threw is glass at the TV. He missed and it shattered on the ground. “im head on home!” He stumbled out the door and almost tripped over himself. Yea, he proble had enough.
.As he wobbled on home (or the libery) he decided to stop at the park were he found the kids. He stopped there ever so often to see if he left any evidence of the encounter. Dang it was cold out. Chills ran up Jims neck. But for some reason he didn’t think it was all because of the cold air.

Here is the school, same as always. Leaves brushed against Jims feet as he walked up to the swing and started swinging. It was kinda of relaxing swinging at night, with only the dim light of the street lights.

“Mr Barly?” a young voice asked “Chuck threw up in the cafeteria, can you clean it up?” A young voice floated in the air.
“what! Who was that!?” Mr Barley looked around but couldn’t find the source of the voice. “were are you, you brat. Show your self”

“im over her Mr Barley. Right over here” The voice was demented. It resembled the sound of a innocent boy, Plagued by evil. “Want to play Mr Barley?” what ever game this corrupt by wanted to play Mr Barley wanted nothing to do with it.

“He mis ter Bar lay. Whya you look scared we ant gunna hurtcha”
I recognize those voices, it’s those damn kids their not dead. They were just pretending, trying to get me in trouble. “Show your self’s you brats!”

“Lets play in the library, in your room” The all talked in unison. Every word drifted in the air like a fog.

“Stay out of my room!!” Jim began to get scared. What if they were ghosts? What do they want with me? Il just run to my house. Il beat them there. il lock them out.
He started to sprint to his house.

Almost their, he could see the library in front of him. When I get there I just lock the door, il run to my room and lock them out. Those monsters wont get me!!. Every foot step brought him closer and closer to safty.
“Mr Barley, Why are you running, Mr. Barley.” The voices were sick and twisted. “MR BARLEY!!” the voice screamed in a demonic tone.

“leave me alone!!” He was crossing the road. And. Everything went black, just for a second as a sharp pain thrashed up his knee. He opened his eyes and was looking up at the sky, the stars almost peaceful. Then he noticed he was on his back. He had fallen down, but he was ok with it.

“were almost next to you Mr Barley”
He slowly got to his feet. But he couldn’t run. He had twisted his ancle in the fall, so he limped to his house. Every step, bringing more and more pain.
Almost their, im almost there, Just a few seconds and all be threw that door and all this will go away. The grass was now beneath his feet. It was a reminder that he was on his lawn, well the city’s lawn. Ok, heres the door. He twisted the door knob and, he couldn’t be-leave it. He stood their incomplete fear.

“No, no I killed you, you’re dead. How is this possible!!!”
The three boys stood in front of him. There flesh was rotten and peeling off of there bodies. Their jaws hung loosely from there faces as if lunging to the ground And those eyes those small red eyes, were filled with hells fire. With every movement they made the flesh stretched making a horrid sound. This was not the prettiest sight Jim had ever saw.
“Its time to play Mr. Barley” the voice was terrible low. It was demonic. Not a voice of a child but of a demon.

“What do you want with me, IM SORRY!! I didn’t mean to kill you”. In the first time in years Mr. Barley did not seem to be drunk. “plez don’t hurt Me”. But he was in a mad state.

“Bye, Bye Mr. Barley. Its time to Die HAHAHA”

In an effort to protect him self he grabbed at a near by, conveniently placed, bat and with all his strength, swung at the fat boy. The bat collided with his head, smashing it in. It gave a hollow thud as it hit, followed by a cracking sound and an out pour of blood and guts. But that wasn’t enough to save poor Mr. Barley, who was beginning to come to terms with is cruel fate.

The three young boys came closer and closer to Jim. He couldn’t stop but staring in to their eyes. Their skin hung lose from their skeletons. He could smell their rotten flesh now. He couldn’t take it. Is this it? Is it all over? Jim closed is eyes. He didn’t want to see his demise

Blackness was welcomed with a huge rush of pain in this left shoulder. An emergence of blood painted is body, and a sudden rush of numbness emerged over his left side of this bodie. Jim clinched is hand in keep his mind from the pain. The dripping sound of blood hitting the air, in a weird way, comforted him. It reminded him of the sound of rain. He could see the ran falling from the sky as he drifted farther and farther away. He let it take him away, away from this world away from the pain, but The relaxation didn’t last, He put his hand over the flesh run, and another rush if tormented pain flooded threw his vains had he felt the huge hole... “wheres my arm?”

he opened his eyes, their on the floor dripping with blood was his entire arm. Squirts of blood spurted from were it once met his shoulder. Every second he felt himself drifting away, growing weaker and weaker. Jim Barley, was dying.

