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Never Fall For the Seduction of the Technology

November 5, 2011
By TaurusGal GOLD, Hong Kong, Other
TaurusGal GOLD, Hong Kong, Other
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It seems that life has been more complete with our latest technology. Everything is much more convenient now, which enhances the process of globalization. People in different countries can contact with each other easily despite long distance. They are like family members because modern technology such as communication networks and mobile phones are available for them to contact each other anytime, anywhere. Such brilliant inventions from Apple, such as IPhone and IPad have given us so much more control over our lives. Not only we can contact each other more readily but we can also find almost any information by just clicking the ‘search’ button. How easy and simple is that. We can save much time and effort and increase our efficiency greatly in doing things. However, there are still many adverse effects on us that we might not able to notice at first.
In the recent years, everyone is so obsessed with their IPhones. It is like we cannot live without them and they have an irreplaceable part of our lives. No matter where you are, in the train or at home, nearly everyone is busy with their fingers moving rapidly over their IPhones. Some choose to go on Facebook and some chose to play games on IPhones. Some just like to play around with the IPhones. This leads to less face-to-face contacts from one another. Instead, some people choose to chat with others on Facebook and stay there to keep in touch of their friends’ posts and activities. It is becoming a waste of valuable time if you spend too much time on Facebook. Instead, you can actually do something more useful and recreational, such as reading books and doing sports. Another thing with IPhone is, real conversations are often cut short as people can suddenly take out their beeping IPhones and start texting reply on the touch screen. You might be one of them. It is indeed impolite when you appear to listen to others but in fact is more interested in a lifeless electronic device. It is just too convenient that you can just take out the IPhone out of your pocket and do myriad things with it.
It is true that technology has raised our living standards considerably. But has it improve our quality of life as well? It seemed much happier in the old days when people can hang out with each other without the aid of high technology. Their relationships were very close. Even the next door neighbors can be your friends and share things with you. On the contrary, these days’ people seem to be much less sociable and friendly as they are often trapped in the make-believe world created with the help of high technology. The real happiness and satisfaction can never be replaced by anything. It does seem that the more advanced technology is, the less sociable people are.
Another problem is its effect of the high technology on our young people, the future masters of our society. Nowadays, many students cannot concentrate on their studies and are addicted to computers. It is not just IPhones and IPads. Devices such as Blue Ray disc players and PlayStation 3 are seductive that the young people want to play with them all day and in some instances, all night. The machines seem to beckon to the young people, ‘Hey!!! It will be just a moment for you to relax. Come on, don’t worry.’ Once you touch them, you will play for hours and hours, and may not even to go to bed.
We should be the owners of electronic devices, not the slaves of them. We should be strong enough to resist the temptations caused by the devices. Life can be still meaningful without getting addicted to the excitement and stimulation provided by televisions or computer games. We should embrace the outside world and take a breath of fresh air. Let us plant our feet firmly in the real world and to be free of the fictitious fantasy world created by the technology of today.

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TaurusGal GOLD said...
on Mar. 24 2012 at 10:32 pm
TaurusGal GOLD, Hong Kong, Other
13 articles 25 photos 107 comments
* 4 years ago

TaurusGal GOLD said...
on Mar. 24 2012 at 10:31 pm
TaurusGal GOLD, Hong Kong, Other
13 articles 25 photos 107 comments
Definitely, I played a lot of computer games 4 years old ago.  It ruined my life and academic results.  It ruined my mood and family relationship.  That's why, I regret of doing that.  Now, I just have many dreams, such as traveling to Europe, publish my own book, join Drawing competitions, sing, meet Youtube celebrities, being a pianist... etc. 

on Mar. 24 2012 at 10:13 pm
Writer_Jordan GOLD, Ellicott City, Maryland
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We should be the owners of electronic devices, not the slaves of them. Outlined the whole piece! I love the internet, like most teenagers these days, but I also love exploring the world, traveling, having new adventures + trying new things. I think some people miss out on life while they sit in front of their computer screens.