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By Anonymous

     Every day at school I see students trying as hardas they can to look popular, or at least somewhat cool. Through the years, I havediscovered that almost everyone, no matter how old or young, tries to be cool. Iconsider this to be a type of epidemic. When one person wears a new style, itisn't long before more and more people try to match, or top that fad. As asenior, this concept has become even more noticeable. My freshman year, I toldmyself that I would live my life not caring what anyone thought of me. Four yearslater, I believe that any of my peers would agree I have stayed true to thiscommitment.

I am in no way saying that I am better than others. On thecontrary, although I have different views, I am only human and make mistakes. AllI am saying is that the opinion of my peers about my style, or lack thereof, hasno effect on how I live or what I think of myself.

Punks, goths, jocks andeven preps all try to be cool, just using different fashions. I have no problemwith any of these groups, I just choose not to be part of them. When people at myschool consider me popular, I say I am just an individual without a group. I makea point of talking to everyone, no matter what clique or background.

I seeno point in being cool; it only lasts a little while. Once you are in college orout in the real world, no one will care if you were homecoming queen or receivedthe most spirited award. You will be just another face in the crowd. Yourhigh-school popularity or "coolness" will mean nothing to anyone aroundyou.

In college you will be just another freshman who knows nothing.In the real world you will be just another man or woman with a job. I believethat if you talk to all kinds of people, you will find yourself fitting intosociety easier than it was to fit into a group in high school. To me, that meansa whole lot more than wearing name-brand clothing.

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i love this so much!