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Comprehension of Words

September 23, 2009
By Morgana PLATINUM, Sloansville, New York
Morgana PLATINUM, Sloansville, New York
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A continuous conflict between words,
Complicated meanings, simple sayings,
Inspiration found in helpful understandings,
Making reasons behind the combination of letters.
To speak without knowledge of what to pronounce,
To speak at moments, knowledge now know,
Words flowing together in rhythmic form
Knowing the confusion, words are caught
A meaning to one, is different to another,
The thought behind words, continually unknown
That thought contains a reason,
That reason involves meaning
The meaning consists of a word.
Discovering letters to connect for significance
A message sent, misinterpretations
Mistaken word clarity,
Different translations,
Confusion causes conflict.
Continuing with simple sayings
Complicated meanings eventually exposed
Making reasons behind what is said.

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