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Burn Me

April 21, 2010
By Dustfingers DIAMOND, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dustfingers DIAMOND, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Was it my fault?

I only wanted to please him
I only wanted to make him happy
I only wanted to ease him

My curve giving my shape away
To him in his mind where my body would stay

Was is my fault?

I danced with him
I chose to drink
Never one moment alone
Never time to think

Was it my fault?

Too alone to fight
Giving up so easily
being too polite

Was it my fault?

The judge was too blind to see
That this man that i trusted burned me

He set aflame my heart and all the emotions that come with it

When he took me to that room and
decided not to listen

To my cries and my weeps that i displayed boastfully

No...No..he decided to burn me

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