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Equal teens

February 24, 2010
By JacintaT BRONZE, Brisbane, Other
JacintaT BRONZE, Brisbane, Other
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Most teenagers attend a school, weather it's a small school, big school, private school or public school. You all know what it is,
and everyone in the world knows why we go to school. Between the ages of about 5-18 we go to school to get an education,
without an education we are nothing and I can honestly say that it would get you no where in life.
So, why is it that the social side of things is so much more important at school?

I go to a public school with over a thousand students and every day while walking to and from classes I see a lot. Because there
is so many kids, there are lots of different little groups. Just like at any school, there's the 'emos', the 'nerds', 'popular kids',
'sporty guys', and so on. I understand why there are all these little groups, I mean, everyone is different and it's good to get
to high school and be able to choose what sort of person you want to be, and what sort of people you want to hang around.
What I don't understand is, why it is such a bad thing when these groups mix together?

I sit in class and watch while a few of the 'popular kids' call out to one of the 'emos'. Of course they only say things to them
when they have friends from their own little group by their side. They do whatever it takes to make someone else feel bad or
embarassed, which is stupid really when you think about it, because we are all teenagers and without knowing it we have
a lot in common with each other.

It's not like in the movies though, it definitley isn't always the 'popular kids' picking on the others. I've heard on a lot of
occasions the 'geeks' saying hurtful things to other people. Maybe they are just getting back at the 'popular kids', maybe it was
the 'popular kids' who started all of this in the first place, by thinking they are better than others. Maybe that's why it's them
that are always the bullies and the bad guys in the movies. Or maybe the movies have it totally wrong and we are all as bad as
each other.

I guess we won't ever really know, but bullying will keep getting worse. People will keep putting each other down every day,
sometimes without even realising the harm they are doing. Either way, I'm sick of sitting around and observing this. We are all
the same in some way or another. I don't believe the saying about difference only being skin deep, that's wrong. Everyone
thinks different, everyone has different beliefs and values, but we are all human. Every at school is going through very similar
things, and we should be sticking together to get through these valuable years of our lives, instead of having these secret little
wars each and every day at school. Although it may not seem like much, the effect and damage it can have in the long run in
huge. We need each other.

The author's comments:
This piece was written because although I may not be able to do anything about other people getting treated unfairly, maybe I can make everyone understand.

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