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Baby Girl

April 26, 2022
By AmaraKwameTheOnlyOne GOLD, Durban, Other
AmaraKwameTheOnlyOne GOLD, Durban, Other
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Baby Girl

You are a miracle

There were

A lotta


When you were

Dwelling in 

Your Momma's stomach

Baby Girl

You are a blessing

Because you are the one

Who would restore

The love

Which was long gone

Baby Girl

I hold you close

As I whisper


You are

The moderator

The one who could

Bring back

The love that was lost

So do your thing

Absorb our love

And unite


You are the Fortune

You are the Beauty

And the unity

We would

Always love you

Baby Girl

Lots of love

From your Aunt

The author's comments:

To my future Niece. Idk what they r gonna name u but Im gonna call u, Eureka. Lots of love from your aunt-to-be, Amara.

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