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WHO ARE YOU? Season/♾ Episode/♾

March 5, 2020
By Teannahcc BRONZE, Dunedin, Florida
Teannahcc BRONZE, Dunedin, Florida
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   When did it start? All the social media, MySpace, Reddit, IMVU,Tumblr? Well actually it all started with a little known site that blew around in the rad year of 1997, Six Degrees. Here people began posting on boards, commenting, and messaging their  “ online contacts’’. Their slogan being “ you’ll be surprised how many people you actually know!”  

   But how true can that really be? Think about it, who do we actually know through a screen? While flipping through the channel list of your followers, do you know “@Clawslayer223s”? Maybe you do. Maybe it's uncle Lyle, the one who fishes for crabs and plays banjo, true. How about “@User09813540”? No, probably not. But yet you still accept the follow request, oh! To grow the  ever growing follower count… you give them access to...you. But wait, who are you? Is that really you “waking up like this” or “telling your day in the life.’’ or is that “@yourusername.” Documenting their story to “@User09813540”? But the real question is, how are you documenting yourself? And whom is the one enjoying the show?

     Well in honesty, you can't really know who is enjoying or rather ignoring your, early morning selfies and late night rowdy snap stories, and definitely not the over exaggerated  Renegades you may post on TikTok..( the for you page is a cesspool for all the views from all perspectives.) if you post it it's there to be seen right? Even if it was a little offensive or only meant for that new fine a** boy you added on snap, to see. You posted it so it's there to be seen. And I'm not here to act like that one video your health teacher made you watch…”be careful what you post online, it's there forever.”  Though that's true, it shouldn't be used as a scare tactic. The truly horrific fact should be that people you don't or barley even know are viewing your content”. And before you build up your walls of defense, how many people follow you on instagram...100? 200? Maybe even 3...thousand. Sit and think, do you know 100 people, or 200? No? Maybe true privacy isn't your virtue, maybe your more into numbers. Though some people might not be driven to fear or a moment of thought at the idea of randos and possible creeps, swiping our instas, or having a marathon on our snap stories. Maybe some people live all for the numbers the and the verification, the “hype” but how would you feel if that rando or “creep” was watching you cry or sexually lip sync to a song or even maybe in the bathroom posing shirtless. Send you a shiver? Well now that we think about it every once in awhile, we get the urge to post like this. Had a rough day, get puffy eyed, drench your face with tears, pucker your lips and throw up a peace sign for snap. Looking for some thirsty attention, head to tictoc, choose your audio, get in front of the sunny window, lick and bite your lips till you feel hot enough to post. Fresh and dripping from the shower? Yeah, go ahead and bless some timelines. But who's adding those lip syncs to their favorite? Double tapping and pushing that little blank bookmark? Do you really know...or is it just another floating number enjoying your life docuseries? And yeah you may be on private...but it's just another follower right? Just another snap view.

      But anyways, besides whos watching you. Who exactly are you? Not to make it grim but if you had to be identified by your captions and actions alone, would your closest family be able to scope you out? ...Are you an AP student who also works and barley has the time to sleep, let alone have time for “sun, beach. Bums and rum.” or are you the freshman who is somehow “class of 2021” because they only date girls older than them.” or maybe you’re just yourself, just you, your bio just consists of your name and a few emojis. But what about what you post? Maybe you have a few posts, some selfies and some landscapes, some food. But how does your caption go with your post “love love love” so natural, or how many times did you have to yell...get the position right, or maybe it's not love love love. And it's more of, “lets link…<3”  and what about snapchat…. What does your bitmoji look like? You? Ok. well when you post on snap is it really the action or do you have to ignite it “hey! Let's take a snap!!” So are you really as loud and fun loving as you want the world to see, well...because nobody wants to see you sitting at home in old sweats. So you go out every once and awhile to try out the second life, it's only fun. Leaving it on a cliffhanger, when part two? Oh keep scrolling. But some of you may be saying to yourself. “What's the issue with having a second life.’’ sure go into your dressing room (bedroom) and get full faced and lights camera action. New pictures and posts galore, but who are they of? You or “@Yourusername”. And more importantly, who was that broadcasting for? For the cutie that sits upfront in math or did it have a valued message, whoes tune is first. Will they leave a like or turn the channel (scroll) does it matter to you if they do either? Or is it really about the numbers? It's up to you, they're your lives after all. But how are you going to keep them adding up? Your fun party lively loud life my clash with your quite golden goodie life than whose in the crapper with aunt mary after communion? You know the saying...what's done in the dark, must come to the light. 

But that doesn't have much to do with me, it's your show(account), your cast(friends), your storyline (life)

    What's your next episode about? And whose tuning in, heck i might even binge in  the ‘tea’ drenched comment section, im only human….netflix cost $16….but when you’re left on public...your subscription is free. I mean lets not pretend you haven't stumbled upon someone's account page and couldn't help but scroll. Maybe someone else's account more than others. Who's the Beck to your Joe, who are “YOU” binging? Who knew so much juicy “entertainment” was just a, click, swipe, and a double tap away. 

    And while you're reading this….whose swiping you? Oh i guess we’ll never know.

The author's comments:

Who are you IRL? Who are you on Social media, and who are you binging?

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