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Tell me this

April 26, 2012
By babygirl576 PLATINUM, Marion, Michigan
babygirl576 PLATINUM, Marion, Michigan
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Tell me this;

Why is it that it’s so wrong for gay/lesbian/bisexual people to love who they love?

Alright, now here’s the typical answer you’ll most likely hear;

“Because it states in the bible that men and women are to be together, not women and women or men and men. It goes against God and what he wanted for us. And he’ll damn all of them to hell.”
(Or something like that, I don’t read the bible.)

Or you may here this;

“God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steven or Eve and Eva.”
(Yes, a little immature answer, no?)

Or you may here this;

“Liking the same gender is not natural.”

Or this;

“It encourages other people to be gay, too!!”

Or this;

“Because gay/lesbians can’t have children, and who would want two moms or two dads!? EW.”

Alright, I think I’ve made my point very clear as the why ‘homophobes hate us so much.’ Yes? Yes?



First off, yes, I’ll condone with you that in the bible it indeed says ‘God created man and woman to be together.’ BUT it also states that God loves all of his creations, and he hates no one. If being gay/lesbian/bisexual is such a sin, then why would God choose to make them that way? And before some of you go and tell me that ‘It’s a chemical imbalance in their brains.’ Or ‘They chose to be this way.’ Alright, yes, some of them DO choose to be this way, but some of them are BORN THIS WAY. (Wasn’t trying to have a relation with the Lady Gaga song.) And a ‘chemical imbalance’? What are they, lab experiments? NO. They’re humans, just like you and me. They breathe, love, feel, and hurt. They hurt way more than they should. And if they’re happy with the same gender, then they deserve to be happy. It doesn’t make your God love them any more or any less and damn them all to hell. And that’s a fact.

Tell me that.

Maybe liking the same gender isn’t natural for YOU, but it’s completely natural for THEM. It’s what they know. It’s what makes them happy. It’s who they are. IT’S NATUARL.

Yes, it’s true that gay/lesbian people can’t have children of their own, but they can adopt children. Why is that so wrong? Do you know how many children out there are starving or getting abused in those shelter/orphanages? They need GOOD STABLE homes. And if it’s not with a man and a women, then it’ll be with a man and a man or a women and a women. As long as they’re happy, being fed, and getting loved, why should it concern you? Why would you look down on their happiness? Why should you want to take that away from them?

You say that being gay/lesbian/bisexual will influence other people to do the same…but last I checked people have minds of their own. They can think for themselves, and if they know they’re straight, then they’re straight. And if they’re TRULY straight, then being around/hanging out with gay/lesbian/bisexual people absolutely WILL NOT change their minds.

I’m in no way hating on straight people. I have straight friends, and I love them to death. Actually, I’m not hating on anyone, I’m just voicing my opinion and stating facts. But I am however reminding all the closed minded people out there that, being gay/lesbian/bisexual isn’t a ‘bad’ or ‘unnatural’ or ‘inhuman’ thing. Most of you just don’t take the time to get to know us; you open you mouths before your mind, and that’s what hurts so many people in society today. The hurtful words of closed minded people.

If you don’t like gay/lesbian/bisexual people, then I’ll respect you, as will probably almost all the other gay/lesbian/bisexual people, just as long as you don’t threaten us or insult us. You can voice your opinion in a reasonable manner, but don’t expect us to back down and turn away. We’ll voice our opinion back, in a reasonable manner, which will probably end with it being a debate.

I respect you if you don’t like gay people, as you should respect me that I don’t agree with you, but will not start a fight; I however don’t respect you if you shove the bible down my throat and try to ‘save my soul’. Trust me, it doesn’t need saving. I will also not respect you if you threaten my friends, or if I hear you talking bad about ‘that one gay kid’ that I happen to know.

I guess the point here that I’m trying to make is;

Respect us, and we’ll respect you.

Don’t insult us, and we won’t insult you. (Most of the time. There are those angry people…)

Don’t shove the bible in our faces, and we’ll get along just fine.

Don’t try to ‘save us’, because we’re happy just the way we are.

Tell me this;

You say you hate gay/lesbian/bisexual people…but did you know that your best friend could be gay/lesbian/bisexual?

You say you hate gay/lesbian/bisexual people…but did you know that in your group of friends, one of them could very well be gay/lesbian/bisexual?

You say you hate gay/lesbian/bisexual people…but did you know that your brother/sister could be gay/lesbian/bisexual?

I guess you never thought of that (or maybe you have, I don’t know). But your words hurt more than ‘just that one kid’, they could be hurting one of your friends/siblings, and you might not even know it, because you’re too busy hating people like them, and they’re too scared to confide in you in fear that you will shun them away forever.

Tell me that.

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I'm a lesbian and pretty proud of it

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