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March 1, 2010
By TNT25 SILVER, Johnstown, Ohio
TNT25 SILVER, Johnstown, Ohio
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I remember when I was young
If you asked me “What is love?”
I’d simply say
Love is going outside on a rainy day
Splashing through puddle after puddle of fallen rain
Love is helping grandma in her garden
Love is my first day of kindergarten
Love is finding a shiny penny upon the ground
Love is taking a drive around town
Love is the sun shining down on my skin
To me, that’s what love is

Now I’m a little older now and my answer has changed
Love isn’t just simple things like the sunshine or fallen rain
I don’t quite know what love is, but I thought I once knew
If you had asked me, for the longest time I thought it was you
I thought love was your eyes
And how I’d hate to say goodbye
I thought love was your laugh
And how without you I was only a half
I thought love was that time
We sat on that bench seat with your hand in mine
I thought our love would last
But now that’s in the past

I can’t figure it out, this thing called love
So I’ll just watch the clouds above
I’ll sing those love songs on the radio
To keep my heart from goin’ cold
I’ll play my piano barefoot, just the way I like
I’ll stay up late and watch soap operas all night
Maybe they might give me a clue
What is love? If I only knew…

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