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You Be the Judge

March 15, 2009
By mandy guevara BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
mandy guevara BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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In present day society, the world has revolved into a judgmental world. An insecure atmosphere has been created for all people. Whether it's intelligence level, skin color, religion, weight, or personal style and habits, the outcome is unacceptable. Everyone is guilty of being prejudice. Judging is ubiquitous in all classes of our world. It is a huge issue in reality. For example, it occurs in school even between peers; however, it is also present in the 'celebrity' world. Whether you are a rockstar or a mathstar, you are judging and being judged.

Many would believe it is natural human instinct to judge. But do not forget, it is also natural human instinct to be hurt by these opinions. In school, elections are held for the school's class president, or some type of student leader. But the question is, are these votes really based on the candidates' skills or the candidates' appearance and popularity rank. Most students these days do not think of who would do a better job in fulfilling the requirements of their position. Most will think of how 'cool' that student is, or even the student's appearance when determining their decision. People are being hurt by these inconsiderate estimations of one another. Some adults are resorting to distorting their own features and spending thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery. Some teens have begun to hurt themselves. It is as if these not very effective solutions deceive the public to believe they solve these problems. But reality is all of this pain, suffering, and effort is just to solve the large predicaments of insecurity. It is also proven; many celebrities' inconspicuous behavior is highly connected to the pressure of the public eye.

Humans in our American Society have formed a nation where people look in the mirror, only to see flaws. Everyone judges beyond what is necessary. A large example of this innocent-crime is the Chris Brown-Rihanna issue. Due to Chris' aggressive behavior, it is stated that record sales have and will continue to decrease for this world-famous music artist. The public is not entitled to make these decisions. No one knows exactly what happened in that relationship. In addition, paparazzi can often magnify information past the boundaries of truth. Whether Chris Brown hit or did not hit Rihanna, that does not alter the results and quality of his music. Chris is still a very skillful musical artist. Ultimately, there is no way to terminate judgmental minds. No matter what is done, it will still occur. Although that is true, next time you make instant judgmental comment, think of yourself in their shoes. People need to begin to reflect on the possible consequences of their actions.

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