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Teen Romance: Yes or No?

May 12, 2021
By teapavli SILVER, Tirana, Other
teapavli SILVER, Tirana, Other
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Different relationships will accompany us throughout all of our lives. Learning how to surround yourself with healthy relationships that help you grow as a person is an important thing. The teenage stage of our life is a time where we grow, mature and learn important lessons. I think that romantic relationships play a very important role in that. As a parent, the concept of your teen having a romantic life and getting hurt or manipulated may seem a little uncomfortable, however teen romance is actually normal and healthy. Being a teenager myself, I can say that most kids at this age have experienced dating at least once.   
The truth is that sooner or later every teen experiences getting into a relationship and this might be exciting and scary at the same time. These kinds of relationships prepare us for the more mature adult relationships. By experiencing these things, teenagers grow emotionally, get used to rejection, and learn how to be considerate and good to their partner. It’s a good time to acknowledge your self-worth, distinguish toxic from healthy relationships, experiment and find what you are interested in, because after all you don’t have anything to lose. Even if you end up getting hurt, at the end, you will have learned from your mistakes and that gives you an opportunity to change things in the future. The “pain” that you might experience from breakups will actually make you stronger and less naive. Being more experienced, will make your future relationships easier and healthier.   
Another important thing while dating in your teenage years is opening up to your parents. Not all parents will approve of dating at this age, but kids should try to talk to them and figure out a solution that works for both sides. In my opinion I think that all parents should try to understand if their child wants to start dating, in order to prevent their child from lying to them. Saying no to dating from the beginning without trying to understand will only make the child want it more and as a result they will sneak around their parents back. Being supportive and giving children the right amount of privacy will make it easier for them to open up to their parents and it will make the family connection stronger. However, parents should still give their children some advice on relationships and set some rules that they think are appropriate.  
   Some people might argue that relationships aren’t appropriate for teenagers because they are still kids who aren’t mature enough. Some other parents might think that teenage romances don’t last, and they try to shield their children from the heartbreak that a breakup can cause. The reason I disagree with that is because having a healthy relationship in your teenage years will not harm you in any way. By allowing teenagers to date, parents can guide them into having healthy and proper relationships. So, in my eyes, the positives outweigh the negatives of this situation. What I’m trying to say is that teens will probably start dating with or without their parents' consent because relationships are part of the experiences in teenage life. At the end we all want what's best for ourselves and relationships play a part in the process of achieving this. Teenage years provide opportunities for us to explore our interests and develop our identity which we can benefit from by creating close relationships with other people. And even if the relationship ends badly and we make mistakes, we can still learn from our mistakes and become a better person as an outcome.   

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I love how this was written, totally agree! :))

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