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July 26, 2009
By JessicaxRawr BRONZE, Jackson, Michigan
JessicaxRawr BRONZE, Jackson, Michigan
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One of the 7 deadly sins, I don't know why we think it isn't the worst

feeling ever i mean speaking, Anger can put us off it can change are

perpestive! It can make us do things we don't even realize were doing, it

can even make us drift away from are loved ones! Or more importantly it

can't hurt someone so bad on a physical or emotional way and break them

down! I don't know why anyone can't admit it! I'd admit anyday that my

anger is out of control! I know and so does god! Making me come to a

country, letting me get close to the people i love and then taking me

away! How frustrated and angery would you be! But then i guess we open up

and let are anger tame for awhile! And look at it different maybe even

with regret! I'm mean big regret for some people! I guess for me it's

opptitunity, or friendship It's hard to decide you love someone so much

why would you let him get away i wake up with that question everymorning

and everynight before i fall asleep or when i do sleep! But all i can

tell myself I let him get away for opptuntity, because god knows i would

of thrown my life away for him, so he hurt me in all the ways i was so

weak against! So i wouldn't run after him! Now i can wake up and no that,

i have a future! More than wondering if we can pay the rent or if there's

gonna be a meal the next day! It's hard to look through the pain and find

the reason of it! Than anyday i'd love to just sit down and have a meal

with the people I love but the future's calling and i need to answer! I

have dreams and fantasys like everyone in the world and i'm not gonna let

them fly away from me! Because i believe in heaven, LIfe death life

again! except in a different way and that all the people you love and you

loose you'll see again! I know there's no forever but i also have big

faith! It's all in god's big plan! That if i have to leave the people i love

behind to find my dreams then i'm still not alone it's hard to look past

it leaving the ones you love way behind and thinking your alone when this

past week all these tiny small but miralces keep facing you! It's scary

when god keeps proving you wrong! And that your anger can get out of

control not in a abusive way but in an emotial way!

When people use to say life is short!

I'd say no it's not it's freaking long,

90 years or w/e you say that's short! I guess i think it's short now cause we never

have the promise of tommorow and we need to do all the things we dream of

before we die! Cause we can always rejoice when where dead with are loved

one's! Oh i hate it when i'm so blind and i can't see what i have! Even if it's not

alot it's something that someone dosn't have! Including loving the people you do,

many people don't have that or that I HAD i got to go through it and it's awesome

to know i got that opptunitiy! Even if it didn't turn out the way i would of liked!

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on Aug. 30 2009 at 6:36 pm
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