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May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

You are tall willow trees,
Soft dandelion fluff.
The chill in the morning,
And heat in the night.
You are the frost on my window,
The sunset on a lake.
The warm, soft sand between my toes.

You are soft songs at night,
The knight against my fears.
The smell of toothpaste in
The morning,
A never-ending worker.
You are messages of inspiration,
A gentleman at the door.
The first signs of plants coming
Out from the ground.

You are electric blue eyes,
Sandy blonde hair.
A bold, Rigid, chiseled body,
Baby’s bottom soft hands.
You are the secretly scented flowers,
Strong embraces willingly given.
The rumble of an earthquake shaking
Me to my senses.

You are gone and here always,
In memories and through
Unknown things.
You are bad memories that never
Let me rest, haunting me
Forever, not willing to let go.
Wanting me to perish into a world
Of darkness and despair.

You are also good memories,
Filling me with joy.
Swirling whirling around me
Reminding me of you.
The Father’s Day we spent
Together creating an eternal
Bond, strong enough to outlast
Those who try to tear it down.

You are the flicker of a candle,
Luminous for eternity.
The sound of bubbles snapping,
In my bubble bath.
You are snowmen built in
The front yard,
So perfectly shaped and round.
You are intricate snowflakes falling
So gracefully from the sky.

You are an honest days work,
Professionally prepared delicacies.
Feet pounding upon pavement,
A climber striving to go on.
You are everything to me,
And yet you are also nothing.
You are a glorious time spent in
The presence of your family.

You are special to me,
Overtime I’ll always remember.
Whenever I look at Becca,
I see a reflection of you.
There’s a special imprint of you
On those whom you have left behind.

Dad, I love you and I don’t
Want you to forget…
Not now, for anything, or ever
Just hold onto it for me.
You left us all without warning,
So I never got to say, the words I’ve
Never forgotten, and have
Always wanted to say…

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