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Loving Solitude

September 6, 2019
By I_Am_Rosey_Kay BRONZE, Grantsburg, Wisconsin
I_Am_Rosey_Kay BRONZE, Grantsburg, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"Be true to yourself, and always know, you are valid." - Me

I am from a life of loving solitude,

To reading lonely books in my room,

To asking my sister to not be rude, 

When I’m in my land of solitude.

I am from late night chats by just hitting send,

Crying on shoulders which never ends,

Chats with friends about what hearts I can mend,

And giving them money that they can spend.

I am from having the wind in my hair,

Riding a motorcycle without a care,

Puppy kisses with slobber in your hair,

And driving almost anywhere.

I am from the smell of a new gas station,

To eating Sweedish Fish while giving communications,

While traveling the states of this great nation,

Trying to avoid crustaceans.

I am from a family filled with love,

A family that will give you a hug,

A family that sticks together, 

Even when we get smug.

I am from pain,

From waking up trying to remember my name,

To going to a life I needed to reclaim,

People hugging me while saying my name.

But I am also from a world of bliss,

To going on roller coasters,

To eating a chocolate cake,

Something no one wants to miss..

I am from a life of loving solitude,

So if I ignore you,

It's not that I’m rude,

It's just because you intruded on my solitude.

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