“why?” he asked in a weak voice to the dead boys. “why?” they stared blankly at him. With a grim smile on their faces. Then blackness.

It could have been minutes, hours, weeks even. Truth is Jim really didn’t know how long he had been laying on that floor. He could take a guess, but that’s exactly what it would be, a useless guess. He took a glance around the room. Everything see seemed to be in order. Maybe it was a dream he thought, one hell of a dream.
“man I need to quit drinking” he motioned to get up, he put his hand on the ground. As he tried to push himself up he felt nothing were his left hand was so-pose to be. He fell flat on his face and a intense urge of pain fell threw his bodie. “maybe it wasn’t a dream” as he layed their he noticed that his hand was missing. “why da hell would they take my freaking hand” he got up on to his knees “why!!” he sat there screaming bleeding for a few minutes before collapsing to the floor. That’s when he notices the hand he knocked off of the boy. “If they took my hand il take his” as he reached for the bloody hand. “What? Thats not right” he expected to feel bone but instead, he felt hard plastic. Hard plastic covered in leathery flesh. And, then more blackness.

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Beep. Beep, beep…beep. That’s all he could hear as he woke up. Were am I? how’d I get here? Thoughts were racing through his mind, what happened to me? How long have I been here?.
He heard a female voice in the distance, talking to some one urgently “that one is stable. Im going run a few more tests.. These boys are lucky to be a live.”
He just stood there laying down in the bed. He wasn’t in very much pain anymore, whatever pain killers they had him on worked, they worked very well. He noticed that he had some cloth covering his eyes, a bandage of some sort. He took a second to take in his surrounding. With out the accompany of sight. He was laying on a hard bed. Tightly tucked in, the room was cold and seemed small to him, he could tell by the way the sounds bounced off of the walls. He was use to using his hearing as an instrument. So it wasn’t hard. He listened to the sounds surrounding him. He hard a caurt, proble a stracher move down a hall and stop in front of his door.

“what another, not another one!” A male voice yelled
“this is insane! What’s wrong with all these people?” another voice said.
“iv never seen anything like this, get him in to the ER now!”
He could hear the cart rolling farther down the hallway. then a scream, a monsters scream.
“ahh he is waking up! Restrain him. Now!” the sounds off a struggle echoed into his room. he could make out a crash of metal hitting the floor and the screams of what ever creature they were restraining. Some body dropped a book or chart to help in the struggle. The paper thudded as it hit the ground and the paper made a scattering sound as they fell apart.

“What the hell! He is attacking me! Grab him, grab him, ahh!”

“im trying, his claws are sharp!!” a women yelled
a tearing sound echoed down the hall. “he is cutting my hand up!!” the women yelled

