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A friend in need

January 24, 2012
By ErictheRed SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
ErictheRed SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
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Curled about the midnight black
of my friends suit
the snake of ribbons, in gold

the crisp white shirt
it covers the stitched together scars
that will never heal

fewer cards and sentimental paraphernalia
line the precipice on which he is displayed
than i would have liked

a few of his, and a few of mine
a couple of respectful souls from school
not a soul not required

and old man, in some ancient religious regalia
mutters words under his breath
in-between preachings

something about why bother?
he had it coming.

the somber mood is felt
but only i truly understand
he was my only friend, i should have known.
i should have said something, not to his parents, but to him.

i didn't care if he liked guys
i was not like him in that regard
but he was a great person
a beautiful soul
a human being

the jocks at school didn't see it that way.
they saw him as almost everyone else did
a freak

It was to much for him

the service ends
i move on
still, i was his friend
i should have said something

The author's comments:
From a slightly different point of view than average.

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