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Mentallity, other things

September 9, 2012
By angeloflife GOLD, Barrington, Rhode Island
angeloflife GOLD, Barrington, Rhode Island
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As you get older we're told that we change and what we like changes as well. But I seem see that we do change but why can't choosing things be easy. Always changing who we like to who we love back to saying who are they. We all face decisions, I just wish the decisions were easier. But they would be saying that life is easy and it's not for god gives us what he thinks we need to learn. Life is about learning, as people we make mistakes and find new people to like but we never think of the effects on the others in the situation. You could be ready to move on while the other isn't. Feeling guilt is part of life but is that anyway to be a reason to stay with them? I think not if you like someone else go for it especially if they like you 2. I wish the choice was easy. Having too many things on the mind isn't good but it's hard when there's too many fighting for your attention.

The author's comments:
I have too many choices and want someone to help me. But i want to show the different choices everyone has to make or make a decision that changes everything.

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