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Adults Shrink The Power Of The Youth To The Size Of A Mustard Seed

February 9, 2009
By i_love_chocolate101 BRONZE, Augusta, Georgia
i_love_chocolate101 BRONZE, Augusta, Georgia
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The bible reads, 'let no one despair your youth, but be an example to the behaviors in the world in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.' Many people seem to think that you need a degree in something to make a difference in the world. This is a false statement because teens have as much power as the adults' maybe more. I say this because we learn the things in high school that they learned when they were in college. We are the future and are what the world will become. The adults are the same as us but if more of the youth would show and interest in the world they would have to give in to some of the things a teen would think of.

Teens have a voice and many want to express but they have no way to and they are so into the worldly pleasures they do not see the life they have. Why would they not want to see this you ask it is because many people tell them they are no good and that they cannot do anything but I say they can and will once they give those pleasures a break.

Why should the young adults in the world have to stay hidden when they have the most powerful voice of all? It is because their friends, family, and their peeps tell them they are no good or cannot do anything. They listen to the people of the world because no one is out there to tell them any different. They want to do the things that are challenging but no one is pushing them all they need is that little push forward. Why do so many have all the chances in the world but others have so little. It just does not seem right.

For example, in the power of youth, one girl who sold one million dollars in lemonade for the research of cancer program, it made a large impact. When a child sets up a lemonade stand, they will do it with all diligence. The girl who did so, name was Alex Scott, her mom told her it would be hard but she just said back, 'I don't care; I'm going to do it anyway.' Her goal was meet after she died in the August of 2008. Selling lemonade at 50 cents a glass but over time the more she sold the higher her goal climbed. Alex should be an influence on all young people today. Her innocence led her to her goal. Now her brother said as her passing, 'they want to see it happens.'

In this age, children are told sometimes that a college degree is the ticket to make a difference in the world. However, kids have a mind that gets lost in the things of today; common sense comes in at the later stage in life. A child will answer, do you know your phone number with yes; adults answer with the phone number. Many children limit themselves to the hard in life and not the good. The power of youth is the way children express themselves.

Many adults degrade the power of the youth to the size of a mustard seed, and many have the thought that you need age for greatness. Nevertheless, a child will do the thing you told them they could not do just to prove you wrong. The child has a world of greatness that no adult can end or begin they have to find it on their own.

The author's comments:
I write to experes my self in a way nothing else can. I hope you enjoyed it. signed one of the youthful poweres

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on Mar. 7 2009 at 6:38 pm GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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What a wonderful article! I'm so delighted to see a fellow teen writing about the dominating power of adults over the diminishing power of teens. Keep writing