August 27, 2012
By RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
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On the 23 March of 2012, the High School Youth Alive members had a soup kitchen. Our job as members, is to bring a variety of food and drinks to feed the homeless people in the shelter. The program was held in Hackensack and before the serving, we the members said a prayer and after that we started sorting out foods to give out. Being in the shelter with a group of friends, as we started getting ready to feed the poor, i felt peace within me. I started to think to myself that "How are these people living everyday. Would they ever get to leave this place". lot of things run through my mind. Seeing the people come in line to be fed, they looked very despaired. Some of the people couldn't be thankful enough for things that we young adults are doing. As one woman approached to get her food, we stared at each other for a while.i was glad that she had a smile on her face. She said to me " God bless all of you, for everything that you and your fellow students are doing", i thanked her and she walked away with her food. As she left, i cried within me. For a minute, i stared at all the people eating and those who were coming to be served and it was very woeful. Putting my self in their position, i wouldn't know what to do or were i would have been. What if i was homeless? what if i didn't have God? what if i knew what i knew? How would i have grown to know God. Who would be there for me to lean unto. Being homeless were would my help come from in the time of need and in trouble. This questions run through my mind as i looked at the people.Some were very happy, others couldn't be thankful enough and other were just marvel by our work. At the end of the day, the inmates were happy and we the members were happy as well. We did a great job and i know that our reward one day is going to be great. There is nothings that God couldn't do and being there at the soup kitchen, i know the lord was pleased with us. When i remember that day, i say to myself that "I know in my heart that i did it unto the lord but not for doing sake". This is what the love of God is. Doing unto others as you want it to be done unto you. Years from know, thinking of it, none of these members or myself will know where they will end but God will direct our path. The love of God is pure, peace, willing, kind and amazing. Being at the kitchen was not serving the people but thinking of what you are doing, everything is unto the Lord. Without him nothing could have been done. The love of God is to go beyond our expectations. We can't just do good to those we know only but to those in need. This day would i always remember for the rest of my life. Doing something great like this, is how we would be greater followers in Christ. Never stop doing good because you will never know when you would be in need.

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