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December 7, 2009
By MoniqueB GOLD, Austin, Texas
MoniqueB GOLD, Austin, Texas
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I want to climb out my bedroom window
To a summer sky of violet.
I want to run barefoot through gold ears
In a flowing dress of eyelet.

I want russet-colored shoulders
As I canter bareback on a bay.
I want to chase the sandhill stag
And hold a wild-rose bouquet.

I want to dance upon the banks
Of the quiet-water pool.
I want to watch the surface glitter
Like a million sapphire jewels.

I want to lie upon my back
And gaze at the parade of clouds.
I want to open a leather-bound book
And read Sir Shakespeare aloud.

I want to string beads of wet clay
On a the fibers of spider web.
I want to let it dry upon a tree branch
While the thrushes sing and tread.

I want to braid my hair with lavender
And bathe in peppermint oil.
I want to drink golden honey
And nap upon fertile soil.

I want to stay awake to see
The glimmer of the north most star.
I want to strum a lullaby
On a melancholy guitar.

I want to count the lightning bugs
In my bed of constellations.
I want to waken at misty dawn
To a world without limitations.

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