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Bold as Love

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Trying to release the feelings caught up inside. I send up a prayer thanking God that I'm alive, hoping my dreams will not be cut short. They say that the only way to love something is to realize that it could be lost. Unfortunately, the pains of the unmistaken truth can tell you that. I find myself currently in deep thought, struggling to write what I'm feeling. Or how in times of trouble I am over-whelmed but in that same torturing moment can manage to find peace of self; peace of mind. Not only peace of mind, but in times of despair the true colors of a best friend shine through. Almost creating a bolder friendship, a tighter bond between both souls. Like these things are supposed to happen. Mocking the patterns of time, life is exactly the same. I wish it would stop or just slowdown. Just so to grasp the fine threads that I believe to be my last. Deciding to live on the edge as if life would end tomorrow but keeping a safe enough distance as to not ruin a good thing. My words of self-reinforcement: make life your journey, remember when life was easy, get caught up in the little moments and don't ever quit believing in a good thing. Because, living life on a slow-down is as bold as love itself.

"This will certify that the above work is completely original."
Lindsey Kay Stewart

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