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between halloweens

November 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Thoughts from 10/13/08

I have been cut from the cookie-cutter. I am society's bitch. My individuality goes hand and hand with conformity. Any way I could think of to escape is just another part of the trap. It is strange how people think being rebellious is in any way setting them apart.

I could smoke weed all day, go crazy, mutilate my body, or try to start a fight just so that I would have a good story to tell. Just so that I am not boring. God forbid my life should ever be boring. I could dwell on other people's suffering and complain about how messed up the world is. I could dwell on my imagined suffering and complain about how messed up the world is. I could make a scene out of everything just to get the attention I will always desire. I could run from authority to make a statement. A statement about... I forgot. Oh yeah, screw the world!

I could run around late at night and do something asinine because I can't think of any other way to have what I will refer to as 'fun'. I could ridicule other people just to prove my own self-worth. I could. I have. I will try to fight society in any way I know how. But I will forever be controlled.

We all want the same things. To be noticed, but not to be different. To believe that people want to hear what we have to say. They don't. To love and be loved in return, but not to acknowledge the cliche. To think we can make our own way in the world. Do something profound. To make an intriguing story of our lives, one that is composed of hundreds of hilarious little incidents we attempt to orchestrate for this very purpose. We all want to matter. But we don't.

Our generation is one that tries to change the world by smoking all day. By wearing bandanas as headbands and pretending that we have something to say about the world. But what do we actually have to say? We don't demand a world that we want to live in, we complain about the one we have. We wish for change, but change nothing in ourselves.

We don't matter. But we want to. We want change. But we don't. We are trapped in the pseudo-realization of our dreams. We will buy stuff made out of recycled plastic bottles and feel we've done something enlightened and helpful. But how does any of that make a difference? We are still buying what they sell. We are perpetuating our ideal system. We still belong to the status quo.

No one has the courage to be a real radical anymore. You want to be rebellious? Then disconnect. Unplug. Stop doing what you're told. And I don't mean you're parents. God knows every kid in America is finding some way to disobey their parents. But I'm not talking about tattoos and music. I am talking about fighting society. Join the battle and use the weapon of your uninhibited mind.

Fight makeup. Fight Converse and Ray Bans. Fight Disney. Fight the amusing little anecdotes you come with when you are high. Fight fake tans. Fight grillz. Fight talking like you are a in a rap song. Fight naivete. Fight X-Box. Fight The Pussycat Dolls. Fight being under society's control. Fight Vitamin Water. Fight 'The Hills'. Fight everything that makes your mind weak, and be a demonstrator of change.

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on Oct. 3 2016 at 4:08 pm
WordAddict GOLD, Montclair, New Jersey
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I love the message in this. It's the rant I've had in my head for so long, but would've sounded senseless if I'd attempted to write it myself. Thank you for this piece. You're an amazing writer. I was having a conversation with my mom about something surrounding this concept of change (can't remember what it was, exactly), but I remember her saying, "Nobody wants to put their life on the line anymore for change." It's true, isn't it? Nowadays, when people are fed-up with something, we participate in organized protests, hoisting signs in the air with witty slogans, chanting our cause, but aren't really doing anything about the actual problem. We're relying on authority to change, but not ourselves. And when people do put their lives on the line, it's by signing up for the next war. People are more afraid to stand up to authority and take the problem into their own hands than they are to die at the cause of a bullet on a battlefield.

on Nov. 17 2014 at 1:51 pm
Ashesfalldown GOLD, Groveland, Massachusetts
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"Imperfection is beauty... Madness is genius..." -Marilynn Monroe

This is wonderful!

Haleigh1996 said...
on Sep. 3 2011 at 7:50 pm
Haleigh1996, Garland, Texas
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Im sorry, I do not listen to ignorance...

this i a amazing peice (: