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I am loved

June 9, 2009
By emb1991 SILVER, Panorama City, California
emb1991 SILVER, Panorama City, California
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I am never alone,
or without a place to call home.
I am always cared for
And could not ask for more.
I have support through good and bad,
Especially when I lost my dad.
I know that they are there for me.
They are my eyes when I can't see.
When my path goes awry,
I can count on them to be close by.
Mom and Nick and Pooh,
I have nothing but love for you.
An unconditional emotion,
Emphasized by my devotion.
Nothing can break our family bond.
It can endure anything because it is strong.
I want you to know how much i care,
About the special connection that we all share.
My love for you will end never,
And I know that I am loved forever.

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