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A Prep in New York: An Exotic Animal

October 12, 2021
By pflouret BRONZE, Manhattan, New York
pflouret BRONZE, Manhattan, New York
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Today, I could’ve met my boyfriend for all I know, but the universe chose not to. I kid you not, this guy was everything I was looking for, finally a Nate Archibald type of guy. And you know what? He had not a hoodie, but a polo and ¾ zip. I still die thinking about it, that’s all I need, a boy in J-Crew pants and a ¾ zip and I’m set. I’m joking, of course, looks and outfits aren’t everything, but here in New York, these boys appear once in a blue moon.

Every time I happen to see one of these rare exotic creatures, the same thing happens every time. Subtle eye- contact but awkward at the same time and one just keeps on walking, but NOT this guy. This unknown, stunning tall blonde boy that I had never seen before in my life walked by me, and of course, the usual eye contact was made.

However, here’s the catch, he was going one way and I was going into a bookstore on the corner of 93rd and Madison. I looked discreetly behind me before entering, while I was going to pick up A Room With a View, ironic isn’t it?

While I’m paying at the counter, all I can think of was the boy that just passed me, and this is where I hate myself after this point, and why my stupid self decided not to stay in the bookstore five minutes longer. The boy CAME BACK into the bookstore as if he was coming back for me, and I am very much convinced that he was and no one can tell me otherwise.

I had already walked by him again on my way out, so I couldn’t spontaneously decide to all of a sudden whirl around and casually go back to a shelf as if I was still looking for a book, and he would know. 

Anyways, it was a missed encounter, and if you can find me walking up and down 93rd and Madison for the next couple of weeks, determined to find the exotic animal with the ¾ zip, which I have yet to see again weeks later. 

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