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Is It Wrong?

May 28, 2010
By WritingIsAPoison SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
WritingIsAPoison SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Guys should be like klennex, soft, strong, and disposable.

Love. Such a strange word that doesn't have a face or definition. I can't see love because you have no identity! Altough, some how I suspect that are in the person I "love". You sit right next to me and that boyish grin, plays on your face. I love that silly grin of yours!
It's always there when I'm sad or happy. Your laugh runs in and out of my mind; like a melody that is stuck on repeat. Your smell has made a permante residence in my nose and is committed to memory.
But, for some reason, my friends find out relationship...strange.
"It's not right!"
"What do you see in him?"
"Are you blind?"
Is what they ask me constantly. How can a darker skinned person of my complexion, fall in with the likes of lighter tone person? Is it wrong that I love to play in his darker curls of hair? Or that I love the fact that he can recite how pretty I am to him in another language?
Better yet, how can he find anything remotely interesting in me!?
A girl who listens to Lady Gaga and rap along with Lil Wayne.
A girl who knows how to break and crump and get down on the dance floor!
A girl who was raised on soul food from the roots of the south.
A girl who is afraid of going because she'll get darker out in the sun and her hair will sweat out.
Anybody inside your own would have suited you. But no, you went outside the line and crossed into the darker side.
Now everytime we embrace; they stare.
When joke around with each other and you wrap an arm around my waist; they gawk.
When our lips meet in a frantic kiss; they almost die!
Dating outside your race? A scary topic to be raised in our mixing bowl school. Blacks should hook up with blacks. Hispanics with other hispanics. Whites with whites.
That's the way it's always been. And if you happen to wonder away from you place, they will find you!
"What's wrong with the brothers here?" they scream at you. It's immoral! It's wrong! It's untraditional! It's race mixing!
Is what you hear!
To them, love is blind. It knows no race nor sex. Love is love. Why should the matters of the heart, become associated with race?
If love is blind?
Do you belive in dating outside your race?

The author's comments:
I wrote this because, some people find that dating outside you race is a thing you NEVER do. To them, you're a traitor. Going with the enemy. But, so many people fall in love because of all the right reasons and they screw the wrong ones.

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