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Love Triangles in the Theater 

August 22, 2022
By Natitoon GOLD, Washington, District Of Columbia
Natitoon GOLD, Washington, District Of Columbia
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A “love triangle” is what we call a situation where two people have feelings for the same person, or where one person is in love with two people at the same time.  This is a common trope in fiction used to create drama. I have made a list of 13 important love triangles in the theater, based on an original list from the YouTube channel MsMojo.

1.My Fair Lady. (1956) Henry originally was just using Eliza to win a bet but eventually developed feelings for her. Freddy falls in love with her immediately.


2. Les Misérables. (1980) Cosette and Marius fall in love but the problem is that Emponine is also in love with him.

3. Phantom of the opera. (1986) Christine and Raul are in love but The Phantom also has feelings for her.  


4. Chess (1988) Florence is in a relationship with Freddie but falls for Anatoly. The story is set during the Cold War.


5.  Miss Saigon (1989). The main character Kim, is in love with Chris and he feels the same but the issue is that he is married. The plot is set in Vietnam where  people don't like that sort of thing.

6.  Rent (1996).  Roger and Benny both are attracted to Mimi.

7. Aida by Elton John and Tim Rice (2000)  Radames is in love with Aida but he is engaged to Amneris. The plot is set in Egypt.

8.  Romeo and Juliet musical from 2001 by Gerard Presgurvic This follows the classic Shakespeare play, where Romeo is in love with Juliet but Tybalt (her cousin) also has feelings for her. The problem is that the couple can't be together because their families are enemies. Tybalt challenges Romeo to a duel.

9. Wicked. (2003) Elphaba and Glinda both fall in love with Fiyero. The story is set in Oz.

10.A Gentleman's Guide to Love And Murder (2013).

The plot is basically about a guy who tries to kill his family for money. There are two women interested in him. They end up sharing him.

11. Hamilton. (2015) Eliza and her sister Angelica are both in love with Alexander. It is set in New York in the time of the American Independence.


12.  Anastasia (2016). The story is set in 1920s Russia and based on a much older legend.  This triangle is complicated because one of the guys, Dimitri, initially was using Anya (the main character) for money and the other, Gleb tried to kill her. One represents the past and the other the future.


13. The Great Comet of 1812 (2017). Basically this story follows Natasha who is engaged to one guy but falls in love with another who is already married.

My opinion:

I like love triangles in theater because they create good drama and that's cool.   Despite some people not liking them in real life, I think they are interesting because it's a complicated topic and also they are popular with audiences. My favorite is Anastasia because I love the relationship between the characters. Anya has to choose between a free love and one with conditions. 


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i like this topic.

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