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By Anonymous

   I don't live in Bosnia or Beirut, or any other nation where something this devastating would not be surprising. Then why am I seeing such horrific scenes as I turn on the television? I live in America, the land of the free and home of the brave. So why must we now be controlled by violence and live in fear?

The Federal Building in Oklahoma City isn't the first time a terrorist attack has occurred in the United States. Not too long ago, the World Trade Center in New York City was bombed, leaving five dead and many injured. But these things aren't supposed to happen here.

Heart-breaking images of children being carried out of the wreckage, some alive, some not so fortunate, were all over the media. It was even more upsetting as some people managed to walk away with just a few scratches. As I absorbed what was occurring, I wondered what kind of human being could be so heartless and cruel. I realized it wasn't the act of a human, but an animal, for no creature with a soul could be so cold.

The day after the disaster brought family members and friends walking helplessly around the wreckage, instead of injured. Many people carried pictures of loved ones, asking, worriedly, if anyone knew their fate or whereabouts. The wondering is probably the hardest part. Sometimes it is just better to know.

Though, at the time I'm writing this, no one has been directly accused, composite sketches of suspects have been released. Whoever was so heartless to do this, if found will be given the worst punishment possible. Even though nothing can make them suffer as the many people directly and indirectly affected by the tragedy have. ?

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