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What is a Utopia

November 14, 2010
By StoryBox34 SILVER, Caldwell, Ohio
StoryBox34 SILVER, Caldwell, Ohio
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In my point of view, a utopia is a place where everyone is equal. Where on-one suffers pain, or creates it. A utopia is a place where everyone fits in, and knows they can be their selves. A place where racism, poverty, and hunger, doesn’t exist. Although there is no such thing as a utopia, everyone dreams of one. Thoughts and ideas in everyone’s mind vary, but that doesn’t mean that someone else’s is wrong. It means there is more than one way to create it. Through thoughts and ideas of many citizens, a utopia can be created. But it isn’t as easy as it seems. It is far too difficult to rid the entire world of everything sinister. For now, a utopia is nothing but a dream.

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Look up the word UTOPIA, and tell me what it says, what you see, what you feel... Now campare it to what WE have, as a world, an environment. What's YOUR opinion on it?...

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