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Two of the Same

May 24, 2010
By kittttykat BRONZE, Sidney, Ohio
kittttykat BRONZE, Sidney, Ohio
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Right or wrong? That's the question everyone seems to have about gay marriage. What is gay marriage exactly? When a man and a man get married, or when a woman and a woman get married? No, it's much more than that; it's a love between two people. Should it really matter who loves who? I don't think so. Yet, it is a topic that is often disagreed upon.

Why? Why do people think gay marriage is so terrible and should be forbidden? I guess it's based on that persons beliefs. I, being completely straight, believe that gay marriage should be allowed.

Six, the number of states that allow same-sex marriage. The states that allow it are: Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine. That is six out of 50 states. This means that 44 states do not allow same-sex marriage. I personally think that it is pathetic. More states should allow same-sex marriage.

Sure, God put one man and one woman on earth. They started it all. Was it based on choice, or were they born that way? If you want to judge someone on their sexuality, you're wrong. Who are you to tell someone they are wrong for being attracted to someone when you yourself are choosing to be one way or another. How is that making you right? It doesn't. It's hypocritical to do such a thing.

Which brings me to gay adoption. If a gay couple wants a child, who is to tell them otherwise? Some would argue that a gay couple would have a very negative effect on the child. Sometimes, that could be, but other times, it could be an unharming situation. With Meghan, she isn't gay. She likes boys. And there is nothing wrong with that. Is there? I don't think so. Yet, there is something horribly wrong with a girl liking a girl, or boy liking a boy.

Kris, a friend of mine who was adopted at a young age. His adoptive parents are two men that live together. So, yes, they are gay. Throughout his elementary school years and part of his middle school life he always was attracted to girls. He had girlfriends and was happy with them. Then sometime in 7th grade, he came out of the closet and pronounced he was gay. Ever since then, he has gotten a few boyfriends. That situation I believe was mainly by choice because from the time he was little until he was 12, he was highly attracted to girls.

Meghan, another one of my friends, her mom and dad split up sometime when she was little and her mom got a girlfriend. Since then, her mom has had 2 girlfriends and has had them both live with her and Meghan. Meghan is straight, and currently has a boyfriend. They have been together for a long time now. She has never once thought about having a girlfriend, or having any type of relationship with a girl. This was a neutral effect on the way gay people can raise a child.

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