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Hatred Suite

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Equality for all is what they preach,
an idea so old and used,
I will never understand it.
Saturate me with anti-Caucasian ideals,
Pummel me with your “revenge slogans,”
It seems absurd to me,
I have to pay for the sins of the past?
I descend from some western Sioux,
and a German-Swedish mix,
My forefathers kept their hands clean and owned no slaves,
why must I endure the backlash hate?
If I try to rise above, I just get pulled back down,
like I yearn for a fight.
Taxable income for welfare,
money I’ll never draw.
Everything tells me that I am wrong,
that stereotyping is evil and inaccurate,
but is it? May it be true? It must have root someplace.
Will they ever burn their race cards?
Or then, would they be so lost,
left alone in the world without their only weapon?
Equal is, as equal does,
and until the majority of minorities learns to pull its weight,
there will never be peace.

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