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Her Loss

May 24, 2009
By MorningStar15 DIAMOND, Orange, Vermont
MorningStar15 DIAMOND, Orange, Vermont
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Her face a canvas,
For her make-up the run,
Down her colorless cheeks,
And quivering chin,
She knows her loss and takes it hard,
With not an ounce of disregard,
People try to help her,
But she pushes them away,
Now no more tears seem to flow,
Dry sobs of pain fill the air,
So hollow,
Only wishing she was there,
To hold her tight,
To bridge over the fright,
Her memory so vivid,
And she looks so timid,
Like a tiny creature,
She knows her every feature,
She is freer now then she has ever been,
But still she needs her back again,
And now she hides,
Away from the world,
Because her dearest friend is gone.

The author's comments:
No one wants to lose anything in life. But a friend is the worst.

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