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Me? Materialistic? Nah...

July 30, 2013
By jhhelena SILVER, Scituate, Massachusetts
jhhelena SILVER, Scituate, Massachusetts
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If someone were to ask me if I am materialistic, I would certainly answer, “no”.

The most important things in my life are not of owning the newest iPhone, flaunting the vastest mansion, nor showing off the finest heels.

But that does not mean I don’t enjoy them. That does not mean I don’t enjoy exploring the endless gadgets the high tech iPhones have to offer, stretching out in front of a flat screen the size of a movie theater’s, or feeling tall in my fancy shmancy high heels. Nor do I enjoy doing so any less than I enjoy going for a walk, drawing, writing, or other activities some may consider to be more spiritual/intellectual.

Does that make me hypocritical? I don’t think so…

I don’t think so because I find pleasure not from the object itself, but from the activity it gives me the opportunity to enjoy. I do not find pleasure from possessing a mansion. But, that does not mean I don’t smile when I look at one (whether I own it or not). I smile because it is an admirable piece of architecture. I smile just as I would when looking at the mountains, God’s architecture.

Does that make me materialistic? I don’t think so…

I don’t think so because I don’t think my typing on my laptop right now as I watch America’s Got Talent on my flat screen is a proper qualification. I would be just as satisfied without the laptop and the TV. Why not throw them out then? I don’t want to.

Does that make me hypocritical? I don’t think so…

I don’t think so because no matter what I do, I require materials. Living requires materials. We, as people, need food, water, and shelter. We need it for both mental and physical well being. There is no activity that one can do that does not utilize some amount of resources. And therefore, I do not consider my current activity materialistic. I may not be seeking less but I am not seeking more. I simply utilize and make the best out of the resources I am gifted to be able to possess- my arms, my legs, my brain, and whatever other materials fate has granted me.

So maybe some people may think I’m materialistic. Maybe they don’t. But I don’t really care if I fall under that category or not. I care that I am happy. And happy I know I am.

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