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June 4, 2010
By Enforcer BRONZE, north adams, Massachusetts
Enforcer BRONZE, North Adams, Massachusetts
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I named her Panda because of her black and white fur. Some of her most distinctive features are her spotted belly, her huge ears, her big green eyes and her black "beard".

As far as I can tell, she's a mixed breed, and was born some time in december. What we know of her early life is that she was born a wild cat, and brought in by people who kept her, her mother, and her sister, in a basement. She was eventually rescued, and brought to second chance animal shelter, my parents bought her and her sister, who my dad named Tintin. We don't know what happened to Tintin, One day, we just realized that she wasn't there, so we think she must have ran away. Tintin was never very sociable with people, though she got along fine with Panda our other kitten, Starry, and our elderly cat who, sadly, is no longer with us, Cosmo aka Cogidy Cog.

Panda still lives with us, and is such close friends with Starry, who is now all grown up, but still tiny, that you could think they were sisters. And their two-year-old "brother" who is not actually related either but bigger and fatter than both of them. Panda is sweet, loving, and takes joy in the simplest things, like falling leaves, snow, food, new cat litter, and of course, love.

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