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60 Seconds

January 26, 2009
By Anonymous

A lot can happen in 60 seconds: a song can be downloaded on iTunes, the winning drive of a football game can be completed and several text messages can be sent.
History can also be made in 60 seconds. The first black President of the United States was sworn into office in about 60 seconds. The nation took its first steps towards a journey that this country has been traveling for over a hundred years.
Senator Barack Obama, who on Jan. 20, 2009 became President Obama, has opened the doors and let the light of equality began its descent on the American people.
Or so it may seem. So many Americans have believed this for the past couple of months and the time has finally come for our predictions to be confirmed. Will Obama live up to the legacy he has already built in this short time? Will he bring about the change that so many believe this country is in desperate need of right now?
Only time will tell. As for his first day as President, he has done a pretty good job. As soon as he was sworn in, Obama began his nearly-routine habit of speech-making. His highly anticipated inauguration speech did not disappoint and he delivered it with the same dramatic flair he has provided in his previous speeches.
His manner was quite solemn, as he presumably reflected on the immense responsibility that lies ahead of him. But, nonetheless, he delivered a message of hope and determination that brought tears to the eyes of many Americans.
The entire spectacle was amazing to watch. An estimated two million people gathered to watch as their new President took his first steps in this new position.
Michelle Obama and her daughters were also present at the ceremony. Amidst the cold air and flying banners, the entire Obama family glowed with the excitement of the upcoming events. Malia and Sasha, who had already met famous celebrities, such as the Jonas Brothers, seem to be settling into their new lifestyle quite nicely ().
All of the hype that has surrounded Obama during his presidential race has had a celebrity like effect that does not seem to have been tainted by his election to the presidency or his transition into office.
However, because of the sky-high expectations for what he will do in office, criticism may come swiftly through news media throughout the country. I hope that people do not judge Obama too quickly and without bases for their conclusions.
Running the country is a hard job and nobody is perfect, not even the President. I hope that people will see that just because Obama has made history doesn’t mean he isn’t also capable of making mistakes.
Obama seems to have everything in hand so far and has met each challenge up to this point. He has handled himself well in the presidential campaign and did not back down, even when he was challenged by the more-experienced Republican candidate John McCain.
The fact that this inauguration is now a part of history really made it worth-while for me. My thoughts mirrored those of a young seven-year-old boy from Kansas who was present at the inauguration when he announced to the world that he will tell his kids all about it when he grows up.
Even as I sat and watched the ceremony take place on the screen of my computer, I felt chills go up my spine, the kind caused by only historical moments.
I know that Obama may not be what the nation was hoping for as President, but I still want to enjoy the fact that history has taken place and I was able to experience it. I may not have been one of the spectators who stood in the freezing temperatures at the ceremony in Washington, D.C., but for me, it still had the same effect.
Now that those historic 60 seconds have come and gone, it is time for a new President to take his rightful place in American history and live out the expectations of a nation.

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Very true. Your article has a lt of truth and a lot of depth. I agree with you. A lot can happen in 60 seconds. You have such a talent and greatness in you; I hope you know that. Thank you for sharing this. ^_^