“get the tranquilizer!!” the man was obviously in command
then heard the loud sound of something brutally hitting flesh, and the spraying sound of liquid followed by the sound of a dieing beast, but he didn’t think the animal was dead, just calmed. And Then the fight was over as suddenly as it begin.
“What is wrong with these people?” this was the voice of the man who was attacked. he was panting. “that guy freaking bit me.” a female voice answered him “I don’t know, hey let me see that?” she paused “wow its all ready getting infected lets get some medication on that”
the sounds of foot steps filled his ear. They were coming toward him getting louder and louder. It was a soft sound most likely a girl.
“How are you feeling to day?” he was right writing the foot steps did belong to a young lady. “let me take this rap off of your eyes” she gently grabbed the bandage and a sudden burst of light rushed into his eyes burning them. he looked at the lady. it was a middle aged girl. she reminded him of the nice nanny type because of her jolly puffy face, although she was not fat by any means but she did give off the feeling of plumpness. “Mourning, you’ve been unconscious for a few days now. your very lucky to be alive”
He was to tired to respond so he just grunted.
“haha, I take that as a, I know” she began to walk to the door “il get you something to eat, Ok?” she didn’t wait for his response, which would have been a yes, he was starving. He got a glimpse of the hall way when she opened the door to exit. There was a weird deformed man on a stretcher. he was pale greyish green and had cuts and slashed all over his body. his mouth was abnormally long filled with sharp teeth. he was covered in blood, as was the stretcher he was strapped to and the walls around him. Except the walls looked as if some one took a pain bucked of blood and threw it on them. But the worst part of this main was his small yellow eyes and the pulsing vains all over his body. He most have been on that stretcher for awhile because blood had leaked off of the sides of the bed and onto the floor, coating it in a thin, dark layer of blood. The strange main was looking right at Duncan. Looking right into his soul with is small yellow eyes. He was a painting almost as if struggling for air
“wow, and I thought I was ugly” Duncan thought.
After staring at the door for a little while he noticed that he was still very tired and weak, That seemed strange being that he was unconscious for a long time. So he decided to rest his eyes for awhile. He let the drowsiness take over and drifted back to sleep, wonderful, wonderful sleep...
“Oh my God!!, Pliz some Bodie!! Help!” a frantic scream filled his ears. It belonged to a man. He was scared.
The sounds of screams and alarms going off echoed threw out the hospital along with the horrible sounds of destruction and the sprinklers. To put it simple the hospital was in mayhem.
Duncan opened his eyes. “what is going on?” he asked himself. The light in his small room was flickering and dim, along with every other light in the hospital now. He nearly fell as he got out of the bed and headed to the door. Just behind the door he could hear the sound of people running and the gruesome growls of some animal, some monster.
Ok just a few more inched and il be holding the handle. As he grasped the cold door knop he thought. Do I really want to see what behind this door? No im not going to be like those dumb people in horror movies. You know whats behind this door and you want nothing to do with it.
He let go of the handle. No in steed il make a real plan, I wont die today. He was stopped in his thought. A rumble sound came from above. Followed by a loud crashing sound and a cluster of debre, that rained down on him. Great... what is it now. He felt a warm breeze on his neck and heavy painting... hunger painting like a mad dog waiting to kill his prey. Duncan turned around slowly, already having some what of idea of what was behind him. Chills ran down his spin and sweat coated his hand and his heart beated louder and louder as we slowly turned around. And then his eyes meet the small yellow eyes of the monster. The gray leathery, blood covered, skin of his demise. Its long mouth was spurting gallons of drool, barly human. He closed his eyes. He didn’t want to see his death coming.

This is it this is the end. Suddenly more debre fell to the ground and another loud thud. What is going on? What not another one. Another monster joined the other one. They started growling at each other. One of the monsters jumped in front of Duncan and began to growl at the other menacingly. Oh great they are fighting over who gets to kill me. “come on guys theirs plenty to go around” funny how when you know your going to die, you can joke around he thought.
In a rush the apposing monster charged and grabbed the one in front of Duncan. Slamming him into the wall. Shrill Shrieks of pain Followed as the monster bit him. Blood splattered onto Duncan.
Hey this is my chance I can make a run for it. He slowly edged away from the fighting beasts, hoping they didnt notice him leaving. They other monster had now escaped from the a poser and now had him in his grip, and was biting and ripping at his neck. Throw flesh into the air. Ok just a few more inches, grab the handle, slowly, slowly turn. And.. a loud unhitching sound over rang the sounds of the monsters fighting “great,” he said as the monsters stopped fighting and turned to him and began growling.
Duncan continued to open the door slowly and stepped out and shut it behind him. The monsters just looked at him as if they didn’t know what to think as he left.
“i guess there not the smartest bunch” Then the rushed out of the door after him. Dang I really need to learn to watch my mouth. Duncan sprinted down the destruction off the halls. Over dead bodies broken boards and puddles of blood, with the monsters close behind him. They looked almost human as if they were human at one point, but they ran like animals. Monkey like almost. Like a mad rabid monkey.
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