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Not In Love, No Way

March 29, 2009
By mhw582 GOLD, Concord, Massachusetts
mhw582 GOLD, Concord, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?" -Christopher Marlowe

I've had five thousand six hundred and sixty four
Days on this earth
And never, not once
Have I met someone like him.

How can a person
Who's really just a boy
Stir your blood?

This feeling...

I used to wonder, is it even possible?
And then,
In the back row of a crowded dark room,
We sit there,
Publicly all alone...

And I know it is.

I thought about it the other night.

It took me a while
But I finally decided
That it feels like a type of calm
That is only real
When you're being jostled
From all sides.
When you're panicking,
But you try hard
And you feel
His warm hand
Start to move through the rabble
Reaching for yours
And you manage
To stay still.

Just know that
If you asked me what love is -

I couldn't tell you.

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